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Size of Agriculture and Food Industry in South Korea
The agricultural production in 2008 was valued at 39.7 trillion won and the value added was worth 20.1 trillion won. The sales amount of the food industry in 2008 was about 120 trillon won and food manufacturing took up about 46% of that amount. The total amount of the food industry's value add was 35.5 trillion won, and of this amount, food manufacturing accounted for 58%. This indicates that food manufacturing has a higher added value ratio than the eating-out industry. Since the intermediate input ratio of agriculture is low compared to food manufacturing or the eating-out industry, its added value ratio is relatively high.

Kompass Business Directory
With over 1,500 South Korean companies registered in the Kompass B2B worldwide database, the food & agriculture sector represents medium activity sectors within our database. This family includes animal husbandry (not only cattle, goats, & poultry but also bees, silkworms and insects – which will soon become a key protein source), sea ​​or freshwater fishing, aquaculture, agriculture, horticulture and forestry with associated equipment - tractors, irrigation systems, sprayers, and all types of agricultural equipment – as well as the food and beverage sector , including organic products, and finally equipment for the food industry.