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Measuring and testing equipment
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Seojin Instech Co., Ltd, Seojin Instech

Seojin Instech Co., Ltd, Seojin Instech

Torque Tube Type Displacer Level Transmitter, vertical float switches, float type level switch, float level switch, magnetic float level switch, float switch for coffee vending machine, float level switch for humidifiers, mini float level switch, vertical float level switch Seojin Instech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 and is a professional maker in LEVEL SENSOR and FLOW METER fields for 40 years. Until now, he has played a role in the industrial field related to measurement and control equipment, and is leading the way in technology and quality by obtaining ISO9001 and KEPIC (nuclear quality assurance qualification) certifications for the first time in the industry, and preparing for a new leap for half a century based on change, innovation and trust. Is developing into a company In the next few years, we are striving to become a cornerstone for improving national competitiveness as a top maker as a comprehensive instrument manufacturer. The displacement type transmitter is the SMART type level transmitter that indicates liquid levels on the unit and transmits the current signal and HART communication through 2 wires. On this device, liquid levels can be measured by converting load cell’s pressure changes that are transferred as linear movements of the fine torsion values of the Torque Tube. The fine torsion values of the Torque Tube are in accordance with the submerged degree of the Displacer which is made with Specific Gravity of 2.0.

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Telcon RF Pharmaceutical Inc.

Telcon RF Pharmaceutical Inc.

#Keyword RF Connector, Hybrid Connectors, Test Cable Assembly, RF Atteneuator, RF Termination, RF Power Splitter, RF Combiner, RF Coupler, RF Arrestor, Multi Optical Connector, mobile communication system, Wireless network, transmitting RF signal, 5G RF Connectivity parts technology, Board-to-Board Connector, RF System, RF relay device, low & high-power attenuator, power divider #Company Introduction Telcon RF Pharamaceutical Inc. was established in 1999. To enhance the global competitiveness, we have established local subsidiaries in China (2013) and Vietnam (2017). On 2014, Telcon has been listed on KOSDAQ. Our business Area composes of Wireless network and mobile communication system, moreover we have expanded to automotive/ medical equipment and military. For our customers, we have mainly Samsung Electronics, Telecommunication Company such as KT and SKT telecom, LS Cable, KMW and more in South Korea. For oversea mainly we have Toshiba, Dengyo, Stack, NEC in Japan Ericsson in Australia and more in United States and S.E Asia. Our RF Connector is used for transmitting RF signal among mobile communication devices and parts or connecting devices. We have more than 3,000 kinds of products to which our unique corrosion-protective plating technology from gas and salt is adopted. Recently, we launch various products developed by 5G RF Connectivity parts technology. Particularly, the Board-to-Board Connector ensures stable performance as it provides solutions optimized for small and narrow spaces such as STBM and DCCK. Our RF System consists of a variety of products such as RF relay device, low & high-power attenuator, termination, coupler, and power divider. This system offers stable and reliable solutions with high quality. Higher frequency, low loss cable assemblies interconnect solution offer a wider range of applications for test & measurements, 5G telecommunication, aerospace and military featuring extreme performance in electrical stability and lower loss. Our hybrid solution was designed to integrate optics and power in a connector, boasting a lot of advantages such as fast and accurate installation, efficient maintenance, and cost saving. It also offers diverse solutions meeting clients needs. # Catalogue # Video

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#Company Introduction GNV CO.,LTD has invented electric floor heater, Ondol is Korean traditional heating system and is traditionally floor heater by fire and use to cook at the same time. Our innovation provides customer quality life at home as well as any inside area such as accommodations, public offices, church and etc. Furthermore, innovation prevents road freezing when it installs underfloor road. By comparison existing floor heaters, this innovation can be differentiated outlook, materials and performance. Specially, high temperature as 100~130 degree reaches within 10 minutes and strong durability with stainless steel appearance can be blocked cold damage or broken heaters in winter time, Also, floor heating gives users pleasant feeling therefore they may relax more comfortable. #Company Introduction DAEHO COOLER, we have been loved by our customers by manufacturing and providing the cooling water cooling equipments which are indispensable for all the areas ranging from cooling device for laboratory and experimental equipment to overall industries. Our company has devoted our best efforts and has studied ever with the mind to produce the best and the highest quality of cooling water cooling equipments. So, we have lots of experience for installation cases and excellent services in chiller market for over 20years. #Company Introduction It is Popping sound in the Kunzip barn that has been researching and developingrice puffs machine for 30 years. Wellbeing nutritional snacks with low-calorie for our family. It is easy to use with the development of new technology. (Easily removable and easy to clean.) It is a multi-functional rice snack machine that makes all rice and grains all over the world as snack. Even with the differ kinds of grains, you can easily make snacks with an automatic temerature controller. #Company Introduction Rinas Daesung Co., Ltd. is a Kitchen utensil specialized company that manufacturers and distributes products by Researching & Developing the ones that are fit to Korean Kitchen Culture. With managerial philosophy of " Pursing Quality with Top Priority". With such effort, Rinas products selected as an " Outstanding Item from Ministry of National Defense and and Public Procurement Service of Korean Government. We will make our best effort to become the global top company by upmost quality and leading revolution with new ideas.

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MICRO DATA CENTER, COOLING RACK, SMART RACK, SMART FACTORY, SMART THING, SMART CITY, ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, IoT, COMPUTER ROOM, DATA CENTER, MDF, IDF, AUTOMATIC DRIVING, ESS, Manless #Company Introduction The microdata center is an enclosed rack with a combined cooling unit. It is a Korean product made by our company through 6 years of R&D to facilitate the establishment of a computer environment and minimize investment and operating costs. The global environment is deteriorating due to global warming. It can save more than 80% of carbon dioxide. Minimize investment and space costs for nearly 0% of infrastructure. "Micro Data Center" is an independent, miniaturized "computer room" that can reduce operating costs up to 60% or more. In particular, various technologies such as physical access control, redundancy, Eco-Friendly Cooling, and Emergency Unit have been applied to provide a stable and convenient operating environment for computer equipment based on 19 years of experience as System Engineer at SI company. We are pursuing near "zero" failures (stability) in our service operating standards. We will always do our best for the minimum deployment cost, minimum operating cost, and stable operation of your computer infrastructure (including expansion or change). # Strength Small-sized independent data center with constant temperature, soundproof, dustproof, power-saving and monitoring functions, for which cooling can be focused only on IT equipment as being separated from the external influences (dust, humidity and temperature) By adding cooling system into a standard rack and sealing the internal up.

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Control of Vibration, Vibration Isolation, Active Vibration Isolation Systems, Passive Vibration Isolation Systems # Company Introduction Daeil Systems is a world-class leader in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art vibration isolation systems. With vibration-isolating technology in Korea, Daeil systems continue to make innovative achievements in the field with new technology. To become a global leader in the field of vibration isolation, Daeil Systems will keep pursuing excellence and create positive changes for the world. We design and manufacture innovative products at our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and have established a global network to supply our products to Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. # Main Products: DVIA-T, DVIA-MB, DVIO, DVIM 1. DVIA-T: Tabletop Active Vibration Isolation Platform 2. DVIA=MB: Active Vibration Isolation for Electron Microscopes 3. DVIO: Optical Tables 4. DVIM: Pneumatic Vibration Isolators for Flat Panel Display Metrology # Strength 1. Customized product – Our highly experienced design team is here to design the users’ needs and for the best performance with the customized product. 2. User-friendly design – we truly consider the users’ convenience, seal caps, casters(tie-bar) which most of the optical table company offers as an option, are standardly included. 3. Long term use, the average period of use without repair is 10 years. 4. Warranty - We are very confident about our product, we offer one year of the warranty period free of charge and you can add a maximum of 5 years of extended warranty.

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Dongsung Industry Machine Co., LTD.

Introduction We are one of promising and reliable manufactures for producing Air-Balance Hoists(DS type), Air- Balance Arm(DSJ type), and Power-Free Rail System. The air-balance hoist and arm has a characteristic of maneuverable three-dimensional power-free movement for handling of heavy matecturing line of automobile parts, and transport of heavy materials such as TV cathode-ray tubes, tires, stones, glasses, fruits, doors, andothers to improve working efficiency. U-Healthcare exercise equipment, exercise equipment, PhysioTherapy, physical exercise equipment : Dongsung Industry Machine Co.,LTD's new exercise equipment for strengthening muscle power can be used by seniors over 65, who make up the most critical aging population, and is outstanding equipment for maintaining and strengthening muscle power. It is eco-friendly as it uses air, which is a clean, non-polluting energy. Because air is used in place of weights, it can be used for rehabilitation exercises. Compared to other muscle strengthening exercise equipment system it is easier to use because of its small size and the touch screen where you can input the weight value. This helps children, seniors andthe disabled enjoy weight training in a convenient manner. It has a smart function the allows user to check their physiological status and informs them of the types and amount of exercise they need. These records can be stored and managed by the users. 1) Nonmembership : one time exercise(Hard to manage exercise record) 2) Smart mode : Automatic, manual control of weight in accordance with individual bodyfeatures FLOW : Analysis of body component->measurement of 1RM->smart exercise->Transmit data to PC 3) 12 weeks�� exercise program : exercise prescription based on scientific data Flow : Analysis of body component->measurement of 1RM->prescription of exercise->Exercise->Transmit data to PC 4) Rehabilitation exercise : Function of loading Q��ty control on specific position by prescription of expert (doctor, exercise trainer) 1. Rating : 220V-550W(60Hz), 2. D/C Power : Output - 24v / 5v 3. 1HP Air Compressor – 1EA 4. Embedded Computer(7��Color)- OS : Window

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Masang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mold Temperature Controller, MTC, Chiller, Mold Preheating, Scale-Free Equipment, Scale-Free Soft Water Feeder, High Speed Cycle System, Pressured Water Rapid Heating and Cooling, Mold Temperature Controller and Chiller Integration, Die Plate Temperature Controller, Injection Molding Temperature Controller. #Company Introduction: Masang has been able to fulfill its social responsibility as the leading manufacture and exporter of automatic mold temperature controllers for injection molding in plastic and al die-casting in Korea. Molsang has been able to fulfill itssocial responsibility as the leadingmanufacture and exporter of automatic mold temperature controllers for injection molding in plastic and al die-casting in Korea. 1. Artificial Intelligence Mold Temperatupreheating. 2. Reduced resin cooling water directly to the moldand automatically controlling temperature. 3. Partial temperature control makes it possible to produce sophisticated products; Fast cooling/heating reduces product cycle time. 4. Actual mold temperature is controlled by the sensors inside the mold, on both the movable and the stationery die plates in the mold. Especially, our recent success in developing state-of-art moldtemperature controllers with built turbulent flow system contributingsignificantly in cycle time reduction gives us an opportunity to becomeone of the global leaders in the injection molding inductor. #MAIN PRODUCT: 1. Auto Master 2. SUPERTORNADO 3. Scale-Free Soft Water Feeder #CATALOG: #VIDEO: English : Chinese : Korean :

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Manufacture & Export of China - Standard Spray Type - Air Mixing Type - Underwater Jet SprayType - High Pressure Deburring Type - Ferris Wheel Type - Mesh Conveyor Type - Lift & Carry Type - Roller Conveyor Type - Shuttle Type - Composition - Brush Deburring & Washing Cast Finishing Line - Cooling ConNc Milling - Ingate Cut-Off Machine - Trimming Press - Nc Endmill - Ingate Cut-Off Machine - Palletizing & Handling Robot - Chip & Sand Conveyor - Chip & Gate Separator Leak Test Machine - Cylinder Head Oil Hole & Cam Room & Water Jacket Leak Test - Cylinder Block Oil Hole & Crank Room & Water Jacket Leak Test - Trans Mission Case & Clutch Housing Leak Test - Converter Housing Leak Test - Cam Shaft Oil Hole Leak Test Assembly Machine - Cylinder Head Cam Cap Assembly - Cylinder Block Bearing Cap Assembly - Bolt Fastening Machines Indentation Machine - Cylinder Head / Block - Plug & - Bolt, Screw, Plug Fastening And Assembly Auto Wrapping Machine - Horizontal Automatic Wrapping Machine - Vertical Automatic Wrapping Machine Automatic Centrifugal Seperator - Standard & Special Options - Variable Impeller & Over Flow Type - 3-Phase Seperating Type - 2-Motor Driving Type - Special Type - Fdc Series - Fsc Series Oil Skimmer - Belt Type - Suction Type Food Industry -Automatic Cleaning & Charging Machine (Kegmatic Seventy) - Powdered Tea Production Machine Imported Goods - Air Cleaner - Oil Mist - Laser Doppler Speed Meter Manufacture & Export of Automatic Washing Machine,Centrifuge,Cast Finishing Machine,Leak TestMachine Manufacture & Export of 32902 / Manufacture of Special-Purpose Machinery

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Introduction FTLAB Co., Ltd. is R&D company that based on electro physics. Established in 2001, FTLAB developed High Voltage Pulse Power Supply, High Power Sine/Square Inverter, HV Amplifier, Arbitrary Waveform-Driven device for PDP (VDS), PDP VT Close Curve measurement device and have been recognized for their excellence. Untiltoday, FTLAB was focused on display driven device and now has been expanding to wide field of precision high-voltage devices. FTLAB's product has been competitive advantage. Because, fast slew rate and more than equivalent of the output specification compared with existing foreign products. Based on our technologies, we are developed precision high-voltage power supply for SEM(Scanning ElectronMicroscopy) and FIB(Focused Ion Beam). As these result, developed high stability small size DCDC Converter and small size precision high voltage power supply and tried to export product. FTLAB is always trying to find a possible way to develop, if you order special device to experiment with your ideas. These researches are improveits own technology and will be offered the opportunity to bilateral cooperation. HV Power Supply(Pulse/Sin/DC), HV Power Supply, dc power supply, ac power supply, dc to dc, dc ac converter, dc power converter, power converter, dc voltage converter, capacitive touch, capacitive screen, touch screen capacitive, capacitive tablet, resistive, capacitive resistive, capacitive touchscreen : (1)Capacitive Touch Panel Inspection System : This product is designed to directly measure and test the capacitance value of a capacitive touch panel. (2) DCDC Converter : Short Circuit Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, Over Voltage Protection. The Capacitive Touch Panel Inspection System, TCS1000, uses proprietary��coil condenser (LC) resonance frequency modification different testing technology�� developed by FT Lab Co., Ltd. This product is designed to directly measure and test the capacitance value of a capacitive touch panel. TCS1000 conducts high-precision test of defects of ITO sensors, which are prone to defects, without requiring an

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Ipec Co., Ltd.

Introduction over the years, IPEC High Preision, Inc has achieved remarkable growth as a manufacturer specializing in Industrial Machinery Parts and Mold Parts through continuous technological innovation, research & development, and strong personnel training. Moulding parts, Molds, Mold parts, Hot runner, Hot runner manufacturer, Hot runner maker,Hot Runner parts, Hot runner supplier, Industrial parts, Industrial spare parts, Industrial components, Precision Parts, Precision spare parts, Precision components, Precision molding parts, Precision molding spare parts, Precision molding components, Precision moulding parts, Precision moulding spare parts, Precision moulding components, Mechanical Parts, Mechanical spare parts, Mechanical components, Precision engineering spare parts, spare parts for molding , defence, machine, automobile, cellphone, Korea brand parts for molding, Automobile parts, Automobile spare parts, Automobile components : IPEC manufacture main parts for Molding machine and all kinds of spare parts which is consisted of Hot runner system. Moreover, we manage all process control in our own factory for industrial precision components as well as defence precision parts. (1) Mold parts : Ejector pin, Sleeve pins, Gate core, Screw core, Injector core, Square core, Piston, Pin bush, Unit, Taper core, Electrodes, Common electrodes, NC electrode, Screw electrode, Guide rail, Slide Block, Inner Block,Taper core, Guide bush & Pin (2) Hot Runner parts : Manifold, Nozzel and Nozzel cap, Sprue Bush and Sprue Bush cap, Tip guide valve pin, Spancer, Piston, Pin Guide Bush, Liner, Runner core, Valve pin, Updisk (3) Industrial parts : Balance Shaft , Diamond Wheel Shank,Expansion Tube, Valve, Bracket, Block, Guide, Hinge, Guide rail, Slide Block, Inner Block, Stopper, Robot Arm, Guide pin, Holder, Lever Manufacture & Export of Sleeve Pins,Ejector Pins

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