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Environmental services, renewable energies
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UBS INC Co., Ltd.

UBS INC Co., Ltd.

moolmang filter, moolmang shower head, moolmang water purifier, moolmang water filter, vitafresh shower filter,anti-chlorine&chloramines shower filter,simple&attractive design shower filter,vitamin c shower filter,removes residual chlorine shower head,water treatment products,vitamin c infused shower water,remove fine pollutant shower head,high pressured shower head,vitamin dual shower filter, water filter, water filtration, water system, softener, water purifier, counter top, under sink, UF, RO, hot & cold water purifier, alkaline filter, mineral water, drinking water # Company Introduction UBS INC Co.,Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of shower heads, shower filters and water filters in Korea. Since the foundation in 2008, we striving for the development of water treatment products and with continued product development under our mission 'To Provide Ultimate Best Solutions for Wellness, Happiness, Better Water & Premium Filter', our Moolmang DOLKI Ceramic Ball passed on the test of FDA(USA) safety and it is widely applying to water treatment filed in the world. Also, Moolmang Vitafresh Shower Filter that registered apparatus and design patent featured on major medias and supplying to big hotel chain in USA. And, Moolmang Vitamax Deluxe Dual Shower Filter is the first Korean shower filter that certified for NSF/ANSI 177, NSF/ANSI 372 from NSF International. We are trying to do our best to serve you with patented and best quality products through strict quality management system of ISO:9001 and exporting to USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, UK, Italy, U.A.E, Australia, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Kazakhstan. # Strength OEM, QC, R&D(Registred Division), ISO9001, Good Service, Over 12 years know-how, Patents # Main products - Moolmang Vitafresh Shower Filter / Removes Chlorine / Universal / Vitamin C Infused Shower / Hotel Shower Filter - Moolmang Vitafresh Shower Head, Vitamin Shower, Removes Chlorine l remove fine pollutant shower head - Moolmang Pure Shower Head / Rust Removal / Limescale Removal / Water Saving / An Ions / Silky Spray / High Pressure l high pressured shower head - Moolmang Vitafresh Plus Shower Head, Vitamin Shower, Removes Chlorine l removes residual chlorine shower head - Moolmang Pure Plus Shower Head / Rust Removal / Limescale Removal / Water Saving / An Ions / Silky Spray / High Pressure l water treatment products - Moolmang Aqua System / 3 Stage UF Filter System / Quick Change Filter System / Booster Pump / Counter Top - Moolmang EZ Filter System / 3 or 4 Stage UF Filter System / Quick Change Filter System / Under Sink / Easy & Sanitary Filter Replacement / 1/4" Twist Open & Close Filter Cartridge / Easy to Install / Fresh & Healthy Mineral Water / Space Saving - Moolmang Alkaline Water System / 7 Stage UF Filter System / Alkaline Mineral Water / Counter Top / Under Sink - Moolmang Hot & Cold Water Purifier / 4 Stage UF or RO(80 GPD) Filter System / Elegant Front LED Light / Hygienic Water Cock / Hygienic Stainless Water Reservoir / Child Safety Lock (Hot Water) / Cold Water / Hot Water / Healthy Mineral Water / Color Design # Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JN6DK0Dxkk # Catalogue http://www.kompass.kr/img/catalogue/K020709_0887dac2d5.pdf

  • Water, sewage and industrial effluent treatment plant and equipment
  • Water filtration equipment, activated carbon
  • Sanitary ware, plastic...


Manufacture & Export of -fruit cleaner -vegetable cleaner -eco-friendly -cleaner -eco clean -antibacterial -cleaning agent Our company had developed a material including lots of stabledCa++ ion and minerals which were most effectively absorbed to the animness of this material aggressively. Eventually our company could produce stably and found various fields to be applied. As a result of suchefforts, a natural material was born, having a huge difference from existing calcium oxide liquid in a field of producing method and usage. This more economic, more effective, and more environmentally friendly new material is including highly concentrated calcium, which isionized and maximizes activity. Also, there is no doubt about its sovereign virtue applied in various fields. Especially it is extremely friendly to this environment that we are living today because raw materials are only from shells and seaweed of clean areas, and no chemical process is treated. Eco Clean(1.5g*20ea) / Eco Clean(250g) ECO CLEAN(An eco-friendly fruit&vegetable cleaner) advantage: - Removal effect for pollutants with excellent cleaning ability - Minuteness of cellular tissues of food improves taste and preservation through the ionized Ca++. - Its superior effect to remove food poisoning bacteria or remaining pesticides provides supply ofsafe food materials. - Even the persons with atopic allergy can safely eat the food washed with this calcium-based material not chemically treated or containing no chemical substance. - It maintains the original taste of food and keeps it fresh by removing harmful ingredients remaining on the surface of fruit/vegetable/fish and even extends the existing preservation period by delaying the deterioration. - When Eco Clean melts in water, it produces calcium ions and provides a strong (alkaline) cleaning ability, which removes bacteria, preservatives and even chemical ingredients as well as wax/ insecticides/pesticides harmful to the human body remaining on the surface of food materials.

  • Natural and chemically derived texture agents for food and beverages
  • Emulsifying agents for the food industry
  • Cleaning products and detergents, by use...

Hansung Precision Co., Ltd., HALS

Grease,oil,pump,lube,coolant,oil pump,grease pump,coolant pump,metering valve,flow unit, lubrication pump,volume pump,manual lubrication pump,oil supply pump,sequential distributor Progressive GreaseDistributorautomatic lubrication pump,automatic lubricator, centrialized lubrication pump,rotor pump,lubrication,cutting oil pump,lubricatior trocoid pump #Company Introduction Hansung Precision Co., Ltd.(known as the "HALS" brand) was established in 1985 and with afirst domestic company to produce an automatic lubrication pump and ahigh pressure precision lubrication system. We are currently manufacturing lubrication systems and coolant pump for machine tools, plasticinjection molding machines and other industrial machines. Our lubrication system for machine tools and plastic Injection molding machines account for more than 80% of the domestic market. Our another highly compatible and practical product is coolant pumps. It play central roles in machine tools. We have also developed and are producing rotor pumps and grease lubrication pumps that can be used not only in machine tools, but also in a wide range of industrial machines. We, HALS, will continue to strive in our efforts to produce the best productsnot only in the domestic market, but also in overseas markets. Hansung will be a reliable company with your future. #Main Products -Auto oil lubrication pump - Coolant pump - Grease pump - Rotor pump # Application Machine Tools ̵1; MCT,CNC, Cutting Machines, Milling, automatic lathe Industrial Machinery 211; Cleaner, Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Presses, Printing Machines, etc. #Catalogue http://halslube.com/en/halspdf/HALS_cataloge.pdf #Video http://halslube.com/en/HASL_EN.mp4

  • Metalworking machine tool ancillary equipment and accessories NES
  • Pumps for coolant and cutting oil, for machine tools, metalworking
  • Pumps, oil circulating, for drills, metalworking...

Donghae Industry Co.

Manufacture & Export of Oily waste water separator,Oil skimmer, Oil absorbent, Eps pack, EPS,IAF, DAF, CPI #About Since Donghae Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 1987, we have successfully developed and marketed ��EPS Oily Water Separators��, after obtaining patent and official reisterationy problems which existing oil water separator systems had, and further improved treatment efficiency. It is not only one of the most technically advanced oily water separator systems currenty available in theworld, but also the most competitive in price. We have supplied more than 1,500 units so far, and they have already won prestigious recognitions in international markets such as USA, Poland, Indio, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Papua-New Guinea. As Donghae Industry Co.,Ltd is a technology-oriented enterprise, we continue to acquire new patent and utility model rights through rigorous research and development activities. As a result, we obtained KT Mark (Excellent Korean New Technology Mark), and more than 17 commercial rights from Korean Government. We have also won ��Excellent Product Award�� from the Public Procurement Office of the ROK. #Products -Oily Water Separator EPS Oily Water Separator / EPS Type / CPI Type / IAF Type / Comparative Table -Oil Skimmer Belt Oil Skimmer / Floating Oil Skimmer / Scraping Oil Skimmer / PIPE Oil Skimmer / Comparative Table -Industries/Application Oil Absorbent / Soil Pollution / Car-wash / Wastewater / Stromwater Management -Stromwater Treatment -Stromwater Tank -Coalescing Media Pack Manufacture & Export of Oily Water Separator,Oil Skimmer,Oil Absorbent,Soil Pollution Preventive Equipment,Car Wsh Wastewater Treament Equipment

  • Toxic and chemical waste collection and recycling services
  • Recovery of oils and fats from effluent and waste water
  • Lubricating and oil purification equipment...


Manufacture & Export of *Keywords:Sludge, Level Meter, Flow meter, Sewage, Density Meter, Sludge Monitoring, Flow Meter, Transmitter, Level Management, Measuring instruments The ENV100 Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket Level Meter manufactured by WESS, utilizes enhanced ultrasonic technology to measg tanks and thickeners with superior accuracy and reliability. The instrument continuously provides the user with important information which includes numeric&graphic screens representing the distance to the blanket, an echo profile image to ensure correct configuration during commissioning and saved data analysis. The ENV200 is an ultrasonic instrument that measures the density of suspended solid in liquid. ENV200 with PCM(Process Condition Monitoring) algorithm measures not only the size of received signal, which is often measured by conventional ultrasonic density meters but also observes changes in sound velocity and temperatures in the process. As it monitors operational status and water status in pipe and then decides the validity of each measurement, it contributes to increasing stability and reliability of the measurement. The LEV100 ultrasonic level meter utilizes enhanced ultrasonic technology to measure liquid or solid level in various applications with superior accuracy and reliability. The instrument continuously provides the user with important information which includes numeric&graphic screens representing the distance to medium level, an echo profile image to ensure correct configuration during commissioning and saved data analysis. LEV100 series offer two types of controllers and various types of sensors to suit for most fieldrequirements. Its isolated electric design enable sfit-and-forget performance. The FLO200 ultrasonic open channel flow meter utilizes enhanced ultrasonic technology to measure a wide variety of openchannels with superior accuracy and reliability. The instrument continuously provides the user with important information which includes numeric & graphic screens representing the flow rate, total flow, level,an echo profile image to ensure correct configuration during field commissioning.FLO200 can apply to most flumes and weirs as well as non-st

  • Structural testing equipment
  • Vibration detectors, structure testing
  • Level measuring and control equipment for liquids...


Manufacture & Export of Air handling unit Air conditioner - Constant temperature and humidity controlled to appropriate space, and remove dirt in the air. Constants temperature and humidity chamber - High-precision temperature and humidity control equipment Aiworkers entering the clean room without time consuming and counterproductive decontamination delays. It is able to remove particles on the surface speedy and powerfully. Showering Pass Box - This type of Pass Box design consists of Interlocking system. HEPA filter, fan and roller conveyer(optional). Transportation of materials can be done by these units with maximum protection from contamination. ICR(INDUSTRIAL CLEAN ROOM) - For the 21st century's ICR, semi-conductor, precision machine, optical machine, magnet tape, film for photo, instant food manufacture & packing, special printing ICT require different clean class. It is necessary to organize control zone,semi-clean zone and clean zone in entire facility so that dust particles can't enter clean room, In the zone, air distribution should be prevented between spaces by allowing entrance through air shower or passbox and damper should be used to prevent back flow of air and maintain clean class effectively BCR(BIO CLEAN ROOM) - Pharmaceutical company, basic research laboratory, animal experiment facility, hospital operating room and meat processing facility should performmanufacture according to GMP about medicine manufacture and quality control (food hygiene). Further more, bio clean room facility is essential to meet GMP requirement for developiing medicine. GLP and animal experiment room - Animal experiment facility is the onefor nurturing, storing and experimenting animal so it should conform to GLP(Good Laboratory Practice)/ GLP is the standard to secure reliance of non-clinical toxic test to check safety of medicine. It is the regulation to systematically control all affairs related with test procedure such as test organization facility & device, test plan performance, test material & control material, test operation, report prepatration and storage. GMP - It is the standard to manufactur

  • Refrigeration plant and equipment, industrial
  • Air conditioners
  • Air conditioners, portable...
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