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PCC Corporation

PCC Corporation

# Keyword: health food, diet, dietary supplement, mask pack, functional food, natural mask pack, # Company Introduciton: PCCC is a health food manufacturing, distribution and export company that strengthens the body's immune system and promotes health. PCCC deals with reliable health product such as korean cactus natural moisture mask, pine nut extract and premium dietary supplement, produced in eco-friendly areas. # Main Product: 1.Rapha Peri Pine Plus. 2.korean cactus natural moisture mask. # Product Description: 1. Rapha Peri Pine Plus : RAPHA PERI PINE PLUS is a health functional food that contains the pine distillate concentrated oil which is vegetable natural component from pine needles. pine distillate concentrated oil protects brain cells and cranial nerves, purifies the blood and vessels, dismantles the foreignsubstances in narrow or blocked essels and facilitate the flow of blood. It also has functions of invigorating energy, enhancing immune system, creating cells and antioxidant effacement containing required nutrients. 2. korean cactus natural moisture mask : The strongvitality of Korean cactus that does not die at -20'c in cold weather.Put vitality into lifeless skin for healthy, beautiful face fromtoday. Manage your skin with Korean Cactus Natural Moisture Mask Pack! Abundance of active ingredients of Korean cactus will treat your skin. # Video: # Catalogue:

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Korea International Trade Association(KITA)

Service of The Korea International Trade Association(KITA) was established in1946 with the objective of advancing the Korean economy through trade, and is currently the largest business organization in Korea with over 71,000 member companies. Representing the interests of Korea's global traders, KITA serves a diverse range of roles including: providing hands-on support to trade companies, drawing trade cooperation from theprivate sector, formulating new trade strategies, nurturing trade professionals and building trade infrastructure. With a widely established network of 11 domestic offices and 8 overseas branches in major cities, KITA has consolidated its position as a leading business organization dedicated to assisting SMEs in gaining foreign market entry and has actively contributed towards Korea's recent achievement of 1 trillion dollars in trade volume. [Establishment] 105 pioneering traders launched KITA on July 31, 1946, and since its founding, the organization laid the foundation for economic growth by setting policy directionsin trade, as well as developing the national trade infrastructure. [Our Goal] KITA's goal is to contribute to the development of the national economy as a private economic organization through advocacy of the Korean trade industry's rights and interests, and thereby facilitating global trade. [Key Roles] - Propose suggestions and related policy improvements to the government for protecting the rights and interests of its member companies. - Develop new foreign markets and enhance private sector trade. - Organize world-class exhibitions.- Foster global trade professionals. - Conduct investigations andstudies for increasing national competitiveness. - Establish e-trade infrastructure and expand user base. [Looking Ahead] Since Korea's trade volume reached 1 billion dollars in 1967, the country has achieved remarkable economic growth over the past few decades, becoming the ninth country in the world in 2011 to attain a trillion-dollar trade volume. This signifies a new opportunity for Korea to raise its status in the global economic arena. To create a new paradigm fit for this new chapter in trade, KITA will make its utmost effort to lay the groundwork for future trade through maximizing Korea's status as an FTA hub, bolstering growth and strengthening support for the Korean trade industry. KITA assists in Korea's trade environment and infrastructure establishment with cooperation from various international organizations. - Based on public-private cooperation, KITA represents the Korean trade industry and supports the settlement of trade issues and disputes. The organization is a leader in advancing export strategies, trade systems and procedures. It also develops trade policies related to finance, foreign exchange, tax and duty rates. - KITA opens doors to markets abroad through close economic cooperation with major trading partners including the US, China, Japan and EU member countries. It also collaborates with the private sector for successful conclusion and utilization of FTAs. - KITA expands export opportunities for the Korean business community. The organization has ;signed business agreements with 180 foreign institutions and offers diverse trade opportunities through its partnership projects withgovernment agencies and private organizations around the world.

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Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)

Service of Korea Trade & Business, Korea Trade, How To Trade With Korea,Korea Overseas Market News, Trade Consulting Serivces,KOTRA Membership,Trade LibraryThe Korea Trade Corporation Promotion(KOTRA) was established in 1962 as a nonprofit trade prom-otion organization to encouragede.The central role of KOTRA has alway been that of directly encouraging trade between Korea and her foreign trading partners. This is the primary duty of the Trade Promotion and Exhibition Center.Departments in the center are divided according to function and are in charge of awide scope of activities, ranging from the dispatching of trade missions abroad tothe organizing of international exhibitions in Korea. Import/Export Promotion Business Consultation -Fairs & Exhibitions -PR & Publications -Trade Inquiry Services -Buyers Meeting Room -Overseas Trade Fairs -Domestic Exhibitions Publicity at Home and Abroad-Pulbications Main Activities Growing of new export conpanies -Branch-promotion project/Operation of a joint distribution center -Support for participation in exhibitions -Trade mission -Support for overseas business Trips Global corporation partnership business -Global partnering project -Korea Autoparts Plaza -ICT Roadshow -Global Engery PlazaCreation of new future markets and new business areas -The Korean Wave Hallyu marketing -Growing of overseas expansion-leading companies in the service industry -Support business ofr cultural contents introduction to foreign markets Growing of new export conpanies -Foreign maket research -Presentation meeting and consulting service for customersin foreign markets -Support for over seas investments Infrastructural support to strengthern the global competitiveness -KOTRA brandproject -Training program -Global personnel business Foreign Inverstment attraction -Adminstrative support for investment attraction -Assistance of investors' convenience -Dealing with difficulties of overseas companies

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In 2010, the country spent 7.6% of its GDP on all levels of education – significantly more than the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) average of 6.3%. The country has fostered an education system that helped transform the country and rapidly grow its economy over the past 60 years.South Korea’s zeal for education and its students’ desires to get into a prestigious university is one of the highest in the world, as the entrance into a top tier higher educational institution leads to a prestigious, secure and well-paid job with the government, banks, a major South Korean business conglomerate such as Samsung or LG Electronics.With incredible pressure on high school students to secure places at the nation’s best universities, its institutional reputation and alumni networks are strong predictors of future job and career prospects. The top three universities in South Korea, often referred to as "SKY", are Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University.Competition for top marks and studying hard to be the top student is deeply ingrained in the psyche of South Korean students at a young age.

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With over 100 South Korean companies registered in the Kompass B2B worldwide database, the Education, Training & Organisations sector represents one of the smallest activity sectors within our database. This family includes school, universites, associations, social servies, etc.