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Telcon RF Pharmaceutical Inc.

Telcon RF Pharmaceutical Inc.

#Keyword RF Connector, Hybrid Connectors, Test Cable Assembly, RF Atteneuator, RF Termination, RF Power Splitter, RF Combiner, RF Coupler, RF Arrestor, Multi Optical Connector, mobile communication system, Wireless network, transmitting RF signal, 5G RF Connectivity parts technology, Board-to-Board Connector, RF System, RF relay device, low & high-power attenuator, power divider #Company Introduction Telcon RF Pharamaceutical Inc. was established in 1999. To enhance the global competitiveness, we have established local subsidiaries in China (2013) and Vietnam (2017). On 2014, Telcon has been listed on KOSDAQ. Our business Area composes of Wireless network and mobile communication system, moreover we have expanded to automotive/ medical equipment and military. For our customers, we have mainly Samsung Electronics, Telecommunication Company such as KT and SKT telecom, LS Cable, KMW and more in South Korea. For oversea mainly we have Toshiba, Dengyo, Stack, NEC in Japan Ericsson in Australia and more in United States and S.E Asia. Our RF Connector is used for transmitting RF signal among mobile communication devices and parts or connecting devices. We have more than 3,000 kinds of products to which our unique corrosion-protective plating technology from gas and salt is adopted. Recently, we launch various products developed by 5G RF Connectivity parts technology. Particularly, the Board-to-Board Connector ensures stable performance as it provides solutions optimized for small and narrow spaces such as STBM and DCCK. Our RF System consists of a variety of products such as RF relay device, low & high-power attenuator, termination, coupler, and power divider. This system offers stable and reliable solutions with high quality. Higher frequency, low loss cable assemblies interconnect solution offer a wider range of applications for test & measurements, 5G telecommunication, aerospace and military featuring extreme performance in electrical stability and lower loss. Our hybrid solution was designed to integrate optics and power in a connector, boasting a lot of advantages such as fast and accurate installation, efficient maintenance, and cost saving. It also offers diverse solutions meeting clients needs. # Catalogue # Video

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Hieltec Co., Ltd

backup camera, rear view camera, wireless backup camera, backup camera system, aftermarket backup camera, car reverse camera, backup camerakit, rear camera, car rear view camera, car backup camera, best backup camera, wireless rear view camera, reverse camera for car, rear viewmirror camera, wireless backup camera system, backup camera for car, rear camera for car, wireless reversing camera, rv backup camera # Company Introduction We have been actively engaged in designing, manufacturing and constructing various cameras andmodules for almost all indu for cars and has specialized technology in that area. We have been exporting cameras for cars to Japan since 2009, and are currently focusing on manufacturing and marketing of cameras for trucks, a product developed in 2013. It is currently supplied to Hyundai Motors and is installed on cargo truck (named porter 1). We have been keeping an exceptional reputation and performance record forfinished products and services provided to our customers around the world. #Main product : rear view camera, backup camera(camera for vehicle) (1)HCR-100PL : For commercial vehicles (2)HCR-100IR : For commercial vehicles (3)HCW-100 : For commercial vehicles, wireless system, Simple and easy installation #CATALOG #YOUTUBE

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Analog multi modular effects & platform, smart score board system, CartBike, foldable carrier bike, ward gear #Company Introduction We question ourselves about everything surrounding us; what they are and why they happen. Thoughts without questioning are trite and can be even dangerous as it may lean towards fascism. We believe human beings can explore the world by throwing questions at it. Thereby, we obtained D from Latin word “Dubito.” We like distinctiveness. We are consistently cautious about demonstrating the same thoughts. We sometimes like to think the other way around, in a way that nobody has thought of before. Everyone in this world is different and that is what makes us so special. However, we believe uniqueness should be based on the mutual respect between all the differences. So we used UNI from the “Unicus.” We think therefore we are. However, some people experienced consequences of doing without thinking. Thinking starts from recognition of everything surrounding ourselves. We may be dreaming of reverie, but we believe that just by starting to think productively can change the world even if there are not enough materials in our hand. Thus we took CO from "Cogito" mentioned by Descartes. We love to create, build, and develop. We do not just follow the maximum goodness with a perspective of utilitarianism, but also seek to meet the demand of happiness for minorities. In some cases, we will conduct distribution business and we will strive to make innovative process and methods. So we used F from Latin word “Faber.” We always want to play. In our spare time, we like to play around and try to be inventive. Even in a situation where we are pushed to do something, we would think that as a new and fun challenge. We know people might not have fight each other if they get to play together. Thereby, we wanted to use L from Latin word “Ludens” in our brand name, but we did not include it for easier pronunciation. #Strength We like to review and discuss together. We even confront disputes if they are for a better idea and solution. We provide consultation for people who wish to start making something by asking questions such as why, how, whom, and where. We conduct structured methodologies tailored on each situation. We are happy to see people be surprised to see results spontaneously derived from just the conversations from the meeting. Every idea is valuable but it needs to belong to a certain context to be a base for an improved idea. We are confident that brainstorming together would be more productive than individual productivity. Throughout the organized process, we come up with new ideas, cultivate unprecedented market, and incubate startup companies. Mutual trust and respect for individuals are must.

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Reputer Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of UCS-R100 UCS-R100 is a Layer2 Switching HUB that is installed ona point where a client machine is connected at the first stage.By an innovative network design reinforcing the point where a client machineis firstly connected. 3Com Vendor, 3Com Switch 8800 Family,00G Family, 3Com Switch 4500/4500G Family, 3Com Intellijack NJ2000 Terabit Switching for the Largest Enterprises The 3Com(c) Switch 8800 Family of intelligent, multilayer modular LAN switches is ideal for enterprise environments where non-stop availability of critical applications and the highest performance, security, and granular control are required. Wireless LAN, Controller-WX2000, FIT AP-AP2750, FIT AP-AP3850, FIT AP-AP3950, FIT AP-AP8750 As part of the 3Com(R) Wireless LAN Mobility System, the 3Com Wireless LAN Controller WX2200 with 3Com Wireless Switch Manager software centrally managesand controls 3Com wireless LAN Managed Access Points (MAPs) for thosenetworks demanding complex deployments, or with multiple offices or highly secure LAN requirements. Security, 3Com TippingPoint Switch-Like Performance, Network Infrastructure Protection, Client and Server Protection, ADVANCED DDoS Protection,Performance Protection Check Point, Power-1 Series, UTM-1 Series, IP AppliancesCheck Point Power-1TM appliances enable enable organizations to maximize security in high performance environments such as large campuses or data centers. IBM System immigration, Data Center Cooling, High Speed Networking, System Virtualization, Storage Virtualization Power control solution using TCP/IP -RS-232 of the existing TCP / IP-based alternative -Products that do not apply to standardized PLC control provides -For the detection of control over power usage -Efficient detection and control of powerusage (energy saving) -Replacement of the same level of service -Home Networks System in the field of application -For the purpose of a set of solutions for facilities -Buildings, roads, facilities, vessels, and the solution of large structures in developing and delivering -General Home Home Automation System supplier Manufacture & Export of Electronic Carkeeping Book,Switch of User Initial Access Device for UC,Power Control Solution using TCP/IP

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Manufacture & Export of #Introduction KOSTEC specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing medical imaging display monitors. Founded on ultrasound imaging technologies in 2006, Kostec has developed a variety of imaging technologies and display solutions required in various medical imuct lineup from small and large open-frame solutions to 5 megapixel medical monitors for digital mammography imaging. KOSTEC is an OEM/ODM manufacturer as well providing high-quality display solutions forglobal healthcare brands. Kostec is committed to providing high-quality service and technology for the global clients and partners andwill make devotional efforts for the growth of medical industry. #Main Products 1) Diagnostic Monitors Equipped with extremely high density LCD panel and innovative image controller rendering 14-bit DICOM LUT compliant 16,384-shades of grayscale, D213-Series guarantees radiologists diagnostic confidence with accurate andcrisp imaging performance. Powered up with the cutting-edge technologies such as sub-division uniformity technology(SUC) and image quality enhancement technology(IQE), the high-density and high-luminance LCD guarantees high-quality crisp images with consistency throughout the 5-year warranty time. 2) Surgical Monitors From the smallest 19-inch to the largest 80-inch, Kostec is assorted with the most comprehensive range of surgical display solution. With the combinationof the latest and highest display technologies and the wide connectivity including 3G-SDI and single-mode fiber optic interface, Kostec provides the most advanced and the most suitable display solutions for ORand surgical theatre integrators. The new lineup, including the latest and the highest-end surgical monitor KT-E260FBE. #Keyword Medical Grade LCD Monitor , Surgical Monitor , Mammography Monitor Manufacture & Export of 32605 / Manufacture of Electronic Video and Audio Equipment

  • Ultraviolet (UV), infrared and radiological equipment for biological and medical applications
  • X-ray equipment, medical, diagnostic
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Neotech Soft Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of # Company Information Neotech Soft corporation focus on variety of business which encompass integrated communication solution businessthrough multi-media, U-healthcare solution business, e-learning solution business and many different other business. We always put our utmos satisfaction to them. We do not limit our business only to Korea, but also to different overseas including United States and Indonesia. # Main products 1. eMEETplus C1000 - (Web Video Conference system) - eMEETplus C1000 is a web video conference system for the enterprise video and web voice conference solution. Thoughdesigned to serve large number of concurrent users, this desktop video and web conference solution can be effectively used for small and medium enterprises. eMEETplus C1000 (web video conference solution) provides the facilities to host general conference, corporate meetings, communication among off shore production and sales facilities. It can be used as portal service to provide seamless web voice conference system for end users as Software as a Service (SaaS). - Using this desktop video collaboration software, you can share documents and web pages, make presentations and collaborate with co-workers and customers. Avoid the hassle of travels by hosting your own web con ference solution with people around the world, thus reducing the travel expenses. Reduce your carbon footprint by using the powerful and feature-rich eMEETplus C1000 web video conference solution and its system. - There are numerous occasions when eMEETplus C1000 can be used effectively. We understand the needs for the video web conference solution for each organization is unique but there is no single tool available thatcan meet all your requirements. But eMEETplus can be used in many occasion and business process within your organizations. 2. eMEETplus L1000 - e-learning webinar software - eMEETplus L1000 isLong-distance education(e-learning) software and webinar software. Though designed to serve large number of concurrent users, this desktop video e-learning solution can be effectively used for small and mediumenterprises and educational bodies. - MEETplus L1000 provides t

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Manufacture & Export of [English Ver.] YOUR LEADING GLOBAL PARTNER PROVIDING MOBILE OBSERVATION & VISION SYSTEMS NEWEST ONE TECH is Delivering mobile observation & vision systems and other related products.Full experienced engineers, QC team and production staffs are very dedeved. Our target of the business is to grow up together with customers. Why is NEWEST ONE TECH for the answer? If youare considering equipping your vehicles with mobile observation & vision systems, it's important to find a company that not only has engineer staffs with full enough experience to develop & manufacture heavy-duty system but has continued to meet the demands of your industry at all aspects . Our products have been developed and manufactured specifically for our customers' needs as an reliable & trustable solution. NEWEST ONE TECH is carefully listening to market with great eagerness and developing products that best suit its need. We've never tried to meet minimum standards. Our products has been developed pursuing the top quality with innovational idea. Our ultimate goal is to create a safety product that is built to last - Even inthe harshest conditions. OUR MISSION To provide state-of-the-art and top class products vehicle observation & vision systems to improve safety and security. To exceed customers' expectations through superior technology, hardware and on-time feedback. Long term Partnership with our customers to provide cost-effective solutions. # Our Products : Monitor for vehicles, Camera for vehicles, Rear view monitor, Auto-mobile monitor, Auto-mobile camera, Black box - We can supply our whole product to customers asreasonable price, high quality, and customizing. - We have certificated for E-mark on most our product such as Automobile Cameras and Monitors. - Our product has competitive price for markets on all over the world. [French Ver.] Fabrication et l'exportation de VOTRE PARTENAIRE GLOBAL leader FOURNIR OBSERVATION & Vision Systems MOBILES NEWEST ONE TECH estDelivering observation et de vision des systèmes mobiles et aut

  • Motor vehicles, special purpose
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Hanjin Electronic Ind Co.,Ltd

Introduction We, at Hanjin Electronic Industry Company Limited have been supplyingour products to Korea Broadcasting System (National Corporation)and Korea Telecommunication Company (National Corporation), Government Authorities such as Ministry of Ocean & Marine Development,e were enlisted as strong one of a few qualified vendors of thisbusiness field for past 20 years. (Since 1992) In this connection, we have much pride in our products, Broadcasting Transmitter and Communication Transmitter. And at the same time, we are much pleased to have this opportunity to introduce them to you for building up long term business with your company. If you are interested in dealing our products, we welcome you to have a meeting with you for possible business. If you like to know details and specifications of our products, please visit our website for your reference and information. And if you wish to have Products Catalog, we shall mail it upon your request. We are lookingforward to your favorable reply. HF Communication Transmitter : The HF Radio Transmitter is installed at ground stations for the purpose of marine communication with ocean vessels and communication with airplanes by air to ground communication as well as meteorological broadcasting to unspecified multiple receivers. For communication with fishing vessels, merchant vessels and cargo vessels in the ocean, it is necessary to use High Frequency to cover longer distance for CW, Voice, Fax and Data communication. This HF Radio Transmitter is designed and manufactured for the exclusive transmitting function with higher output power. Major National Meteorological Administration Authorities around world are servicing FAX broadcasting 24 hours a day to unspecified multiple receivers such as airplanes and vessels according to WMO Agreement. HF is used for this broadcasting as well as for communications between airport control tower and airplanes, also for communications between military units. Different output models from 1 KW to 5KW and 10KW outputs are available from us, which are appl

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Young Korea Co.,Ltd.

Introduction Young Korea, which is located in 284-1,Eunheng-Dong,Siheung-City,Kyounggi-Do,Korea, was established on 15th August, 1996 as Young-acoustic and was changed to corporation on 16th May, 2002. Our main lines're navigation, monitors and digital TV for a vehicle and other vehto the only one field for 30 years. we're doing our best in order for the customer satisfaction and the best quality as the leading corporation exporting into Japanese, Europe, U.S.A. and around world market. Also, our R&D has possessed 25 years over experienced engineers and our lines are being enjoyed a good reputation from domestic and overseas market. 1) 7" Navigation : navigation Description : GPS Car Navigation System with TFT-LCD Model Number: YKN-03 Country of Origin: Korea specification :Touch Screen Navigation, Built in FM Transmitter, 1AV INPUT Rear View Camera Input PIP(Picture in Picture) Function OS : WinCE 5.0 Main Memory : Nand Flash 4GB DDR RAM 128MB GPS SD Memory USB Master USB 2.0 Support ISDB-T : JAPAN 12SEG/1-SEG(470~770MHZ) SUPPORT ADDITION FUNCTION : MP3P, MOVING PICTURE, PHOTO ALBUM RESOLUTION : 800 * 480 SUPPLY VOLTAGE : DC12/24V DIMENSION : 182(W) * 122(H) * 20.5(D)mm 2) 8" navigation : navigation Description : GPS Car Navigation System with TFT-LCD Model Number: YKN-08 Country of Origin: Korea specification : Touch Screen Navigation Built in FM Transmitter 1AV INPUT Rear View Camera Input PIP(Picture in Picture) Function OS : WinCE 5.0 Main Memory : Nand Flash 8GB DDR RAM 128MB GPS SD Memory USB Master USB 2.0 Support ISDB-T : JAPAN FULLSEG/1-SEG(470~770MHZ) SUPPORT ADDITION FUNCTION : MP3P, MOVING PICTURE, PHOTO ALBUM RESOLUTION : 800 * 480 SUPPLYVOLTAGE : DC12/24V DIMENSION : 206(W) * 130(H) * 20.5(D)mm 3) 9" monitor : monitor Description : Monitor for ain-car with TFT-LCD Model Number: YK-9WM Country of Origin: Korea specification : NTSC / PAL 2 AV INPUT BUILT IN FM TX( OPTION ) RESOLUTION : 800 * 480 BUILT IN SPEAKER

  • Motor vehicle control instruments and panels
  • Navigation systems for motor vehicles, GPS navigators
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GSBC(Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center)

Korean Products [2015' Korean Products] 1_Ecoway Co.,Ltd_Waterless Urinals 2_ECORUN.CO_Chlorinated carbon fluorine recovery, playback devices 3_SAMJUNG Electric Co., Ltd._BATEC LED ceiling light fixture ILT 30W 4_WSI Corporation_Mobile Hospital Units 5_Eunchang BC_1mm-thWire rope 7_World Chem Co._Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 8_KISUNG INDUSTRIAL CO._COLORLOON FOAM-CLAY DINOSAUR 9_YOUNG JIN INDUSTRIES_SPEED RACK 10_BUJA.CO.LTD_cell return therapy mask 11_GoodFeelKorea Co.,Ltd._Eco-Friendly writing materials & stationery 12_Semisolution_CHANUN Black Box 13_Taeyoung Material & Filter CO., LTD._Airomate 14_Dawon Electronics_Solar Home System 15_RAMAN Co.,Ltd_Hot Sale KOREA Car Polish Wax 200g/pc (Car- Paste Wax) 16_D&D ELECTRONICS CO., LTD_Electrolyzed disinfectant generator 17_Garimi Co.,Ltd_JATGIM / Laver / Pine Nut 18_Won Industry Co._Air compressible massage system / Elastic Bandage Net 19_JANGIN INDUSTRIAL DIAMOND CO._Diamond tool for construction/stone (Diamond Core bit & segment, Diamond Saw Blade & segment, Diamond Cutter, Wire Saw, Polishing Pad) 20_YUHANHITEC CO.,LTD_ION PLASMA AIR-CURTAIN 21_ODHitec CO,. LTD_Transparent LCD Display Showcase 22_GTS GLOBAL_BALLOP SKIN-FIT LIGHTE SERIES V1 RAY PINK 23_DMCS_Motor controller 24_SUNKYUNG INDUSTRY CO.,LTD._Baby bottle sterilizer 25_Forus Electronics Co., Ltd._Smartphone Call Recorder 26_Hanyang Engineering Co., Ltd._No Noise Water Proof Safety Manhole Cover 27_The Palm Co., Ltd._automotive A/C compressor 28_DENTAL CARE CO..LTD._DENTAL TOOTHERUSH 29_BIT_HONEY Brush 30_PRIME ENERTEK CO.,LTD_Prime AGF6 31_DAESUNG IDS Co., Ltd._Elevator Control Panel 32_Home Care Co., Ltd._Vegetable Baby Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent 2.5L 33_KORSOA_the shampoo 350 34_GumYoung General.Co., Ltd._Elevator, Escalator, Rope Gripper 35_H K CO., Ltd._Ceramic health hot mat fomentation 36_FTLAB.,Ltd_Bluetooth LE Precision Voltage/Current meter with Data Logger 37_Roman Seals Asia Co., Ltd._Fastener Seals, Metal to Rubber Bonded Seals 38_Alpha Clean Technology Co., Ltd_CAST 39_AMT Engineering Co., Ltd._BOTOSONIC

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