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One Touch Fitting, Precision parts, Insert Nut, bushing, Shaft&Bolt, Hydraulic Fitting, CNG Bi-Fuel System, Tube Fittng CNG/LPG Bi-Fuel System, CNG/LPG Conversion Kit, Aftermarket Car part # Main Products 1) One Touch Fitting 2) Hydraulic fitting 3) CNG Bi-Fuel System CNG/LPG Bi-Fuel Injector Kit ( The injector consists of hose type and rail type) Fuel Filter (a device that filters impurities and water) Bi-Fuel ECU(GDI, FSI, SIDI, ECO Boost) (The ECU controls the injector injection time) # About DONG BANG TECH CO.,LTD. Try our best for quality control and customers. Dong Bang Tech does its best to satisfy customers by placing priority on them and providing the best quality. Dong Bang Tech specializing in producing automotive precision parts was established in 1982 and has developed as a reliable manufacturer. It's success cam be attributed to our customers. Therefore, we take reliability as the most important business value. We would like to become a reliable company in the quality, price and delivery of our products that customers can trust and to realize it, we lavish money on introducing a advanced process. Additionally, in order to meet social demands for responsibility, we have established our own ethical standard so that environment, safety and human rights come first in our devising business policies, in the future, all employees will be together to deliver our efforts to customers first based on the trust earned from our customers. We wish for your continuous interest in and support of us. Thank you. Dong Bang Tech CEO Kim Dong Jo # Catalogue

  • Hydraulic hose and tube fittings, metal
  • Motor vehicle transmission parts and spare parts...

ruso inc.

ruso inc.

#Keyword ABS plastic wholesales. ABS plastic recycling, Flame retardant plastic, Plastic raw material manufacturers, Recycled plastic products, Plastic raw material, Engineering plastic parts #Company Introduction 1. VALUE ruso inc. focus on economic feasibility and represent ability ; the basic value of plastic material. ruso inc. respect our customer’s value enable them actualize their goal with plastic, thus we put our purpose on sustainable technology development, process development and cost reduction. ruso & our customers are partners actualize the possibility of plastic. “More than a substance, plastic is the very idea of its infinite transformation ; As its everyday name indicates, it is ubiquity made visible.” Roland Barthes [Mythologies] 2. MISSION ?PLASTICS, PLUX, FIAT LUX Like the etymology of the word 'PLASTIC' meaning made out of In plastic-based industries that can create dynamic possibilities. FLUX, through constant changes, redefines ourselves to create an end Communicate with the world through fluid flow. FIAT LUX, a company that helps the world as light through its product embodies the potential 3. PURPOSE Economics, cost reduction, Recycled material, Process technology development Expressibility, Customer’s implementation value, Chemical Technology development The main reason for using plastic is because it is more competitive in price than metal materials. It ‘s also easy to process and can expect excellent properties at lower cost. Fierce competition among companies is pushing for more economic benefits than inherent in plastic materials. Ruso aims to reduce costs to generate profits for our customers. In order to secure competitive raw materials, we investigate the market and import from around the world. In particular, we are developing recycled plastic materials with uniform and stable properties through continuous research on recycled plastics which has larger cost savings. Ruso’s recycled plastics are widely used even to electronics and automotive industries with strict quality standards as well as household products and industrial goods. Ruso continues to invest in facilities and develop process technologies for efficient use of recycled plastics. The main reason for using plastic is that it has a wider range of transformation than metal materials. Excellent processibility of plastic brings your imagination into life. There is no limit to the expression of shapes and colors. Light and tough properties are reliable and have a bright future. Ruso is testing the limits of plastic in order to realize the value that customers will see in plastic. Because our expressive limits are our customer’s limits as well. We are continuing to do research and development on ; engineering plastic which requires extreme properties and the aesthetic nature of plastics. Starting in 2017 we also developed processing aids and impact modifiers. Through active technical exchanges with outside laboratories and communications with customers, ruso is creating plastic technologies can help our customers imagine. #Main Product - PC/ABS NH-FR PELLET - ABS PELLET #Strength 1. STABLE QUALITY: Our Excellent mixing system enable us maintain stable quality of our products 2. SUSTANABLE Q'TY: Through Various domestic & overseas channel, we try to provide enough quantity of products to our customers. 3. SATISFACTORY SOLUTION: Where there's our customer's demand, we improve products and solve problems together. enable us provide cost-effective quality products to our customers #Catalogue

  • Plastic products NES
  • Bottles and packaging tubes, plastic
  • Packaging tubes, plastic, transparent, for small metal and plastic parts...



#Company Introduction GNV CO.,LTD has invented electric floor heater, Ondol is Korean traditional heating system and is traditionally floor heater by fire and use to cook at the same time. Our innovation provides customer quality life at home as well as any inside area such as accommodations, public offices, church and etc. Furthermore, innovation prevents road freezing when it installs underfloor road. By comparison existing floor heaters, this innovation can be differentiated outlook, materials and performance. Specially, high temperature as 100~130 degree reaches within 10 minutes and strong durability with stainless steel appearance can be blocked cold damage or broken heaters in winter time, Also, floor heating gives users pleasant feeling therefore they may relax more comfortable. #Company Introduction DAEHO COOLER, we have been loved by our customers by manufacturing and providing the cooling water cooling equipments which are indispensable for all the areas ranging from cooling device for laboratory and experimental equipment to overall industries. Our company has devoted our best efforts and has studied ever with the mind to produce the best and the highest quality of cooling water cooling equipments. So, we have lots of experience for installation cases and excellent services in chiller market for over 20years. #Company Introduction It is Popping sound in the Kunzip barn that has been researching and developingrice puffs machine for 30 years. Wellbeing nutritional snacks with low-calorie for our family. It is easy to use with the development of new technology. (Easily removable and easy to clean.) It is a multi-functional rice snack machine that makes all rice and grains all over the world as snack. Even with the differ kinds of grains, you can easily make snacks with an automatic temerature controller. #Company Introduction Rinas Daesung Co., Ltd. is a Kitchen utensil specialized company that manufacturers and distributes products by Researching & Developing the ones that are fit to Korean Kitchen Culture. With managerial philosophy of " Pursing Quality with Top Priority". With such effort, Rinas products selected as an " Outstanding Item from Ministry of National Defense and and Public Procurement Service of Korean Government. We will make our best effort to become the global top company by upmost quality and leading revolution with new ideas.

  • Air heaters
  • Air heaters, electric
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Manufacture & Export of -Mdf -Particle Board -Lpm -Uv -High glossy Board # Strength of Daeyoung Plywood Company - Located in Incheon, South Korea, Daeyoung Plywood Co., Ltd was established in 1991. Daeyoung Plywood Co., Ltd, one of the largest companies in the0 years of experience. - Being one of the largest companies in the market enables us to benefit from the economies of scale, for example, our purchasing power, resulting in lower price per unit for our partners. - Using the P.B (particle board) and M.D.F (medium density fibreboard) that are made in South Korea, the quality of our raw materials is superior compared to others. - Our past experiences of foreign trades with Turkey, Mongolia, and Russia allow us to bring high satisfaction towards our partners when dealing with the processes of packing and shipment. - Our aim is to produce high quality goods for sinks and furniture in various designs, colors, and patterns. #Quality and Certifications - We keep our quality high by producing the goods with P.B and M.D.F which are made in Korea. - Mainly used P.B and M.D.F belong to E1 and E0 grade. #Price competitiveness - As one of the biggest manufacturer in the market in South Korea, we could purchase raw materials and produce our products relatively with lower costs compared to our competitors due to the economies of scale and purchasing power. - Many foreign companies are starting to import products from South Korea instead of products from China due to our high quality. This could be good evidence that our products are high quality and can compete with cheaper but lower quality from China.

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  • Boards, slats and strips, softwood...

LEEJIN Co., Ltd.

Introduction DPI's is aim to become the best in the world has not changed at all since the establishment of the company. Our know-how which has gained through the endless to development of the technology is put to manufacturing of Ocean Plants, LNG FITTINGS, Shipbuilding Parts, Strucutre of S The value of our company and ability as a partner has good Requtation for contribute to do business directly with Samsung, Deawoo,Hyundai,Han jin etc., the prominent shipbuiders. Also, Dongnam exports th United States, Japan, China(CCS), Canada(CSA), and Europe with strategicsinroads into foreign market. Taking off to the new era of Globalization to challenge into the future! Dongnam will take a step with you to open up a world in the 21st centruy's management as a specializedcorporate in the same business about 30 years with Customer lmpression. I Would like to ask guidance and encouragement from the customer for Dongnam,Ltd. to grow into the future. Tube, MultiCore, Rip Corded (RIP-CORD) MULTI CORE TUBE provides a cost-effective installation, comparing to single core tube and also useful to apply in narrow space. Multi-core tubes are generally used for pneumatic and hydraulic remoate control system, as well as measuring andmonitoring system. They need no maintenance and are extremely well protected against mechanical damage, abrasion and corrosion. One of this product's characteristic is a high tensile string called as��RIP CORD.�� It has an excellent elasticity and very useful when a worker rips PVC sheath up. The strongest point is to prevent a safety accident in the way that a sheath knife is not used when removing PVC sheath. Moreover it can save much man hours in operating for installation. The PVC sheath can be easily ripped up even at the narrow or any space. Manufacture & Export of Multi Core Tube,Cable Tray,PVC Cover,Cable Hanger,Condence Case,Hand Rail,LNG Carrier,Cable Binding Tape(Band Hoop & Buckle),LNG Fittings Manufacture & Export of 33101 / Building of Ships and Boats

  • Ribbons and tapes, textile
  • Bias tape and bindings
  • Pipes, tubes, ducts and hoses, plastic...

Ipec Co., Ltd.

Introduction over the years, IPEC High Preision, Inc has achieved remarkable growth as a manufacturer specializing in Industrial Machinery Parts and Mold Parts through continuous technological innovation, research & development, and strong personnel training. Moulding parts, Molds, Mold parts, Hot runner, Hot runner manufacturer, Hot runner maker,Hot Runner parts, Hot runner supplier, Industrial parts, Industrial spare parts, Industrial components, Precision Parts, Precision spare parts, Precision components, Precision molding parts, Precision molding spare parts, Precision molding components, Precision moulding parts, Precision moulding spare parts, Precision moulding components, Mechanical Parts, Mechanical spare parts, Mechanical components, Precision engineering spare parts, spare parts for molding , defence, machine, automobile, cellphone, Korea brand parts for molding, Automobile parts, Automobile spare parts, Automobile components : IPEC manufacture main parts for Molding machine and all kinds of spare parts which is consisted of Hot runner system. Moreover, we manage all process control in our own factory for industrial precision components as well as defence precision parts. (1) Mold parts : Ejector pin, Sleeve pins, Gate core, Screw core, Injector core, Square core, Piston, Pin bush, Unit, Taper core, Electrodes, Common electrodes, NC electrode, Screw electrode, Guide rail, Slide Block, Inner Block,Taper core, Guide bush & Pin (2) Hot Runner parts : Manifold, Nozzel and Nozzel cap, Sprue Bush and Sprue Bush cap, Tip guide valve pin, Spancer, Piston, Pin Guide Bush, Liner, Runner core, Valve pin, Updisk (3) Industrial parts : Balance Shaft , Diamond Wheel Shank,Expansion Tube, Valve, Bracket, Block, Guide, Hinge, Guide rail, Slide Block, Inner Block, Stopper, Robot Arm, Guide pin, Holder, Lever Manufacture & Export of Sleeve Pins,Ejector Pins

  • Components and accessories for precision measuring instruments
  • Components and accessories, thermometer
  • Plastic moulding equipment and machinery...

High Material Co.

Manufacture & Export of Carbide Rod Carbide Tip Carbide bonding Tappet Drill Endmill Micro Drill Dental Burr RTP Powder Thermal spray powder High Material Co. was established in 2006 through Research & Business Development with government investmein business is developing new material parts, and application. Based on patented technology of carbide bonding, we will be making our effort to find new materials, and develope new technology. Technology of Tungsten Carbide Bonding - Tunsgsten Carbide parts are used for the parts which need wear resistance widely in the industry. But because of high price, many users hesitate to use this material.HiMC's patented technology of carbide bonding enables them to apply tungsten carbide material, and lower the cost. - Many industrial parts need wear resistance, so tungsten carbide is being considered always. HiMC suggests carbide bonding technology to make it easily with less than half price. Mostly not all area of parts need wear resistance, only surface area needs wear resistance. So we suggest that small carbide disc or tip be bonded with steel body. In this way, the parts' wear resistance will be maintained, but the cost will be less than a half. New Material Development - We are studying new material development such as Tungsten carbide powder for thermal spay, and Carbon paper for fuel cell diffusion layer. Agglomerated & Sintered Powder is used for thermal spray, and only few companies make quality products. Using new method of sorting process, we can classify powders customers need with excellent bonding property. Carbon Paper is made of high purity carbon fiber. Carbon paper is used for fuel cell diffusion layer, insulation, filter, and underlining material during sintering process. As this material's market is expanding HiMC invested in the newest wet laid facilities. We expect the demand of high quality carbon paper will be more than 10times in 5years, and HiMC will be one of the main suppliers in the market.

  • Metal powders
  • Powder, tungsten carbide
  • Metallising services for metallic surfaces...


Manufacture & Export of # Company Introduction Welcome to Samheung Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. Thank you very much for your continuous cooperation and assistance. Since the establishment in 1987, Samheung Precision Machinary Co.,Ltd has participated in the manufacture of CNC machine tools andvelopment and meeting customer's needs. Now it is preparing the 21th centry with new corporate goal of becoming the best company in this field in national and inernational level. It has contributed to thenational export by assembling and exporting 30 fuselage frames of Boeing 747 annually. It is now focusing every energy on becoming the best world company with continuous investment on R&D. We would be your partner with endless efforts to meet your needs. #Keyword Splash Guard, Slide Cover, Chip Conveyor, turned parts, Metal, for machine tools # Strengths and characteristics We are working on the development of technology established R&D Center in Changwon Head Office, China Yantai has established a subsidiaryto supply the DNM515 Machine splash guard in China Doosan Infracore. Local procurement and delivery through China subsidiary A/S corresponding is possible. # Certification AS9100 (2004), ISO9001 (2007), SQA 2000 quality certification, INNO-BIZ Class A business (2012), Single PPM Quality Certification (2013) with the same quality and Export SME designation (2014), Family-Friendly Company (2014) employment excellent company (2014), parts and materials specialist (2015) has obtained the certification of such. Manufacture & Export of 33103 / Manufacture of Aircraft, Spacecraft and its Parts

  • Airport equipment
  • Conveyor belts, metal
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