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Kai Media

Kai Media is a manufacturer of decoder, transcoder, encoder, UHD solution, video encoder, broadcasting market, innovative technology # Company information Kai-media currently focus on the development of the various types of broadcasting UHDioning broadcasting receiving solution in a variety of forms. Our corporation also putactive and substantial amounts of efforts on developing innovative technologies that the future broadcasting markets demands. Kai-media will always sincerely do our best in order to provide the greatest conditions of solutions at the proper time that our customers demands from us. # Main Products 1. ATSC 3.0 MMT/ROUTE Multiplexer : KMUX-A30 KMUX-A30 is the highly flexible and reliable ATSC3.0 multiplexer for use in ATSC 3.0 based terrestrial HD/UHD broadcasting. KMUX-A30 enables multiplexing of MPEG-2 TS streams and ATSC3.0MMT/ROUTE streams with broadcasting-specific signaling information. This technical device possess few following characteristics. 1) Real-time multiplexing of MPEG-2 TS streams and ATSC 3.0 MMT/ROUTEstreams 2) Multiple streams processing according to the numberof services 3) Signal input : MPEG-2 TS streams, ATSC 3.0 MMT/ROUTE streams 4) Signal output : ATSC 3.0 MMT/ROUTE streams, ALP 5) Inter-operating with signaling servers 6) Low delay time operation 7) User-friendly system operation setup and monitoring 2. 4K UHD Live Encoder : KME-U4K KME-U4Kis the high-performance and highly reliable 4K UHD live encoder. KME-U4K, developed on a server with a dedicated hardware, provides outstanding functionality as well as functional flexibility. Thistechnical device possess some following characteristics. 1) Real-time encoding up to 4K UHD and four FHD channels 2) HEVC(Main/Main10 profiles) video encoding 3) Dedicated hardware based video encoding 4) HDR color space support 5) MPEG-H audio encoding up to 10.2 channels or MPEG AAC audio encoding 6)MPEG-2 T

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