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Yongin Promising SMEs

Yongin Promising SMEs

Are you looking for Reliable Best Quality K-Products? There are many innovative and excellent products that are comparable to those of global companies. # Detailed Information [1] BrainU Co., Ltd. | Medical Device [2] SANGKONGYANGHANG CO., LTD. | KF94 Face Mask [3] ElsisKorea | Health Functional Food [4] Joatech | Mobile Screen Protector [5] Halang Co.,Ltd | Beauty & Personal Care [6] ZARI | Table Mat/Place Mat [7] ATECH Co., Ltd | Air Purifier [8] bokshouse | All-in-one Liquid Soap [9] Plastikos | Skin Care Products [10] S&G BIOTECH INC. | Premium Air Pollution Mask [11] DAEHAN FLEXIBLE DUCT HOSE CO., LTD. | Flexible Hose [12] Nanocrystal Co., Ltd. | Dispersion [13] MAMAFOREST CO. | Natural Kitchen Detergent [14] AAT | Telescopic Mast [15] NOVATRON CO. | High-resolution Audio Player [16] Pairgreen Inc. | Makeup Cosmetics [17] SAMSUNG NECO CO. | Textile Sample Cutting Machine [18] JHNMICROTEC | Permanent Makeup Pigment [19] B.S.Corporation | Energy Drink [20] NTBASE CO., LTD | Pure Nano Powder [21] GAONNANOTECH CO., LTD. | Professional Filtration Mask [22] DOBE COMPUTING Co,.Ltd | Micro Data Center [23] SUNGUARD OPTICAL CO., LTD. | Polarized sunglasses [24] ACE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. | Vacuum Cleaner [25] BLUEQQ CO. | Premium Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer [26] COCODOR CO., LTD. | Home Fragrance, Diffusers & Candles [27] INP CORP. | Industrial-use Heater [28] JAE KYUNG ELI CO., LTD. | Infrared Heat Lamp [29] CHOWIS CO., LTD. | Skin & Hair Analyzer [30] KORMEL KOREA | Melamine Tableware [31] APS TECH CO., LTD. | Water Purifier & Dispenser [32] BACKSAN LNT CO., LTD. | LED Lighting [33] ALPHADISPLAYTECH | Smartphone Enhanced Glass Film [34] HAPPY APPLE INC. | Apple Juice [35] FREE BIO CO., LTD. | Bio Liquid Wallpaper Paints [36] GRIPIN Inc. | Grip Belt Smartphone Case [37] HEALTHNURI COMPANY | Medical Device & Health Goods Please contact us if you have any questions or interesting products. To purchase a sample, please click on the link below.

  • Protective helmets, masks, eye shields and glasses
  • Eye shields and masks
  • Face masks and shields, protective, industrial...

Aromaville Coffee

Aromaville Coffee

coffee, brewed coffee, drip coffee, in-house coffee, Packaged coffee beans # Company Information Aromaville Coffee was established in 2001 to produce coffee and coffee related products. Our products are famous for good quality, which comes from careful selection of green beans and coffee roasting skills. We are committed to food safety and hygiene by obtaining HACCP and ISO 22000 certification. In addition, through many years of research and development, we have obtained patents such as disposable coffee extractors, and are leading the market by launching products using the patents. Our efforts to produce quality products have resulted in supplying products to famous domestic mart chains such as E-Mart and Lotte Mart. In addition, our OEM products are currently being exported to China. We will continue to research and endeavor to advance our products into the global market so that more people can access and enjoy our products. # Main Products: Drip brewed coffee_with_Patented Cup-Type Disposable Dripper - Handrip* Outdoor 5T** (Colombia/ Kenya/ Ethiopia/) : Suitable for outdoor activities - Handrip 50T (Colombia/Ethiopia/Kenya/Kilimanjaro) - Handrip 30T (Colombia/ Ethiopia/ Kenya/Kilimanjaro) - Handrip 10T (Colombia/ Ethiopia/ Kenya) Instant Coffee (3 in 1) - Rainbow Mocha Gold 100T - Handrip Specilaty 10T/30T (Kenya AA TOP, Ethiopia Kochere Kedida G1, Tanzania Kilimanjaro AAA) *'Handrip' is our registered brand and Handrip products are using our pateded disposable dripper (Cup Filter) **'Arabic number before 'T' stands for number of coffee sticks per SKU # Strength 1. The easiest way of enjoying brewd(drip) coffee! What you need is just hot water! By using our patented cup-type disposable dripper and single nitrogen-packaged ground coffee, You can enjoy brewd coffee beans anytime, anywhere! and it's the simplest way of single serving coffee! No need of coffee grinder, dripper, server. What you need is a hot water and any cup of your choice! 2. Can be used on any cup? It is a patented dripper that can be mounted stably regardless of size, making it easy to use. We have 2 types of dripper by size: #1 Small, #2 Large #1 Dripper is suitable from 4oz to 13oz sized cups #2 Dripper is suitable from 6oz to 20oz sized cups 3. Simple Clean up Easy brew and easy dispose without unnecessary washing. 4. Drink safe without worry Handrip drippers are made from natural pulp material, and beans are roasted and packaged in a HACCP, ISO 22000 certified facility. # Catalog URL # Video

  • Coffee and coffee substitutes
  • Coffee beans, roasted
  • Coffee, African...



# Keyword Vivid film-mobile phone vision correction film, mobile phone vision correction film, mobile phone readability film, digital eye careBlue light filter-monitor vision protection film, monitor vision protection filter, blue light blocking filter sns sheriff-monitor privacy filter, monitor information security filter # Company Introduction Pixello is a Samsung Electronics startup company that was spun off from Samsung Electronics. It is a company that develops services. # Main Products - Vivid film - Blue Light Filter - sns sheriff # Strength Vivid Film-A film that is attached to mobile phones and has a patented film layer that provides delicate vision correction. It is effective for early presbyopia, severe myopia, and farsightedness, and is a vision aiding film. It is the world's first film developed for mobile phone users. It is a digital eye care product that maintains a clear screen with 99% transmittance by using a micro lens, and has the effect of increasing screen clarity and reducing glare. Blue Light Filter-This is a filter type that blocks blue light, which is the harmful light generated by the monitor, and is a blue light filter for monitors that can block blue light by simple installation without attaching it to the monitor. It is a digital eye care product most closely related to the corona era, where there is a lot of interest in eye health as computer usage increases. sns sheriff-This is a stationary monitor filter that can only cover certain parts of the monitor when using a computer in a public place or office. The general monitor privacy filter covers the entire monitor, but the sns sheriff can cover a part of the monitor, so it is easy to use and can be installed and removed easily by a stationary method. It is a product that is convenient when PC users use messenger and can quickly and easily protect their privacy. You can see the screen from the front and not from the left and right angles, so you can protect your privacy. # Catalogue # Video

  • Sheet and film, plastic
  • Barrier film, plastic...

AbleDesign Entertainment

AbleDesign Entertainment

# Keyword perfume, bookperfume, scent, fragrance, book, reading, literature, idea product, gift, design product, premium note, stationery, office sproducts, paper stationery, high quality paper, fountain pen friendly notebook, planner, diary, personal organizer, simple layout, schedule book, professional note # Company Introduction AbleDesign Entertainment is the one and only Entertainment company for designers in Korea. Similar to many other entertainment corporations that focus on acting, singing and other related aspects, Able Design Entertainment manages, produces, supports, and manufactures everything specifically related to designers. 'Wearingeul' is the representative design brand of Able Design Entertainment. Wearingeul interprets, expresses, re-designs art works with fresh & modern insight. Wearingeul does not simply imitate the original art work but infuses modern design and own account into the originality. Book Perfume(a perfume which adds scent on a book), Literature fountainpen Ink, parcel from Dong Ju are famous contents had Wearingeul Studio designed. Another design brand, 'Jaquere' designs premium notes and papers, which are suitable for fountain pen and dip pen. Based on user's experience, all the redundants are removed, and the only essential and useful layouts remain. Not only fountain pen users, but those who write a lot such as students, writers, diary users, white collars can use Jaquere notes and paper in their daily life. # Main Products - Book Perfume - Reservoir Day Planner - Reservoir Montly Planner - Ink Color Chart Sticker - Ink Color Chart Card # Strength - Book Perfume is a brand-new type perfume which is designed to spray on books. As a reader filpas pages, one can enjoy Book Perfume fragrance. The representative visual image of the literay work is the main source of the Book Perfume scent. Book Perfume is a output of subjective interpretation about literary works with synesthetic approach. - Reservoir Day Planner / Montly Planner A5 (Hard Cover) : "Reservoir" paper is a professional paper for fountain pen and dip pens users. 140g/㎡ thick Reservoir papers have little transparency even with a flexible dip pen. Thus, the fromt page does not affect the next page. - Impression Ink Color Chart Card / Ink Color Chart Sticker(4 types) : "Impression" paper is a professional paper for fountain pen and dip pen users. Impression Paper show various aspect of the ink such as sheenm color division and so on. 200g/㎡ thick Impression papaers have little transparency even with a flexible dip pen. # Catalogue

  • Stationery articles
  • Paper, writing
  • Notebooks and writing pads...

Hyundae Special Decal

Manufacture & Export of The most remarkable manufacturer of Heat Transfer Film was established in 1995 in korea. We produce Heat Transfer Film for all kinds of plastic substrate application items such as stationery, bath & kitchen items , cosmetics & medicine items , picture frames, industrial itemhis motto , we are doing our best to satisfy our customers with best price and quality Regarding our capacity , we have newest advanced 2 printing machines which are available from 1 to 9 colors. We have solid business relationship with many esteemed companies including well-known enterprises in Asia, Europe , USA . * What is Heat Transfer Film (Hot Stamping Foil) Heat Transfer Film (Hot Stamping Foil) is the product which broughtforth from a dry printing process (polution-free) in which color layers or metallic material layers are transferred through divided cylinders to surface of the film This process of transfer shall beproduced by controlled heat temperature & pressure of Heat Transfer Film machine (Hot Stamping machine) to Plastics or coated Woodenproducts. * Types of Heat Transfer Film (Hot Stamping Foil) Ink type (=Normal) Metal Powder type (=Silver,GoldMetalic) Metalic Coating type (=Metalized foil / Vaccum Metalization) Hologram type * Applications of Heat Transfer Film (Hot Stamping Foil) Stationery (School things - pen, pencil , glue , eraser , pen case etc hm5.jpg Articles for household,restaurant,office Use hm4.jpg Cosmetics & Medical supplies hm3.jpg Industrial pail (paint pail etc.) hm1.jpg Interior decoration (picture frames,panels,MDF etc.) hm7.jpg Character Design

  • Sheet and film, plastic
  • Sheet and film, thermo-adhesive, polyurethane (PU)
  • Sheet and film, plastic, antistatic...


Manufacture & Export of # Keywords al/rubber based damping sheet, aluminium glass-cloth tape, aqueous damping paint, car acoustics & audio diy-kit, butyl rubber-based damping sheet, carbon felt-based sound absorbing material, Carbon-Combo, damping composite, dampimping composite, damping rubber pad, damping sheet, damping tape, electric insulating sheet, EPDM foam, fabricated noise proofing, laminated composite product, Melamine foam, melt-blown sound absorbing sheet, noise and sound absorption, Noise and vibration damping, noise barrier, reactive damping paint, resin-based damping sheet, rubber-based damping sheet, rubber-based damping tape, solutions for noise & vibration control, sound absorbing board, sound insulating, sound isolating,soundproof, special rubber, thermal insulating materials, vibration and shock absorption, vibration control, vibration damping, water-soluble damping paint, Web-Combo, websuler, wind noise insulation, windbar,windbreaker # About NAMYANG NOVITECH Co.,Ltd Namyang Novitech Co.,Ltd. was established in 1975 and symbol name is ��NYCO�� and major character name is ��ZERONY�� . NamyangNovitech Co.,Ltd. is a technology intensified small enterprise, whichmanufactures and supplies the best quality products of noise and vibration control materials as well as multi-functional high precision special rubber and foam products. # Main Products of NAMYANG NOVITECH Co.,Ltd 1. Resin-based damping Sheet ZERONY Sheet PS/EV/TP/DFT Seriesis a noise and vibration damping sheet made from resins blended with hard chemical resin of good mechanical and weatherproof property and with soft chemical resin of good vibration damping and sound insulatingefficiency and also compounded with high functional fillers and additives. Resin-based damping sheet is convenient for use as they may be processed with adhesive on either one side or both sides of sheets and accordingly time of application at working site is shorter. 2. AL/Rubber-based damping Sheet (BAL/BAL-F) ZERONY Sheet B Series is vibration damping materials made from the complex

  • Coated and laminated paper and board
  • Paper, coated, one side
  • Processed rubber...

Bitek Technology Inc.

Laser label cutter, portable laser cutter, desktop laser cutter, tabletop laser cutter, small laser cutter, laser die cutting, die cuttin machine, fast label cutter, laser label finisher, small laser label cutter, roll label laser cutter, digital knife die-cutter, digital knife del finisher #Company Introduction "We rate our success by your success using our cutting-edge technology." Bitek Technology Inc., which has printing technology skills accumulated during the last 20 years, are doing its best with pride as a leading-edge company in the label printing field, again today, aiming at growth andsuccess through the success of our corporate customers. We arealso providing suitable products to the market for variable small-runprinting by developing and manufacturing the digital-based colorlabel printing system, "anytron"", for the first time in Korea. It is an innovative label printing system used for many industrial applications. We are making a continuous effort as a Global printing solution innovator who can lead not only the domestic market but also the world market with a spirit of flexibility and adaptability in thepresent and future markets which are in constant flux. #Main Products Convenient Blade Die-cutter Convenient Digital Color Label Press A3 laser cutting machines Post processing equipment for small batch label printing #Catalogue # Youtube

  • Geolocation equipment
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags
  • Printers (computing)...


Manufacture & Export of -Mdf -Particle Board -Lpm -Uv -High glossy Board # Strength of Daeyoung Plywood Company - Located in Incheon, South Korea, Daeyoung Plywood Co., Ltd was established in 1991. Daeyoung Plywood Co., Ltd, one of the largest companies in the0 years of experience. - Being one of the largest companies in the market enables us to benefit from the economies of scale, for example, our purchasing power, resulting in lower price per unit for our partners. - Using the P.B (particle board) and M.D.F (medium density fibreboard) that are made in South Korea, the quality of our raw materials is superior compared to others. - Our past experiences of foreign trades with Turkey, Mongolia, and Russia allow us to bring high satisfaction towards our partners when dealing with the processes of packing and shipment. - Our aim is to produce high quality goods for sinks and furniture in various designs, colors, and patterns. #Quality and Certifications - We keep our quality high by producing the goods with P.B and M.D.F which are made in Korea. - Mainly used P.B and M.D.F belong to E1 and E0 grade. #Price competitiveness - As one of the biggest manufacturer in the market in South Korea, we could purchase raw materials and produce our products relatively with lower costs compared to our competitors due to the economies of scale and purchasing power. - Many foreign companies are starting to import products from South Korea instead of products from China due to our high quality. This could be good evidence that our products are high quality and can compete with cheaper but lower quality from China.

  • Sawn wood
  • Boards, slats and strips, hardwood
  • Boards, slats and strips, softwood...
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