Civil engineering and building machinery and equipment

Civil engineering and building machinery and equipment

South Korea

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#KeywordExploration Drilling Products, Impregnated diamond core bit, Reaming shells, Drill rods, Core barrels, Mining, Drilling, ...

Daeyoung Electronics

AIR, HUMIDIFIER, WASHER, CLEAN, DUST, PURIFIER, WATER, FILTER, HEPA. hydrogen water, skin care, best air purifier, cool mist ...

Hyundai Minuteness Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export ofRecoil Spring, Idler Assembly, Cylinder, Recoil Spring Assembly # Company Name Hyundai Minuteness (HDM) has a ...

ConRepair Co.,Ltd.

#Keyword High Pressure Grouting Injection pump, Injection packer10x60mm, Injection packer 10x100mm, Syringe Injector, Grease gun ...


#Keyword VOLVO excavator parts, Doosan excavator parts, Hyundai excavator parts, Travel devices for mini excavators, Undercarriage ...


Sink, Drain fitting, Kitchen Sink Drain fittings, Kitchen Sink Drain kit, sink drain, sink pluming # Main producsts 1)LayonSink (SS ...


#Keyword Heavy Equipment, Aerial Patform, Folk Lift, Bridge Inspection Equipment, Truck Mounted Crane

Caho Korea. Co., Ltd

CAHO Korea is developing and manufacturing of both cooling modules and industrial cooling fans for specialized and heavy duty ...

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