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Bitek Technology Inc.

Laser label cutter, portable laser cutter, desktop laser cutter, tabletop laser cutter, small laser cutter, laser die cutting, die cuttin machine, fast label cutter, laser label finisher, small laser label cutter, roll label laser cutter, digital knife die-cutter, digital knife del finisher #Company Introduction "We rate our success by your success using our cutting-edge technology." Bitek Technology Inc., which has printing technology skills accumulated during the last 20 years, are doing its best with pride as a leading-edge company in the label printing field, again today, aiming at growth andsuccess through the success of our corporate customers. We arealso providing suitable products to the market for variable small-runprinting by developing and manufacturing the digital-based colorlabel printing system, "anytron"", for the first time in Korea. It is an innovative label printing system used for many industrial applications. We are making a continuous effort as a Global printing solution innovator who can lead not only the domestic market but also the world market with a spirit of flexibility and adaptability in thepresent and future markets which are in constant flux. #Main Products Convenient Blade Die-cutter Convenient Digital Color Label Press A3 laser cutting machines Post processing equipment for small batch label printing #Catalogue # Youtube

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GCS Co.. Ltd.

#Keyword Homecare device, Home Aesthetic, Skincare, Easy to Use, Pramere, beauty, Plasma, Skin lifting, maskpack, EP, Microcurrent, Boosting, Body, face, Body Sliming, Ganafill, Plaxpot, Fibroblast, Whitening, Tightening, Rejuvenation, Anti Aging, Britening, Beauty device, Spa *Leaf : Fusion Plasma Arc, Electroporation, Micro-current,Smart update, skin care *Fatriot 180 : Body management device, Micro-current, Electroporation *SkinP: Automatic Derma Stamp, (MTS, Microneedle Therapy System), *Flore: DIY Hydro Gel Mask Pack Maker, Soothing, Cooling, Functionality #Company Introduction Based on Plasma technology and know-how of medical & Aesthetic devices and cosmetics, As a manufacturer, We. GCS CO.,LTD supply skin care devices and could meet the satisfaction of our clients worldwide. We try our best to improve your natural beauty with our technology. #Strength 1)Leaf: Plasma & Electroporation & Microcurrent technology, Smart Update function 2)Fatriot 180 : 3rd generation Electroporation & Microcurrnet technology, Skin lifting, increased skin absorbance. 3)Flore: high-efficacy hydrogel mask pack by adding personal effective materials 4)SkinP: Direct supply of active ingredients via micro passage, Micro pin stimulates skin, enhancing skins natural recovery, Cell regrowth induce its own collagen production, anti-aging, LED light of 660nm wavelength is effective for anti-aging, skin moist and elastic, Capillary expansion by promoting blood circulation, By improving scalp environment, increasing hair thickness and improving hair loss, Easy needle replacement for compatibility with both scalp and skin care #Video URL *Leaf : *Fatriot 180: *Flore: #Catalogue

  • Face care products
  • Cosmetic products and hygiene products NES
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#Keyword Automatic Banding Machine, Banding Machine, Semi Auto Strapping Machine, Paper Banding Machine, Film Banding Machine, Automatic Banding Machine for Banknotes #Company Introduction We began as an importer and distributor of for financial companies in 1983 and grew into a binding machine manufacturer since 1990. Starting with our cash binding &strapping machine we also began exporting our products. we continued to expand our portfolio and customers to include tray bands for semiconductor companies such as Samsung Electronics and Hynix, drug container bands for pharmaceutical companies, as well as various binding and strapping machines for different industries, food plants, and bills. Our products use ppbands, paper or film bands, depending on the place of use. We continue to tailor our products to our customers' needs. As the only manufacturer of small binding machines in Korea, we have been reducing dependency on imported products, while responding more quickly to our clients' needs, providing products at competitive prices, and expediently carrying out, customer service. We continue to strive to actively respond as a reliable partner as we keep up with the increasingly diversifying and sophisticated packaging industry #Strength * Banding machine for banknots. * Very powerful tension * No odor in binding * Paper banding machine * Compact desk machine #Video URL* Bindtec company information : BINDTEC is manufacturer of compact automatic banding & strapping machines * YL-200P - Automatic Banding Machine * YL-200NF - It is possible to bind hard small size products * YL-203 - Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine * YL-203S - Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine with Stand Table * YL-300 - With an automatic paper banding machine. - Bills and small boxes, 1+1 products, powders, business cards, gift certificates, and towels can be combined using paper or film bands. * YL-303B - Automatic Strapping Machine for 1,000bills * YL-300PM -YL-300PM binds the 1,000bills and documents, cards, checks, ticket and so on. -There is the press. * YL-303H - Automatic Strapping Machine * YL-303HII - Automatic Strapping Machine * YL-303R - Automatic Strapping Machine +Automatic Line * YL-420(50) - It uses paper band & film band (w)50mm to band * YL-420SAE - Automatic Banding Machine with I-Mark detection sensor #Catalogue

  • Bookbinding machinery and equipment, printing industry
  • Binding machines for exercise books, brochures and paper pads
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Jaepack Co., Ltd.

Case Erector,Case Former,Carton Sealer,Case Sealer, Packaging machine, conveyor, Korean case erector, Jaepack #COMPANY INTRODUCTION Jaepack founded in 1989 has designed and manufactured more improved and optimized packaging systems. We have been supplying the best quality packaging hardware and software to local and overseas companies with our own unique techniques. Jaepack has beensupplying all kinds of machines from single item to integrated packaging systems for many segments of manufacturing industries - beverage, packaged food, household goods, and many other products. Based on our motto such as creative plans for packaging, aggressive marketing and best service, our professional packaging engineers who have a fully experience suggest systematic and cost-effective packaging solutions and services. The each unit of products enhances the real benefits and value of stability because of ones assembled by modularized system. And these units are re-modularized and then they are completelyintegrated into the final stages through the packaging line that means one item could be easily connected with the other ones. The automatic packaging lines in consist of the connection of modules should be able to be flexibly interchangeable through another modular systems. As a leader of packaging industry, Jaepack promises that we will do our best in providing precise, reliable and cost efficiently packaging solutions and services to the customers. #MAIN PRODUCT: Case Erector - Automatic Packaging 1) Jaehami GB-30 -Available with Tape, Hot-melt or staple bottom sealing -Positivecase vacuum-less opening 2) Jaehami JH-300 -Availabel with Tape, Hot-melt or stable bottom sealing -Positive case vacuum-less opening -Air consumption: 30liters / cycle, 6bar 1/2" connection. -Positive Pin pick-up system 3) FLEXCON -It can be possible for straight, upward, curve with one motor. -We have module parts for this conveyor so we can easy take on all part. -It is possible up-ward & down-ward in less spare and we can apply spiral curve. 4) BUCHIMI-200 -Available with Tape, Hot-melt or Staple bottom sealing -Positive case vacuum-less opening #CATALOGUE: #VIDEO: -

  • Boxing and crating machinery and equipment
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GSBC(Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center)

Korean Products [2015' Korean Products] 1_Ecoway Co.,Ltd_Waterless Urinals 2_ECORUN.CO_Chlorinated carbon fluorine recovery, playback devices 3_SAMJUNG Electric Co., Ltd._BATEC LED ceiling light fixture ILT 30W 4_WSI Corporation_Mobile Hospital Units 5_Eunchang BC_1mm-thWire rope 7_World Chem Co._Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 8_KISUNG INDUSTRIAL CO._COLORLOON FOAM-CLAY DINOSAUR 9_YOUNG JIN INDUSTRIES_SPEED RACK 10_BUJA.CO.LTD_cell return therapy mask 11_GoodFeelKorea Co.,Ltd._Eco-Friendly writing materials & stationery 12_Semisolution_CHANUN Black Box 13_Taeyoung Material & Filter CO., LTD._Airomate 14_Dawon Electronics_Solar Home System 15_RAMAN Co.,Ltd_Hot Sale KOREA Car Polish Wax 200g/pc (Car- Paste Wax) 16_D&D ELECTRONICS CO., LTD_Electrolyzed disinfectant generator 17_Garimi Co.,Ltd_JATGIM / Laver / Pine Nut 18_Won Industry Co._Air compressible massage system / Elastic Bandage Net 19_JANGIN INDUSTRIAL DIAMOND CO._Diamond tool for construction/stone (Diamond Core bit & segment, Diamond Saw Blade & segment, Diamond Cutter, Wire Saw, Polishing Pad) 20_YUHANHITEC CO.,LTD_ION PLASMA AIR-CURTAIN 21_ODHitec CO,. LTD_Transparent LCD Display Showcase 22_GTS GLOBAL_BALLOP SKIN-FIT LIGHTE SERIES V1 RAY PINK 23_DMCS_Motor controller 24_SUNKYUNG INDUSTRY CO.,LTD._Baby bottle sterilizer 25_Forus Electronics Co., Ltd._Smartphone Call Recorder 26_Hanyang Engineering Co., Ltd._No Noise Water Proof Safety Manhole Cover 27_The Palm Co., Ltd._automotive A/C compressor 28_DENTAL CARE CO..LTD._DENTAL TOOTHERUSH 29_BIT_HONEY Brush 30_PRIME ENERTEK CO.,LTD_Prime AGF6 31_DAESUNG IDS Co., Ltd._Elevator Control Panel 32_Home Care Co., Ltd._Vegetable Baby Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent 2.5L 33_KORSOA_the shampoo 350 34_GumYoung General.Co., Ltd._Elevator, Escalator, Rope Gripper 35_H K CO., Ltd._Ceramic health hot mat fomentation 36_FTLAB.,Ltd_Bluetooth LE Precision Voltage/Current meter with Data Logger 37_Roman Seals Asia Co., Ltd._Fastener Seals, Metal to Rubber Bonded Seals 38_Alpha Clean Technology Co., Ltd_CAST 39_AMT Engineering Co., Ltd._BOTOSONIC

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Duad Co., Ltd.

Duad is trying to create a world with better toothbrushes to satisfy and impress our customers. Duad was established with a goal, to be the world's leading toothbrush company. We constantly put forth effort to be the leading brand in oral health care. Notonly national, but to be a global company we continuously reasearch and develope new functional toothbrushes for our consumers. "NICHE", our own private brand, is a leading brand of functional toothbrushes. Approaching our consumer with our products has had a very satisfactory outcome. We produce a wide range of products with excellent quality to move, and satisfy our consumers. We also aquired the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management certifications, and the environmental management certification. We were the first in Korea to successfully aquire our functional KONEX Slim Bristel patent, (Patent No. 0233303) and manufacture high quality toothbrushes thatis now the leading bristes in toothbrushes. With our advanced technology and superior quality, we export to 30 countries world wide. Our "NICHE" toothbrush is not just an industrial product, but a medicaldevice for one of the best products in oral care. Duad will put forth non-stop effort to make better toothbrushes for customer satisfaction through innovation, and constant research. TEL: +82-32-666-8028 FAX : +82-32-665-1715 Contact us :

  • Plastic products for surgical, orthopaedic and dental use
  • Components, plastic, for artificial teeth
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