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Hanjin Electronic Ind Co.,Ltd

Introduction We, at Hanjin Electronic Industry Company Limited have been supplyingour products to Korea Broadcasting System (National Corporation)and Korea Telecommunication Company (National Corporation), Government Authorities such as Ministry of Ocean & Marine Development,e were enlisted as strong one of a few qualified vendors of thisbusiness field for past 20 years. (Since 1992) In this connection, we have much pride in our products, Broadcasting Transmitter and Communication Transmitter. And at the same time, we are much pleased to have this opportunity to introduce them to you for building up long term business with your company. If you are interested in dealing our products, we welcome you to have a meeting with you for possible business. If you like to know details and specifications of our products, please visit our website for your reference and information. And if you wish to have Products Catalog, we shall mail it upon your request. We are lookingforward to your favorable reply. HF Communication Transmitter : The HF Radio Transmitter is installed at ground stations for the purpose of marine communication with ocean vessels and communication with airplanes by air to ground communication as well as meteorological broadcasting to unspecified multiple receivers. For communication with fishing vessels, merchant vessels and cargo vessels in the ocean, it is necessary to use High Frequency to cover longer distance for CW, Voice, Fax and Data communication. This HF Radio Transmitter is designed and manufactured for the exclusive transmitting function with higher output power. Major National Meteorological Administration Authorities around world are servicing FAX broadcasting 24 hours a day to unspecified multiple receivers such as airplanes and vessels according to WMO Agreement. HF is used for this broadcasting as well as for communications between airport control tower and airplanes, also for communications between military units. Different output models from 1 KW to 5KW and 10KW outputs are available from us, which are appl

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Manufacture & Export of it,digital convergence,innovation,receiver,cpu,transmitter,broadcast operator,data broadcasting it convergence, I pad remote desktop,press release,stock analysis software,innovation software Manufacture & Export of Elcomtech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of CPU, data-broadcasting, innovation, IT, digital convergence, broadcasting operator, receiver, transmitter # Company information The Elcomtech corporation is a data-broadcasting specialized enterprise which possess the actua technical innovations as well as development of its system. Ourmain business is to develop the core technology on the digital broadcasting system. Based on our excellent employees, we will definitely put our efforts on strengthening our competitiveness through expanding our markets to the overseas. The Elcomtech corporation will always develop and show the products based on our client's eye and provide the innovative and unprecedented but excellence products for our customers. Our efforts to lead the digital convergence market in both domestic and overseas will be consistent. # Main products 1.TV M/W for iPAD It's really interestingthat TV M/W is working on Your Smart Phone and PADs. Image that you just get a gift, accessaries like cute TV box, from Amazon. You now cancontrol it with our TV M/W working on your phone and iPAD. Imagethat you can control anyfeatures from iPAD to control a low-end STB which has no GUI. You canview simultaneously two TV Shows. One is on iPAD and the other is Real TV. Now we are looking for a STB manufacturerto make a low end STB can sell out in the Accessari Market. You could evaluate this iPAD App in the App Store soon with our Virtual STB emulator. 2. T-DMB CAS We have worked a broadcasting operator VTV in vietenam andsuccesfull lunched T-DMB systems. Now we are the second sites, Dominica Republic to open new T-DMB systems. Especially we are focussing CAS( Conditional Access System). 3. UHD Transmitter /Receiver Our UHD transmitter and the receiver possess a great function so that the users are able to develop the video processing applications with IPin/out. Our transmitter and receiver (matured reference board) will definitely aid you with various functions.

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