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Manufacture & Export of SAN BAMBOOSALT INC. Our company is being run by the third daughter-in-law of Dr. Insan, the Inventor of Bamboosalt and the Great Master of Cancer Cure as well as of Korean Herb Medicine. Bamboo Salt is a specially processed salt made of natural sola salt from the Korean Western Sea. Bamboo trunks that are at least 3 years old are filled with sea salt and plugged with yellow soil at the end. The prepared bamboo trunks are roasted using the pine tree firewood, pine resin, pure yellow soil and high levels of fire handling technology in a steel furnace. As the result of burned bamboo trunk, the minerals of the bamboo and yellow soil are fused with the salt. Finally, heating process is repeated 9 times. The liquefied salt on the 9th time, is now rid of any contamination from seawater as well as infused with vital minerals and elements. Bamboo Salt consists of essential minerals and micronutrient necessary for maintaining the human body. For that purpose, INSAN BAMBOOSALT INC. intends to develop and manufacture a variety of new products making the best use of the virtues for bamboo salt such as 'bamboosalt toothpaste', 'bamboosalt herb tea' and bamboosalt black bean tea etc. Also we are running INSAN Oriental cancer center by aligning our company for those people who are suffering with incurable diseases. we are the company which is the most traditional in Korea. We pursue to make everybody to become more healthy. #Catalogue : http://www.kompass.kr/img/catalogue/K000963_5f3627919b.PDF

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  • Salt
  • Diet products
  • Salt, low sodium, dietetic...

Hwangtomi Bamboo Town

Manufacture & Export of *Keywords: Salt, roasted salt,bamboo salt HWANGTOMI BambooSalt is made by roasting the domestic solar salt and thick-stemmed bamboo in the loess germanium pot at high temperature. It is the specialenvironment-friendly wellbeing bamboo salt roasted with the patented ty metals. Heavy metals are often detected from salt as a result of environmental contamination. However, HWANGTOMI Bamboo Salt has been manufacturing clean and reliable salts through the special and environment-friendly manufacturing process. It is the intention and desire of HANGTOMI Bamboo Salt to grow as the most reliable enterprise providing health and happiness to the customers of the world by continuous production of healthy bamboo salt with honesty and sincerity. HWANGTOMI Bamboo Salt always care for your health and happiness. * Main Products of Hwangtomi Bamboo Town 1. Hwangto Bamboo Salt The red clay bamboo salt is roasted at a high temperature 3 to 9 times. This product has passed the FDA testing for safety and effectiveness. Also, we are a patentee for our own roasting system. Therefore, it is definitely different from just normal roasted salt and it is kind of health food as well. 2.Hwangtomi Roasted Salt This product made of domesitc sun-dried salt roasted at high temperatire in the red day gemanium pot for more than 48hours,is clean and reliable for cooking bacause of no heavy metal content detected in the in-house quality test. 3. Hwangto Salt The red clay bamboo salt is roasted in a red clay germanium pot with Korean solar salt for 24 hrs.It is different from the normal roasted salt because it is free from impurities and heavy metal content. Also, the taste is like not too salty.

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  • Salt
  • Salt, table
  • Salt for the food industry...

Taepyung Salt Farm, Ecological Grand Slam Enterprises

best sea salt for cooking, best salt for cooking, best salt in the world, korean salt, best sea salt for cooking # Main Products 1) Kimchi & Souce Salt 2) Cooking Sea Salt 3) Premium Salt # Company Introduction -Quality salt can be obtained only in the quality environment. The salt of the Taepyung Salt Farm has been kept for 60 years. We have been able to stand and thrive in the salt farm industry throughout 60 years thanks to the blessed natural environment. The ecological environment in the form of Slow City, Ramsar wetlands and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is an important part of producing fine quality salt. Even better, we established the production line of advanced facilities to produce the finest quality salt with our strict and thorough hygiene management. -We are committed to bringing wellness food on the table The blood and cells of the human body contain 0.9% of salt, respectively. Salt prevents acidification of blood and promotes metabolism. Salinity in the blood circulates every corner of our body with blood, converting waste in cells into new substances, promoting metabolism, and often coordinating nerve and muscle movements. In addition, the amniotic fluid in the mother’s belly where her baby grows is similar to that of seawater. Put simply, baby’s health depends on the salt water. It is no exaggeration to say that a person is born from salt water. Salt is a substance of life. Every person on this planet takes salt every day. In this spirit, Taepyung Salt makes an effort to make the quality salt as the ingredient used for foods we take everyday and as the quintessential ingredient that our body needs. Taepyung Salt relentlessly researches and finds the salt of wellness and taste for your family’s health. -Start with salt, End with salt In a rapidly changing modern society, Taepyung Salt is transforming into a whole new ecological/environmental company based on the spirit of downshifting, healing, and interaction with the nature that we learned from the Natural Sea Salts. Everyone at Taepyung Salt makes a concerted effort to become No. 1 in any salt-related fields from the primary industry to the tertiary industry, which includes the Natural Sea Salt Healing Camp for educational and cultural activities, Salt Cave Healing Center for body & mind healing, and Salt College where you get to learn nature through salt, and a lot more. Taepyung Salt will remain committed to the spirit of the Natural Sea Salt as slow food.

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  • Salt
  • Salt, kitchen
  • Salt, sea...

charmsut corporation

Manufacture & Export of * About CHARMSUT Corporation Jan. 30, 2011 Incorporated SutmaelSavor Corporation(144811-0008250) Apr. 22, 2011 Moved Entered into the Venture Incubating Center at Kangwon Tourism College Apr. 28, 2011 Business registration at Samcheok Tax Office food additives using pyroligneous acid and smokeflavored oil as a leading company Jun. 2011. - Feb. 30, 2013 Participated in a local specialty assignment - Support projects in marketing, BI, BC, etc. as a leading company Oct.29, 1998-Dec. 30, 2012 Media publicity and marketability reports *Main product of CHARMSUT Corporation 1. Oak-smoke-flavor salt -The salt is produced with smoke flavor in charcoal vinegar which is purified in compliance with the Food AdditiveActs and added to the domestic premium sea salt. The pyroligneous acid is produced in the process of creating a traditional charcoal by cooling only the most effective ingredients in the smoke using domestic oak. [Features of product] A. Passed safety inspections of US FDA and Korea Food Research Institute B. Premium food ingredients included in the 1001 food ingredients in the world you should eat in your lifetime. C. Health salt, low-sodium salt where premium sea salt is used and a variety of good chemical compounds are contained D. Using the 2/3 amounts of common salt E. having good shelf life, stability, flavor enhancement, flavor, and microbial inhibitory effect 2. Oak-smoke-flavor salt oil -The oil is produced through the process where smoke flavor in pyroligneous acid is purified in compliance with the Food Additive Acts and added to the edible oil. The charcoal vinegar is produced in the process of creating a traditional charcoal by cooling only the most effective ingredients in the smoke using domestic oak. [Features of product] Low salinity, anti-corruption, fermentation acceleration, anti-oxidant, Excellent for penetration of natural flavor, taste supplement, natural smoke liquid, as well as food safety like food storage extension, freshness sustainment, antiseptic, insecticide, and

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  • Oils, edible
  • Oils, edible, flavoured with spices
  • Oil, seed, refined, edible...


Manufacture & Export of # Company Infomation We 'Shinan Salted Saeujeot Inc.' is locatedin Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do which is called as a Green Land producing80% of salted shrimps in the country. We are the first local company established in cooperation with Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do and fishermenwho produce a mysid officially. We manufacture, process and distribute the excellent quality of 'Shinan Saeujeot' after processing the local mysid with bay salt and ripening in low-temperature. Our factory wascompleted in 2011 which produces more than 500 tons of salted shrimpsevery year and we became the country's first salted shrimps company obtained HACCP certification from the Korea Food and Drugs Administration and Iso22000 in 2016. # Strength The salted shrimpsof Shinan Eodam supply safer and more hygienic salted shrimps to consumers by producing products via the HACCP process of KFDA that any salted shrimps company does not even attempt. Our salted shrimps arefermented in yellow-soil pottery in alow temperature refrigerator using a temperature control system and not in large cave or a rusted steel drum containor. It ensures scientific and hygienic process and prevents salted shrimps from spoiling. Moreover it helps the products maintain their inherent taste and quality. Shinan salted shrimps contents high mineral and excellent flavor by using 100% bay salt. Since a plant is located near from the place of producing and selling salted shrimps, we can purchase quality salted shrimps directly from fishermen or the fisheries consignment market in a low price. With a largelow temperature storehouse to keep a great quantity go raw materials,it is possible to supply stable products. # Main Product 1) Fish sauce (Shrimp & Anchovy) Natural seasoning that is being liquefied by ripening shrimp and anchovy together. Better flavor and taste when compared to conventional types of fish sauce. 2) Fermented-shrimp Powder Natural seasoning that is being powder byfermenting the shrimp into solar-salt . You can utilize this seasoning to add more deep and rich flavor when you are cooking since shrimp'ssalty taste is being added on this seasoning. 3) Shrimp salt Natural powder seasoning that is being powder with solar-salt after the shrimp is ripened and dried. Great choice for both seasoning on many dishes and usage as substitution to low level salt due to its low salinity level when compared to ordinary salt 4) Shrimp master Natural liquefied seasoning that is being liquefied after liquefaction of shrimp into solar salt. Superior taste will be demonstrated when you add one or two spoons of this liquefied seasoning on your dish when you are cooking. 5) salted-shrimp A product being made by mixing shrimp with solar salt. Can be used as substitution to salt. # Certification ISO22000(salted fisheries, fish sauces) HACCP # Keyword Shrimp, salted fish, Seasoning, Fish powder, Fish sauce, Salted shrimp, shrimp powder, shrimp salt, Anchovy sauce, dried shrimp powder, salt, sauce

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  • Food products, chilled, fresh and ultra-fresh
  • Fish, saltwater, fresh, processed
  • Condiments and sauces...
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