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Asiance Korea Co., Ltd.

Asiance is the first Brandtech partner in Asia. Brandtech is an advanced model of Digital Agency based in Seoul and Tokyo. We provide innovative digital transformation and experience services for end-to-end journeys by fusing technology with creativity. Having experience in the Asian digital marketing industry for 15 years now, we have worked with over 350 clients. We work in partnership with business leaders of the future and world-renowned brands to bring out their best potential and value in the digital world and make a positive impact on the world. Brandtech encompasses various technologies that brands and businesses need to equip, to stay successful in the complex modern environment, the 4th industrial revolution, and the era of AI. As a cross-cultural company, we work in English, French, Korean, and Japanese. Our clients can, therefore, rest assured that their projects will not be affected by language and culture barriers. Moreover, our expertise and insights on Asia’s markets allow us to communicate effectively with both the headquarters and local branches of our global clients, to meet their goals and objectives. With over 46 awards under our belt, we come from many different backgrounds and specialties. Our multicultural team of over 60 digital experts working together to come up with fresh and creative ideas for our clients and partners worldwide. Asiance is welcoming global-minded digital specialists to join our team and continue trendsetting the digital landscape in Asia. PARTNERS - We are an official partner of Kakao, Naver, Salesforce, Adobe, Nabla, Google - We also partner with many local technology players - We offer combined services for the messaging platforms in Kakao (Korea), Line, Wechat RECENT AWARDS 2 Silver Awards in 2019 at the Campaign Asia 'Korea Best Digital Agency of the Year' and 'Korea/Japan Independent Agency of the Year' 4 Gold "Web Award Korea" in 2018 by KIPFA (Korea Internet Professional Association)

  • Internet services
  • Social media
  • Software, coding and programming...

Miottica Korea Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of Manufacturing: (1)MIO FIRENDS FROGI-Nano silver contact lens case CATTI-Nano silver contact lens case MONKEE-Nano silver contact lens caseDOGI- Nano silver Contact lens case (2)IPOOL-Contact lens auto cleaner (3)Happy n co care kit-contact lens care kit for soft (4)Contact lenser contact lens case CATTI-Nano silver contact lens case MONKEE-Nano silver contact lens case DOGI- Nano silver Contact lens case (2)IPOOL-Contact lens auto cleaner (3)Happy n co care kit-contact lens care kitfor soft Wished. key words: Contact lens case, contact lens, Nanosilver, Contact lens auto cleaner, MPS, Lens solution. Discription: (1) Mio friends: Mio friends are made by contact lens case. Mio friends havekinds product. Frogi is Frog shape lens case, So Monkee is Monkey andCatti is cat. Also Dogi is Dog shape lens case. -Feature: The each case has each side story and they have good function as contact lens case. These products have an antibacterial function because these were added Ag (silver particle). (2) IPOOL: This is Contact lens auto When the cleaning process finished, you can go to out side to get only the lens case. So customer is free from contact lens clean process. Generally, when cleaning the lens, customers always have to wash lens by fingers by them selves. But, this one washes the lens by powerful vibration. So you Cleaning time is over for 2 ~3 minutes. (3) Happy n co lens care kit These products composed 1 anti bacterial case, 1 Tweezers, 1 solution bottle and compact case. So customer can clean the lens everywhere. Also, all of the happy n co design comes from Happy House, Australia. So it is very popular between teenagers in Asia area and USA. Ithas five types design. Our main items are loved by every customer because these have very unique design and function.

  • Parapharmaceutical preparations
  • Solutions, contact lens cleaning
  • Contact lenses...
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