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ARTPQ Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of # Keywords mongni,sojungi,characterlicense,gift,stationery,intellectual property rights,childrens goo # About ARTPQ Co.,LTd. ARTPQ Co., Ltd. serves as a door of communication where Jeju��s culture and art me�p�� and ��q,�� which look like the Chinese character ��ڦ,�� which means ��door.�� We will enhances the value of our life by creating artistic activities for people to engage in. # Main Product of ARTPQ -.Title: I��m Mongni -.Target: 6~10 yr olds -.Genre: Situation Comedy Superstar Project with Mongni and Friends! Mongni is a little girl who lives in a fishing village on Mara Island. Although she is the heir to the family business, she left her comfortable life on the Island and set off to chaseher dream of becoming a celebrity. Mongni thought that she could be a star if she but goes to a broadcasting station, but she learned from "Bau", who was working as a part time job as a security guard there that she should go through an audition. Mongni participated in an audition and met "Moa" and "Yaro". Because of a number of failures from various auditions, she was about to going back home. However, she saw a trainee notice from Prince Entertainment Agency which is foundedby former teen pop star, "Prince". Coincidentally, Mongni is a big fan of him. There she met "Bau", "Moa" and "Yaro", again, and they all have the same dream. Can Mongni and her friends make their dreams come true?

Supplier of:

  • Baby foods
  • Semolina for children
  • Rusks for children...
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