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Metal constructions for the building industry
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Yongin Promising SMEs

Yongin Promising SMEs

Are you looking for Reliable Best Quality K-Products? There are many innovative and excellent products that are comparable to those of global companies. # Detailed Information [1] BrainU Co., Ltd. | Medical Device [2] SANGKONGYANGHANG CO., LTD. | KF94 Face Mask [3] ElsisKorea | Health Functional Food [4] Joatech | Mobile Screen Protector [5] Halang Co.,Ltd | Beauty & Personal Care [6] ZARI | Table Mat/Place Mat [7] ATECH Co., Ltd | Air Purifier [8] bokshouse | All-in-one Liquid Soap [9] Plastikos | Skin Care Products [10] S&G BIOTECH INC. | Premium Air Pollution Mask [11] DAEHAN FLEXIBLE DUCT HOSE CO., LTD. | Flexible Hose [12] Nanocrystal Co., Ltd. | Dispersion [13] MAMAFOREST CO. | Natural Kitchen Detergent [14] AAT | Telescopic Mast [15] NOVATRON CO. | High-resolution Audio Player [16] Pairgreen Inc. | Makeup Cosmetics [17] SAMSUNG NECO CO. | Textile Sample Cutting Machine [18] JHNMICROTEC | Permanent Makeup Pigment [19] B.S.Corporation | Energy Drink [20] NTBASE CO., LTD | Pure Nano Powder [21] GAONNANOTECH CO., LTD. | Professional Filtration Mask [22] DOBE COMPUTING Co,.Ltd | Micro Data Center [23] SUNGUARD OPTICAL CO., LTD. | Polarized sunglasses [24] ACE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. | Vacuum Cleaner [25] BLUEQQ CO. | Premium Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer [26] COCODOR CO., LTD. | Home Fragrance, Diffusers & Candles [27] INP CORP. | Industrial-use Heater [28] JAE KYUNG ELI CO., LTD. | Infrared Heat Lamp [29] CHOWIS CO., LTD. | Skin & Hair Analyzer [30] KORMEL KOREA | Melamine Tableware [31] APS TECH CO., LTD. | Water Purifier & Dispenser [32] BACKSAN LNT CO., LTD. | LED Lighting [33] ALPHADISPLAYTECH | Smartphone Enhanced Glass Film [34] HAPPY APPLE INC. | Apple Juice [35] FREE BIO CO., LTD. | Bio Liquid Wallpaper Paints [36] GRIPIN Inc. | Grip Belt Smartphone Case [37] HEALTHNURI COMPANY | Medical Device & Health Goods Please contact us if you have any questions or interesting products. To purchase a sample, please click on the link below.

  • Protective helmets, masks, eye shields and glasses
  • Eye shields and masks
  • Face masks and shields, protective, industrial...



Door Lock, Door Knob, Doorknobs, Door handle, Door lever, Door hardware, Hinge, Door security , Door-lock (Integral Lock, Interior Tubular Lever Lock, Cylindrical Knob Lock, Mortise lock, Stainless Steel Product, Door H/W, Dedicated lock, Digital Lock) # Company Information Founded in April 2007, YESKOREA Co., Ltd is the manufacturer having the nation’s systematic production facilities among the same field. Based on those production lines, we have been having the market share of high selling in domestic market. We had developed the variety door locks firstly in the domestic same field and selling them. Besides, we offer the residential and commercial hardware with the optimal solution considering the convenience and the safety for users.We always do our best to be the global leading company with the futuristic challenge spirit, the frontier spirit and the continuous effort. We have a total of 65 domestic and foreign intellectual property rights for door locks through steady technology research and development. We acquired the patent of lever-type door lock for the first time in Korea and increased sales by 14% annual growth rate. We are exporting to the Vietnamese market now. # Main Products : Tubular lock, Cylindrical lock(Lever & Knob), Mortise lock - 1. Technology By having an R&D center, we can develop products that customer needs. The history is short, but we are showing strength in the same field by technological and development skills. - 2. Various product lines We have various product lines due to continuous design development. # Catalog Link # Video:

  • Metal components and fittings for gates, doors, windows, skylights, shutters, blinds and awnings
  • Doorknobs and handles, metal
  • Components and accessories for locks and latches...



#Keyword Duct, Duct machine, Duct Material, Flexible, Flexible Duct, Flexible Hose, Flexible Duct Hose, AL foil, AL foil Flexible, AL Flexible Duct, AL Flexible Hose, AL Flexible Duct Hose, Aluminum, Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Foil Flexible, Band, Clamp, Spiral Duct, Clamp SUS Band, Spiral Duct #Company introduction Daehan Flexible Duct Hose Co.,ltd. Was established on 1st March, 1982, With our professional know-hows accumulated for more than 38 years, we are working under the working principle, Highest customer satisfaction through best quality. Our company is a promising minor enterprise where all employees are working as one to challenge the 21st century with the spirit of enterprise # Strength Dahan certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we are making the hardest effort to achieve quality management and eco-friendly management. As a minor enterprise with global technical competitive power, and certified with Inno-biz and venture business certification, we will strive our best as the core enterprise to lead the Korean economy in the future. Flexible Duct Hose of Daehan F&S uses high quality fabric, copper wire , steel wire and adhesives. it is manufactured by automatic equipment, resuting in high flexibility and resilience. Fabric,copper wire and steel wire are strongly bonded together, so there is no movement or shoving, making it convenient and free for construction. #Catalogue:

  • Hoses and tubes, flexible, metal
  • Ducting, flexible, metal
  • Heating and aeration equipment, metal...



#Keyword : Hydraulic breaker, Excabator, hammer, top box type, internal side type, skid loader, foot-operated valve #About AY HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD AY heavy Industries is growing to become the company continuous developing and challenging with know-hows from our professional engineers regarding the business ofHydraulic Breaker, Compactor, Crusher, etc. And also the company is hittachment, Skid steer loader attachment, Construction Machinery, Excavator Attachment, Skid steer loader attachment # Strength Easy Maintenance when it has a problem. We have a listed patent on this technologies as well as design registrations also. If there is a problem with the control valve, the hydraulic breaker is not working. The existing breaker should be moved to the factory and disassembled whole parts to change the control valve because it has the control valve in cylinder. when the breaker is being disassembled, there is a lot of oil leakage that is causative factor in decline of efficiency of excavator. However, AY hydraulic breaker doesn't have to be disassembled whole parts because the control valve is located in head cap and also can be changed the control valve on site only loosening the two bolts so there is no oil leakage. In conclusion, customer can save time and cost, the part's life is extended because minimized disassembling to change the control valve and it is prevented falling off in efficiency of excavator and hydraulic breaker. Stable support between power cell and bracket (have a patent with this technology) when the power cell and bracket join together, certain support system is needed between them. Because our support system is tapering shape, so it enable power cell and bracket to stick together solidly even if there is an error when producing. It can help to reduce noise, minimize the screw loosening by vibration and stable operation. # Youtube : # Certificate : CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 Certified.

  • Drilling and boring equipment for civil engineering
  • Rock breakers, hydraulic, civil engineering
  • Shovels, mechanical, for civil engineering and the building industry...


Manufacture & Export of Manufacturer of General Purpose Machinery #Company Introduction Since the company's start-up of 1967, Nara Samyang Reduction Gear has contributed to the country's industrial prosperities by localizing reduction gear's development and production, and has been leading the country's reduction gear market while expanding its business area to high-end products related to mechatronics, electric vehicle, and defense industries and acquiring the most local market share. Also, to provide customer impression over customer satisfaction, we will continuously promote such innovative activities as zero defect movement and compliance with delivery date so that the "Customer Impression DNA" can really be our nature, and we will grow to an infinitely Customer Impression company. #Main Product : Reducer (=reduction gear = geared motor = gearbox) [ Product Description ] MAX : Geared Motor Strong and compact series of reduction gear covering up to the output range of 0.2kW ~ 15kW and the reduction gear ratio range of 1/5 ~ 1/120. This is assembled on the basis of the latest technology and know-how, as each part is standardized, the lifetime is semipermanent and this product is economical. This outstanding product is supplied in a low price as all parts are produced by the mass production system. Super MAX : Geared Motor Compared to the previous reduction gears, vibration and noise is reduced significantly. Materials used for making gears are SCM 420 and SM45C. Also carburizing, high frequency heat treatmentand polishing are performed to improve precision. Due to spray lubrication, oil amount is reduced by 10% and installation inclination angleup to 20 is possible. MAX21 : Worm Reducer MAX21 : worm reduction gear has wide range of choices for power (0.2kW~75kW) and reduction gear ratio (1/10~1/3600), and having diverse product types including upper Type, Bottom Type, Vertical Type and 2Stage Type, it can satisfy diverse customer requirements. Also, this product ground precisely the worm tooth sides using profile grinder toimprove the gear contact efficiency. Screw Jack This is composed of high precision wormgear and trapezoid screw shaft, and this can prevent reversal at any location of a cycle. The reduction gear part adopts the grease lubrication as standard and realizes long lifetime in smooth motion. There are many optional functions such as cover protecting the screw shaft (Bellows), Hand Wheel and Trunion Base. [ Technical Details ] MAX : Geared Motor MainFeatures ?Small, medium-sized geared motors available in various types of horizontal, vertical and line power types ?;Helical gears are highly heat treated and polished for long life, low noise and high efficiency Super MAX : Geared Motor Main Features ?Optimized design : Simple, smooth and polished design ?Low Noise, Low Vibration, High Efficiency: Low noise, low vibration and high efficiency with optimized design usingproven program ?Variety of installation applications: Practical design that can accommodate various customer needs such as horizontal, vertical, hollow, flange type. MAX21 : Worm Reducer Main Features ?Newly upgraded design and production technology based on the equipment that invested heavily ?High precision, high efficiency, high rigidity ?Various shapes and sizes such as horizontal, horizontal, vertical Screw Jack Main Features ?High and low reduction gear ratio ?Revolution preventive key attached ?Shaft protection cover attached ?User selectable screw nut attached #Catalogue Product Detail : Usage :

  • Scaffolding and ladders, metal
  • Couplings, metal, for scaffolding
  • Couplings...

Kyungnam Metal Co. Ltd

Manufacture & Export of Aluminium extrusion, Fabrication of aluminium sash, Curtain walls, Frame profiles, Special aluminium industrial materials, Aluminium electronic parts, Aluminium automotive parts, Aluminium construction materials # About KYEONGNAM METAL The past 40 years that hashas contributed to the development of domestic aluminum extrusion business for the past 40 years, is making continuous efforts to become the foundation of the domestic aluminum industry. We promise to continueto work hard with our creative challenge spirit and with our will. Moving forward and forward as a leading maker of lightweightautomotive parts! KYUNG NAM METAL is expanding the area of lightweight parts business for automobiles based on know-how of auto parts manufacturing. Especially, we are expanding the business oflightweight automobile body (BIW) focused on Bumper Beam and are expanding the parts business utilizing next generation high strength and high ductile Crash Alloy which can guarantee the convenience and safetyof passengers. In addition, we supply Drawn Bar in advanced aluminum drawing line to the market for automobile Spool Valve, OCV and Brake Piston produced, renewing customer perception about Drawn Bar. To the world! To the world! KYUNG NAM METAL 's Roof Rack, which was supplied only to existing limited markets, has been exported to Japan, Europe and North America according to the demands of global automobile manufacturers, which let us expand its business worldwide and be reborn as a small but strong global company. KYUNG NAM METAL will expand the company's capabilities to the world thanks to the Roof Rack with new technology.

  • Iron and steel wire rod. Drawn steel wire, reinforcing steel
  • Wire rods, iron, drawn
  • Wire rods, steel...


Manufacture & Export of -Elevator -Lift -Control Panel 1) MRL Model : DS-F100 - Number of Floors: Up to 64 floors - Power: 3 Poles 130 V ~ 440 V - Frequency: 3 Hz ~ 60 Hz - Speed: 30 ~ 180 m/min - Operation Method: Rope Type - Detmunication (Distributed Control) - Floor Indication: Dot Matrix - Usage: For Passenger/For Freight - Realization of the best ride comfort without load cell - Distributed control system (CAN Communication) - The error-detecting function is provided - It is possible to record the troubles inelevator - It is possible to control up to 8 elevators at the same time - Fire service, private use and other functions are provided - Operator (loader) for main board (Micom) is provided -Use of static auto tuning 2) MR, MMR Model : SL7000 - Number of Floors: Up to 64 floors - Power:3 Poles 130 V ~ 440 V - Possible to apply low voltage motor to elevator - Frequency: 3 Hz ~ 60 Hz - Possible to apply low frequency motor to elevator - Speed: 30 ~ 180 m/min - Operation Method: Rope Type - Detecting Method: Encoder (500 ~ 4096 Pulse) - Communication: CAN Communication (Distributed Control) -Floor Indication: Dot Matrix - Usage: For Passenger - Realization of the best ride comfort without load cell - Distributed control system (CAN Communication) - The error-detecting function is provided - It is possible to record the troubles in elevator - It is possible to control up to 8 elevators at the same time - Fire service, private use and other functions are provided - Operator (loader) for main board (Micom) is provided - Use of static auto tuning - Short creep section 3) DS-POF (Rope Type / Freight) - Number of Floors: Up to 64 floors - Power: 3 Poles 130 V ~ 440 V - Frequency: 3 Hz ~ 60 Hz - Speed: 30 ~ 180 m/min - Operation Method: Rope Type - Detecting Method: Encoder (512 ~ 8192 Pulse) - Communication: CAN Communication (Distributed C

  • Lifts and elevators
  • Lifts, hydraulic
  • Electric cables, insulated, by use...


Introduction Our company, Dong Yang Cast Iron Co., Ltd. has contributed to the industrial development of Korea based on the accumulated technologies andcredits for 30 years. We have supplied not only automobile parts, heavy equipment parts, the rail fastening shoulders and baseplates de facilities such as coke oven doors, sinter pallets and etc., to the domestic and abroad markets. Our all employees will do our best to satisfy the customers' requirements for high quality, on time delivery, technical R&D and others, which are highly required today. Coke, Oven door, Leak Coke Oven Green Door is functioned as open-close equipment of coke oven in steel production plant. This Green Doors can minimize gas leak out of coke oven occurred in the process of coke production so that it can contribute to improvement of workingenvironment and ultimate Green Enviroment free harmful substances. Remarkable reduction of Gas Leak by upgrading airtightness capavility -The target range : Below 1% ( USA EPA : Environmental protection agency ) -The method of measurement : The inspector checks the number of oven door where gas leaks -working inspector��s aisle alongside of gas door and divide it by total number of oven doors. We have acqired our own unique techniques ofspecial welding, milling and polishing on sealing frame so that oven door can endure gas leak test up to 850mmAq -Oven door can prevent gas leak even at rapid increase of pressure in coke plant by keepingbest condition through seven step processes. -Achieve reduction of maintenance cost through simple operations. Manufacture & Export of Cast Iron,Plant Parts,Rail Fastening,Turn-out,Switches Manufacture & Export of 32403 / Cast of Metals

  • Natural gas production plant and equipment
  • Ovens, chamber, retort, for coal gas and coke production
  • Coking plant and equipment...
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