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Video routing switches
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Reputer Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of UCS-R100 UCS-R100 is a Layer2 Switching HUB that is installed ona point where a client machine is connected at the first stage.By an innovative network design reinforcing the point where a client machineis firstly connected. 3Com Vendor, 3Com Switch 8800 Family,00G Family, 3Com Switch 4500/4500G Family, 3Com Intellijack NJ2000 Terabit Switching for the Largest Enterprises The 3Com(c) Switch 8800 Family of intelligent, multilayer modular LAN switches is ideal for enterprise environments where non-stop availability of critical applications and the highest performance, security, and granular control are required. Wireless LAN, Controller-WX2000, FIT AP-AP2750, FIT AP-AP3850, FIT AP-AP3950, FIT AP-AP8750 As part of the 3Com(R) Wireless LAN Mobility System, the 3Com Wireless LAN Controller WX2200 with 3Com Wireless Switch Manager software centrally managesand controls 3Com wireless LAN Managed Access Points (MAPs) for thosenetworks demanding complex deployments, or with multiple offices or highly secure LAN requirements. Security, 3Com TippingPoint Switch-Like Performance, Network Infrastructure Protection, Client and Server Protection, ADVANCED DDoS Protection,Performance Protection Check Point, Power-1 Series, UTM-1 Series, IP AppliancesCheck Point Power-1TM appliances enable enable organizations to maximize security in high performance environments such as large campuses or data centers. IBM System immigration, Data Center Cooling, High Speed Networking, System Virtualization, Storage Virtualization Power control solution using TCP/IP -RS-232 of the existing TCP / IP-based alternative -Products that do not apply to standardized PLC control provides -For the detection of control over power usage -Efficient detection and control of powerusage (energy saving) -Replacement of the same level of service -Home Networks System in the field of application -For the purpose of a set of solutions for facilities -Buildings, roads, facilities, vessels, and the solution of large structures in developing and delivering -General Home Home Automation System supplier Manufacture & Export of Electronic Carkeeping Book,Switch of User Initial Access Device for UC,Power Control Solution using TCP/IP

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