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Agriculture and forestry
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Yongin Promising SMEs

Yongin Promising SMEs

Are you looking for Reliable Best Quality K-Products? There are many innovative and excellent products that are comparable to those of global companies. # Detailed Information [1] BrainU Co., Ltd. | Medical Device [2] SANGKONGYANGHANG CO., LTD. | KF94 Face Mask [3] ElsisKorea | Health Functional Food [4] Joatech | Mobile Screen Protector [5] Halang Co.,Ltd | Beauty & Personal Care [6] ZARI | Table Mat/Place Mat [7] ATECH Co., Ltd | Air Purifier [8] bokshouse | All-in-one Liquid Soap [9] Plastikos | Skin Care Products [10] S&G BIOTECH INC. | Premium Air Pollution Mask [11] DAEHAN FLEXIBLE DUCT HOSE CO., LTD. | Flexible Hose [12] Nanocrystal Co., Ltd. | Dispersion [13] MAMAFOREST CO. | Natural Kitchen Detergent [14] AAT | Telescopic Mast [15] NOVATRON CO. | High-resolution Audio Player [16] Pairgreen Inc. | Makeup Cosmetics [17] SAMSUNG NECO CO. | Textile Sample Cutting Machine [18] JHNMICROTEC | Permanent Makeup Pigment [19] B.S.Corporation | Energy Drink [20] NTBASE CO., LTD | Pure Nano Powder [21] GAONNANOTECH CO., LTD. | Professional Filtration Mask [22] DOBE COMPUTING Co,.Ltd | Micro Data Center [23] SUNGUARD OPTICAL CO., LTD. | Polarized sunglasses [24] ACE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. | Vacuum Cleaner [25] BLUEQQ CO. | Premium Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer [26] COCODOR CO., LTD. | Home Fragrance, Diffusers & Candles [27] INP CORP. | Industrial-use Heater [28] JAE KYUNG ELI CO., LTD. | Infrared Heat Lamp [29] CHOWIS CO., LTD. | Skin & Hair Analyzer [30] KORMEL KOREA | Melamine Tableware [31] APS TECH CO., LTD. | Water Purifier & Dispenser [32] BACKSAN LNT CO., LTD. | LED Lighting [33] ALPHADISPLAYTECH | Smartphone Enhanced Glass Film [34] HAPPY APPLE INC. | Apple Juice [35] FREE BIO CO., LTD. | Bio Liquid Wallpaper Paints [36] GRIPIN Inc. | Grip Belt Smartphone Case [37] HEALTHNURI COMPANY | Medical Device & Health Goods Please contact us if you have any questions or interesting products. To purchase a sample, please click on the link below.

  • Protective helmets, masks, eye shields and glasses
  • Eye shields and masks
  • Face masks and shields, protective, industrial...


#Keyword Manufacturing Health Beverage, Fruit Juice, Aloe Drink,Tea Drink, Soy Bean Drink, Soda, Coffee Drink #Introduction OKF is a world leader premium beverage manufacturer, which produces approximately 750 types of drinks and export to 160 countries including America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In 1997, based on the outstanding technology, OKF Aloe Vera King, which is evaluated as the beginning and standard of aloe drink, was produced to target the world market. It is now leading the aloe drink market as world NO. 1 brand, occupying 76% of aloe drinks market share, and holding a patent in 180 countries. OKF has focused on penetration of foreign market share in the past 28 years. As a result, OKF products are now distributedin the major distribution channels (Costco, WALMART, Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Metro, Super Value, Kroger, ALDI, LIDL, Makro, ShopRite, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sam's Club, Walgreen, Kraft, Mercadona, SPAR, ASDA, Ahold, Loblaws, CVS, 7-Eleven, Drug Store, Groceries, U.S. Army PX) with 500 global partners in 160 countries. The OKF Multi Beverage Factory is located in Andong city, Gyeongbuk-do with theworld's highest level of technology in 99,000㎡ scale. It consists of 12 main lines and 7 sub lines with high-tech automatic equipment system which is capable of producing more than 8 million bottles(approximately 200 containers) a day, 3 billion bottles an year(expected economic value; 1 billion US dollars). All exportation products are complying with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulations. The principal OKF's certifications are IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000, ISO, GMP, HACCP, HALAL, USDA & NOP EU Organic Certi, GOST, Kosher, etc., which make OKF supply the products stably to the consumers worldwide and manufacture more trustful products. Now OKF Corporation is sparing no effort to produce and develop whatever customers want as theinternationally recognized corporation for devoting its heart and soul to produce premium healthy beverages.

  • Fruit juices
  • Fruit drinks
  • Lemonade, carbonated and soft drinks, non-alcoholic...


Manufacture & Export of #Company Introduction We develop our solutions not only for those around us, but also for ourselves. Our ongoing research and technology development project on natural raw material are dedicated to enhance wellbeing of everyone around the globe, for everyone's sake. Eco-friendly Agriculture: develop and provide innovative and ecologically sustainable agricultural solutions. With our mission and moral obligation to improve agricultural productivity to meet global food deficiency, MR INNOVATION plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and clean eco-friendly agricultural solution. We offer natural alternatives which are of a premium quality to guarantee a future for both present and next generations. Our advance research and development team has been studying various plant nutrients and environmental recovery. With integrity and ingenuity which rules our actions, we provide professional agricultural consulting solutions. Beauty & Health: Our goal is to achieve efficacy and health goals for your skin and body. Our professional skin care experts provide excellence you can trust and rely on. It is our priority to meet our client��s needs, and we deliver outstanding solutions which blends for customers�� changing requirements. MRINNOVATION promises to deliver client��s needs and clean environment through responsibility management and precision management. #Main Products 1. HOO:E PEEL 2. HOO:E 3. THE MASK OF ZORRO C 4. MELTING EYE 5. GOODLINE ME 6. THE SERA. B 7. THESERA.L High tension ampoule 8. THE SERA. Sunscreen 9. THE SERA. Sunscreen # Homepage

  • Agricultural production processes
  • Vegetative propagation and plant breeding services
  • Fertiliser production plant and equipment...

seowon co. ltd

Manufacture & Export of # Company Introduction During the past 30 years, we have grown up No 1. Irrigation System provider in Korea and have dedicated ourselves to developing and manufacturing the qualified agricultural and commercial irrigation products. Now, as a reliable manufacturer and cnd name - SilverDrip, GreenDrip & GoldenDrip(Drip Irrigation Tape), GoldenTree(multi purpose of plastic water disc filter), Koasis(Automatic fertigation System), GoldenSpray(Spray Watering Hose), GoldenLayflat(Layflat Hose) and various irrigation products and HD/LDPE pipes. For customer's satisfaction on service and product quality which we are providing, we have obtained certificates of ISO 9001 on quality assurance and qualified management system, so our products have been designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with our strict specifications. We certainly believe that our qualified management and production systems can provide superior products and best service for our valuable customers. Our main business itemsare as follows, SilverDrip (Linear type drip tape) Green Drip Tape, Golden Drip Tape, Super Drip Tape (Emitter type drip tape) Layflat Hose (PVC and EVA) Spray watering Hose Automatic Fertigation System Related fittings Greenhouse products Manufacture & Export of 64201 / Site Preparation and Special Trade Construction for Civil Engineering and Buildings

  • Buying and commission agents
  • Buying agents, agricultural products
  • Central purchasing organisations...


Introduction We have been doing our best to protect customer's health and enrich their diet with seaweed since our foundation in 1968. Laver is thefood of 21C that contains various kinds of vitamins and mineralsthat world is keep eyes on. We are doing our best to make laver worldwa and Japan, etc. for the moment. "Myoungga Kim" is a leader andhas settled a reliable distribution system from production to consumption with the best quality and service. We have been trying our best to build reliable distributing structure by endeavoring for our consumers, producers, and fishermen without self-conceit. Although nature is becoming polluted, 'Myoungga Kim' will preserve our health, not only with pure traditional food but also with nutritious side dishes with much alkaline contents. Laver is the first and the last present from nature that are the most wonderful food. Laver, seaweed, nori,onigiri, sushi, nori : Laver For Export Dried Laver(For Domestic Demand) The 1St Gift-Set The 3Rd Gift-Set The 5Th Gift-Set The 7Th Gift-Set Lunch Gift-Set Laver Gift-Set Laver Gift-Set Small Laver F15-Laver For Kim-Bap O.E.M Ks7-Lunch Laver Ks8-Lunch Laver G8-Laver G11-Lunch Laver Brown Seaweeds Laver, seaweed, nori package : 3g x 8pack x 30bundle , CTN Measure : 510 x 345 x 310mm Min Quanititly : 100 CTN Ingredient : Wild Seaweed, Corn Oil, Salt, Sesame Oil package : 4.7g x 3pack x 24bundle, CTN Measure : 550 x 305 x 305mm Min Quanititly : 200 CTN Ingredient : Jae Rae Seaweed, Corn Oil, Salt, Sesame Oil package : 27g x 5pack x 10bundle, CTN Measure : 410 x 285 x280mm Min Quanititly : 50 CTN Ingredlent : Wild Seaweed, Corn Oil, Salt, Sesame Oil onigiri, sushi, nori package : 20g x 50pack , CTN Measure : 420 x 265 x 230mm Min Quanititly : 50 CTN Ingredlent : Seaweed Manufacture & Export of 31002 / Processing and Preserving of Fishes and Edible Seaweeds

  • Meat and fish, deep frozen
  • Seafood and shellfish, deep frozen
  • Fish, canned, bottled and otherwise packaged...


Manufacture & Export of Yurim has made uncompromising devotions for producing a proprietary and safe blend of herbal nutrients to enhance overall health, vitality,and energy of customers and standing out as a tea-market guru and we now finally comes to offer our exclusive line of natural herbal t by combining two chinese characters respectively meaning nature (; for "JaYeon") and love(; for "Ae"), represents Yurim's philosophy to make a dream place for perfect coexistence of human & nature. ; Yurim which exactly identifies orientation of every plant in accordance with herbology to manufacture and offer the superb medicinal herbs has finally developed a perfect line of herbal teas, "refreshing tea", "smart tea", "energizing tea", "strong tea", "simple tea", and ��happy tea" from traditional oriental medicinal herbs for helping customers enjoy more happy and healthy life. Enjoy your best life with JaYeonAe made by nature. [Refreshing tea]-Time for refreshing you Helping kids feel free from tests stress! For centuries, people have enjoyed the amazing effects of pepperminthelping your stuffed nose and throat cleared. The refreshing tea is made by blending natural herbs such as peppermint, cnidium officinale, and schizonepeta tenuifolia and specifically benefit customers by making feel refreshed and mentally purified with its savory flavor. There are some reports proving peppermint, cnidium officinale, and schizonepeta tenuifolia are highly effective in curing allergic rhinitis,ozena, and other nasal diseases. Nasal clearing leads even to clear mental performance. Ingredients; Cnidium officinale(Korea) 35%, Peppermint (Korea) 35%, and Schizonepeta tenuifolia(Korea) 30%. [Smart tea] -Time for sharpening your wits * Improve your memory power and break free from daily distress. From long timeago, our ancestors have been told to have frequently used Seokchangpo(;�����/Grass-leaved sweet flag) to promote memory power and concentrating ability in preparations for high ranking public official tests. "Smart tea" contains Seokchangpo ingredients good for promoting memory power and Bekboksin(;������/hoelen) ingredient

  • Herbal and fruit teas
  • Herbal teas, blended
  • Tea...


# About SONGKANG GLC.,LTD We, Song-Kang GLC, very appreciate your valuable interest for our products. Song-Kang GLC has devoted itself with utmost efforts to be a trustable leader in supplyingequipment, tool and device in livestock field including ultra-sound ansince 1992. Now, Song-Kang GLC stands as one of the most outstanding brand names by our valuable customers and launched our items into global market. We promise our customers that we will provide our upgraded brand-new products to the market at an affordable price level in time continuously. Through this way, we believe that Song-Kang GLC can reward our valuable customers' supports. In order to develop and improve livestock industry in the world, we'll keep trying to innovate and upgrade our customer-friendly products. And continuous investment for improving high-end livestock devises will be our top priority in future as well as it has been so far. We will do our best to develop best quality products that contribute to livestock industry and to be the responsible, passionate global company rewarding your supports. # Main product [ animal pregnancy scanner and animal back fat thickness measuring device ] 1) Anyscan Premium 2) Anyscan BF # Youtube # Keyword Anyscan, ultrasonic scanner for animal, ultrasound scanner for pig, ultrasound pregnancy checker, animal pregnancy, swine, bovine, Back-fat scanner, back-fat checker, back-fat measurement, Ultrasound scanner, back fat scanner, pig pregnancy checker, lean meter, fat meter, pig back fat, animal pregnancy scanner, cattle pregnancy checker , sow back fat

  • Cattle
  • Cattle, breeding stock
  • Sheep, goats and pigs...
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