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Introduction We have been doing our best to protect customer's health and enrich their diet with seaweed since our foundation in 1968. Laver is thefood of 21C that contains various kinds of vitamins and mineralsthat world is keep eyes on. We are doing our best to make laver worldwa and Japan, etc. for the moment. "Myoungga Kim" is a leader andhas settled a reliable distribution system from production to consumption with the best quality and service. We have been trying our best to build reliable distributing structure by endeavoring for our consumers, producers, and fishermen without self-conceit. Although nature is becoming polluted, 'Myoungga Kim' will preserve our health, not only with pure traditional food but also with nutritious side dishes with much alkaline contents. Laver is the first and the last present from nature that are the most wonderful food. Laver, seaweed, nori,onigiri, sushi, nori : Laver For Export Dried Laver(For Domestic Demand) The 1St Gift-Set The 3Rd Gift-Set The 5Th Gift-Set The 7Th Gift-Set Lunch Gift-Set Laver Gift-Set Laver Gift-Set Small Laver F15-Laver For Kim-Bap O.E.M Ks7-Lunch Laver Ks8-Lunch Laver G8-Laver G11-Lunch Laver Brown Seaweeds Laver, seaweed, nori package : 3g x 8pack x 30bundle , CTN Measure : 510 x 345 x 310mm Min Quanititly : 100 CTN Ingredient : Wild Seaweed, Corn Oil, Salt, Sesame Oil package : 4.7g x 3pack x 24bundle, CTN Measure : 550 x 305 x 305mm Min Quanititly : 200 CTN Ingredient : Jae Rae Seaweed, Corn Oil, Salt, Sesame Oil package : 27g x 5pack x 10bundle, CTN Measure : 410 x 285 x280mm Min Quanititly : 50 CTN Ingredlent : Wild Seaweed, Corn Oil, Salt, Sesame Oil onigiri, sushi, nori package : 20g x 50pack , CTN Measure : 420 x 265 x 230mm Min Quanititly : 50 CTN Ingredlent : Seaweed Manufacture & Export of 31002 / Processing and Preserving of Fishes and Edible Seaweeds

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  • Seafood and shellfish, deep frozen
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# About SONGKANG GLC.,LTD We, Song-Kang GLC, very appreciate your valuable interest for our products. Song-Kang GLC has devoted itself with utmost efforts to be a trustable leader in supplyingequipment, tool and device in livestock field including ultra-sound ansince 1992. Now, Song-Kang GLC stands as one of the most outstanding brand names by our valuable customers and launched our items into global market. We promise our customers that we will provide our upgraded brand-new products to the market at an affordable price level in time continuously. Through this way, we believe that Song-Kang GLC can reward our valuable customers' supports. In order to develop and improve livestock industry in the world, we'll keep trying to innovate and upgrade our customer-friendly products. And continuous investment for improving high-end livestock devises will be our top priority in future as well as it has been so far. We will do our best to develop best quality products that contribute to livestock industry and to be the responsible, passionate global company rewarding your supports. # Main product [ animal pregnancy scanner and animal back fat thickness measuring device ] 1) Anyscan Premium 2) Anyscan BF # Youtube # Keyword Anyscan, ultrasonic scanner for animal, ultrasound scanner for pig, ultrasound pregnancy checker, animal pregnancy, swine, bovine, Back-fat scanner, back-fat checker, back-fat measurement, Ultrasound scanner, back fat scanner, pig pregnancy checker, lean meter, fat meter, pig back fat, animal pregnancy scanner, cattle pregnancy checker , sow back fat

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GSBC(Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center)

Korean Products [2015' Korean Products] 1_Ecoway Co.,Ltd_Waterless Urinals 2_ECORUN.CO_Chlorinated carbon fluorine recovery, playback devices 3_SAMJUNG Electric Co., Ltd._BATEC LED ceiling light fixture ILT 30W 4_WSI Corporation_Mobile Hospital Units 5_Eunchang BC_1mm-thWire rope 7_World Chem Co._Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 8_KISUNG INDUSTRIAL CO._COLORLOON FOAM-CLAY DINOSAUR 9_YOUNG JIN INDUSTRIES_SPEED RACK 10_BUJA.CO.LTD_cell return therapy mask 11_GoodFeelKorea Co.,Ltd._Eco-Friendly writing materials & stationery 12_Semisolution_CHANUN Black Box 13_Taeyoung Material & Filter CO., LTD._Airomate 14_Dawon Electronics_Solar Home System 15_RAMAN Co.,Ltd_Hot Sale KOREA Car Polish Wax 200g/pc (Car- Paste Wax) 16_D&D ELECTRONICS CO., LTD_Electrolyzed disinfectant generator 17_Garimi Co.,Ltd_JATGIM / Laver / Pine Nut 18_Won Industry Co._Air compressible massage system / Elastic Bandage Net 19_JANGIN INDUSTRIAL DIAMOND CO._Diamond tool for construction/stone (Diamond Core bit & segment, Diamond Saw Blade & segment, Diamond Cutter, Wire Saw, Polishing Pad) 20_YUHANHITEC CO.,LTD_ION PLASMA AIR-CURTAIN 21_ODHitec CO,. LTD_Transparent LCD Display Showcase 22_GTS GLOBAL_BALLOP SKIN-FIT LIGHTE SERIES V1 RAY PINK 23_DMCS_Motor controller 24_SUNKYUNG INDUSTRY CO.,LTD._Baby bottle sterilizer 25_Forus Electronics Co., Ltd._Smartphone Call Recorder 26_Hanyang Engineering Co., Ltd._No Noise Water Proof Safety Manhole Cover 27_The Palm Co., Ltd._automotive A/C compressor 28_DENTAL CARE CO..LTD._DENTAL TOOTHERUSH 29_BIT_HONEY Brush 30_PRIME ENERTEK CO.,LTD_Prime AGF6 31_DAESUNG IDS Co., Ltd._Elevator Control Panel 32_Home Care Co., Ltd._Vegetable Baby Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent 2.5L 33_KORSOA_the shampoo 350 34_GumYoung General.Co., Ltd._Elevator, Escalator, Rope Gripper 35_H K CO., Ltd._Ceramic health hot mat fomentation 36_FTLAB.,Ltd_Bluetooth LE Precision Voltage/Current meter with Data Logger 37_Roman Seals Asia Co., Ltd._Fastener Seals, Metal to Rubber Bonded Seals 38_Alpha Clean Technology Co., Ltd_CAST 39_AMT Engineering Co., Ltd._BOTOSONIC

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Hannaeum Inc

Manufacture & Export of *keywords:mosquito repellent band, pesticide, insecticide BUGSLOCK is a mosquito controlling product to repel mosquiotes with a 100% natural aroma. It is a creative and band shaped product, which prevents mosquitoes form approaching by wearing it on the wrist or ankle,where the item emit an aroma that the insect can't stand. As it is small in design and easy to carry, it is usable at any time, considered a very convenient product. Also, it is a safe product, which can be used even by infants,so,allage groups can used it because it is made of non-toxic substances. It is an elegant product with its various colors and refined desings,so,it can be used as a form of accessory for women and also fun children's wear item. About 2million people reportedly die of malaria each year.One of the main reasons for it includes the increase of the number of mosquitoes in a geometric progress because of the decay of the natural environment and the lengthening of the mosquito's life span due to global temperatures riging. We have been using many kinds of insecticides for the last several decades so that we may be protected from the mosquitoes'bite. It has,however,had the negative side effect of ruining the environment in the process. And it has produced a variant of mosquitoes'that carry new strains of disease. Under these circumstances,we have needed to develop some new products,which will not produce harmful side effects to both the environmen and humans,not to mention,they can set us free of the mosquitoes'bite.

  • Industrial cleaning machinery and equipment NES
  • Insect killers, ultraviolet (UV)
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