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UBS INC Co., Ltd.

UBS INC Co., Ltd.

moolmang filter, moolmang shower head, moolmang water purifier, moolmang water filter, vitafresh shower filter,anti-chlorine&chloramines shower filter,simple&attractive design shower filter,vitamin c shower filter,removes residual chlorine shower head,water treatment products,vitamin c infused shower water,remove fine pollutant shower head,high pressured shower head,vitamin dual shower filter, water filter, water filtration, water system, softener, water purifier, counter top, under sink, UF, RO, hot & cold water purifier, alkaline filter, mineral water, drinking water # Company Introduction UBS INC Co.,Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of shower heads, shower filters and water filters in Korea. Since the foundation in 2008, we striving for the development of water treatment products and with continued product development under our mission 'To Provide Ultimate Best Solutions for Wellness, Happiness, Better Water & Premium Filter', our Moolmang DOLKI Ceramic Ball passed on the test of FDA(USA) safety and it is widely applying to water treatment filed in the world. Also, Moolmang Vitafresh Shower Filter that registered apparatus and design patent featured on major medias and supplying to big hotel chain in USA. And, Moolmang Vitamax Deluxe Dual Shower Filter is the first Korean shower filter that certified for NSF/ANSI 177, NSF/ANSI 372 from NSF International. We are trying to do our best to serve you with patented and best quality products through strict quality management system of ISO:9001 and exporting to USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, UK, Italy, U.A.E, Australia, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Kazakhstan. # Strength OEM, QC, R&D(Registred Division), ISO9001, Good Service, Over 12 years know-how, Patents # Main products - Moolmang Vitafresh Shower Filter / Removes Chlorine / Universal / Vitamin C Infused Shower / Hotel Shower Filter - Moolmang Vitafresh Shower Head, Vitamin Shower, Removes Chlorine l remove fine pollutant shower head - Moolmang Pure Shower Head / Rust Removal / Limescale Removal / Water Saving / An Ions / Silky Spray / High Pressure l high pressured shower head - Moolmang Vitafresh Plus Shower Head, Vitamin Shower, Removes Chlorine l removes residual chlorine shower head - Moolmang Pure Plus Shower Head / Rust Removal / Limescale Removal / Water Saving / An Ions / Silky Spray / High Pressure l water treatment products - Moolmang Aqua System / 3 Stage UF Filter System / Quick Change Filter System / Booster Pump / Counter Top - Moolmang EZ Filter System / 3 or 4 Stage UF Filter System / Quick Change Filter System / Under Sink / Easy & Sanitary Filter Replacement / 1/4" Twist Open & Close Filter Cartridge / Easy to Install / Fresh & Healthy Mineral Water / Space Saving - Moolmang Alkaline Water System / 7 Stage UF Filter System / Alkaline Mineral Water / Counter Top / Under Sink - Moolmang Hot & Cold Water Purifier / 4 Stage UF or RO(80 GPD) Filter System / Elegant Front LED Light / Hygienic Water Cock / Hygienic Stainless Water Reservoir / Child Safety Lock (Hot Water) / Cold Water / Hot Water / Healthy Mineral Water / Color Design # Video # Catalogue

  • Water, sewage and industrial effluent treatment plant and equipment
  • Water filtration equipment, activated carbon
  • Sanitary ware, plastic...



Rose Mask Sheet with Mucha art, Redginseng Mask Sheet with Mucha art, Mayu Mask Sheet with Mucha art, Mucha mask pack, Premium Rose Extract mask sheet, Premium mask pack, Red Ginseng Extract mask sheet, Hyper-moisturizing Horse Oil mask sheet, Whitening&anti wrinkle mask sheet, Natural ingredient mask sheet # Company introduction TERAECO has built the one-step system in 2019 for manufacturing cosmetics by expanding the facilities and adding the CGMP-class facilities to produce the best products in a more thorough, systematic and efficient manner. Furthermore, TERAECO operates 100% customer satisfaction Quality Management System through cosmetics R&D with experts with more than 20 years experience, OEM/ODM and branding consulting to become a specialized cosmetics company. Since its inception as the venture company in 2010, TERAECO CO., LTD. has been conducting R & D using naturally derived ingredients and patent registration for restless R & D and stronger technology of R & D institute. TERAECO also has been successfully involved in R&D projects of Korean government agencies, research institutes and public organizations. # Main products - Rose Mask Sheet with Mucha art l Premium Rose Extract mask sheet - Redginseng Mask Sheet with Mucha art l Red Ginseng Extract mask sheet - Mayu Mask Sheet with Mucha art l Hyper-moisturizing Horse Oil mask sheet - ONMOME Hand Cleaner # Catalogue # Video,

  • Basic chemical products for cosmetics, perfumes, detergents and soaps
  • Polymers, cationic, for haircare and skincare products...



#Keyword elevator operating panel, elevator button, OPB, HIB, HPI, operate position button, hall indicator button, hall position indicator, elevator inside, elevator outside, elevator display area #Company Introduction Samjintech Co.,Ltd has continued to grow based on the founding philosophy of 'providing the most reliable elevator operating panel to the customer in 1985 and the core values ??of 'honesty' and 'trust'. We believe the honest manufacturing process and the trust with our customers are most important of all. To this end, we constantly innovated our processes and built trust with our customers. We, Samjintech Co.,Ltd , will not stop this efforts and continue to grow into the most reliable elevator operating panel manufacturer. We are the only one in the industry that has all the manufacturing facilities, and we produce in-house without outsourcing. Through this, we have superiority in quality competitiveness, price competitiveness, and delivery time competitiveness over other companies. Besides, we have the capacity of large supply, as establishing communication system with sufficient talented technicians who have sound experiences for more than 20 years in the field. We will counteract heartily to small orders or even samples which our buyers should request, thinking there must be the stages in building trust with our customers and always endeavor to become a successful partner of you as we lessen your worries and burdens. We are looking forward to having an opportunity to form a win-win relationship with our valuable clients. Sincerely yours. #Strength Founded in 1985, it has 35 years of manufacturing history. We have the industry's best production facilities and skilled technicians in the elevator control panel manufacturing sector for 35 years in Iran. Through this, we are producing products without outsourcing, and through this, we are securing competitiveness in price, quality, and delivery time. We have been exporting to the Middle East, Vietnam, and the United States through a three-party trading company for a long time. Now, we are preparing to do our own direct trade and supply better products to our customers at a lower cost. In order to develop overseas markets, a lot of investment will be made in the elevator operating panel part in 2021, and a lot of new products are being prepared. Please look forward to. Thank you. #Catalogue

  • Lift and elevator components and accessories
  • Doors, automatic, for lifts and elevators
  • Elevator and lift door components and controls...

Soltri Corporation

Manufacture & Export of Bearing, Composite Bearing, Oiless Bearing, Filament Winding, Bushing, Heavy Load, Wear Ring, Guide Ring, Thermoset Plastic, Hydraulic Seals, Seals, Cylinders, Material Handing Equipment, Crane, Scissor Lift, Valve, Construction, Equipment We would like to appreciate aration. We have been concentrating our efforts on manufacturer and development of non-metallic, environmentally friendly, low frictional and long-running composite bearings since its establishment in 1988 resulting into a leading manufacturer in the field of composite bearings. There are two main product lines in our company. One is KAMGLIDE�� composite bearings which are composed of various kinds of resins and reinforcing fibers (cottons, synthetics,glass fibers, aramid fibers and etc). The other is MOSTUF�� composite bearings which have been localized in 2003 by the efforts of our engineers. MOSTUF�� composite bearings are composed of PTFE & PET bearing layer and Glass-Epoxy backing layer. We have a various products with optimized combination with resin and fabric for different application. And they have been gaining customer's favor in terms of quality, price and delivery. It is current trends for various industrial machines to become high performance, high precision and lowweight by the progress of plastic composites. SOLTRI Corporation is promised that we will meet customer's quality requirements by producingvarious kinds of products through continuous investment and development in the future.

  • Profiles, blocks, rollers and bearings, rubber
  • Bearings, rubber lined
  • Bearing mountings, rubber, fabric reinforced...

Hansung Precision Co., Ltd., HALS

Grease,oil,pump,lube,coolant,oil pump,grease pump,coolant pump,metering valve,flow unit, lubrication pump,volume pump,manual lubrication pump,oil supply pump,sequential distributor Progressive GreaseDistributorautomatic lubrication pump,automatic lubricator, centrialized lubrication pump,rotor pump,lubrication,cutting oil pump,lubricatior trocoid pump #Company Introduction Hansung Precision Co., Ltd.(known as the "HALS" brand) was established in 1985 and with afirst domestic company to produce an automatic lubrication pump and ahigh pressure precision lubrication system. We are currently manufacturing lubrication systems and coolant pump for machine tools, plasticinjection molding machines and other industrial machines. Our lubrication system for machine tools and plastic Injection molding machines account for more than 80% of the domestic market. Our another highly compatible and practical product is coolant pumps. It play central roles in machine tools. We have also developed and are producing rotor pumps and grease lubrication pumps that can be used not only in machine tools, but also in a wide range of industrial machines. We, HALS, will continue to strive in our efforts to produce the best productsnot only in the domestic market, but also in overseas markets. Hansung will be a reliable company with your future. #Main Products -Auto oil lubrication pump - Coolant pump - Grease pump - Rotor pump # Application Machine Tools ̵1; MCT,CNC, Cutting Machines, Milling, automatic lathe Industrial Machinery 211; Cleaner, Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Presses, Printing Machines, etc. #Catalogue #Video

  • Metalworking machine tool ancillary equipment and accessories NES
  • Pumps for coolant and cutting oil, for machine tools, metalworking
  • Pumps, oil circulating, for drills, metalworking...
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The country's second largest port, Incheon has an ice-free harbor (protected by a tidal basin) and is the port and commercial center for Seoul. Incheon's economy is heavily dependent on shipping and the transshipment of goods. Incheon is one of South Korea's major industrial centers: iron, steel, coke, light metals, plate-glass, textiles, chemicals, and lumber are among its manufactures. Fishing is also an important industry. Large salt fields have been developed in the tidal flats off Incheon. Increasing urbanization and subway and expressway links with Seoul have made Incheon and Seoul into one large urban region, and the city is the site of a new international airport (2001) serving the area.

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