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Manufacture & Export of #Introduction KOSTEC specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing medical imaging display monitors. Founded on ultrasound imaging technologies in 2006, Kostec has developed a variety of imaging technologies and display solutions required in various medical imuct lineup from small and large open-frame solutions to 5 megapixel medical monitors for digital mammography imaging. KOSTEC is an OEM/ODM manufacturer as well providing high-quality display solutions forglobal healthcare brands. Kostec is committed to providing high-quality service and technology for the global clients and partners andwill make devotional efforts for the growth of medical industry. #Main Products 1) Diagnostic Monitors Equipped with extremely high density LCD panel and innovative image controller rendering 14-bit DICOM LUT compliant 16,384-shades of grayscale, D213-Series guarantees radiologists diagnostic confidence with accurate andcrisp imaging performance. Powered up with the cutting-edge technologies such as sub-division uniformity technology(SUC) and image quality enhancement technology(IQE), the high-density and high-luminance LCD guarantees high-quality crisp images with consistency throughout the 5-year warranty time. 2) Surgical Monitors From the smallest 19-inch to the largest 80-inch, Kostec is assorted with the most comprehensive range of surgical display solution. With the combinationof the latest and highest display technologies and the wide connectivity including 3G-SDI and single-mode fiber optic interface, Kostec provides the most advanced and the most suitable display solutions for ORand surgical theatre integrators. The new lineup, including the latest and the highest-end surgical monitor KT-E260FBE. #Keyword Medical Grade LCD Monitor , Surgical Monitor , Mammography Monitor Manufacture & Export of 32605 / Manufacture of Electronic Video and Audio Equipment

  • Ultraviolet (UV), infrared and radiological equipment for biological and medical applications
  • X-ray equipment, medical, diagnostic
  • Production machinery for the electronics industry...
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