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Paper and board

South Korea

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printed pouch, premade pouch, laminated pouch, laminated rollstock, lid film, printed rollstock, retort pouch, flat bottom pouch, ...

Outriger Corporation

We (OUTRIGER) are authorized exporting company of Fishing Line manufacturer, POLYNIX Co., Ltd. We are supplying various Fishing Line (...


We are exporting more than 20 categoire of adhesive tapes to the whole world market. We are committed to the production of gaffer ...

Cheongsua Co., Ltd.

Wet Wipes, Wipes, baby Wipes , Tissue, Baby products, Infant, disposable# Main products : Wet Wipes1) I WISH ( BASIC )2) I WISH ( ...

CHEM-CO Co., Ltd.

CHEM-CO is a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape manufacturer in Korea. CHEM-CO produces world's top performance PSA tapes, ...


Kyungil Packaging

Bakery Packaging, Cafe Packaging, Restaurant Packaging, Cake Box, Cake Packaging, Shopping Bag for cafes or bakeries, Dessert ...

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About 550 South Korea companies’ information has been registered in the Paper, Printing, Publishing category of Kompass worldwide database. Among those above, this sector is all about Paper and board business which represents large activity contents within our database. You can get not only company’s summary information but detailed info such as contacts, products, catalogues, etc of Paper and board industries you are looking for.