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Oil and gas industry plant and equipment
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Hansung Precision Co., Ltd., HALS

Grease,oil,pump,lube,coolant,oil pump,grease pump,coolant pump,metering valve,flow unit, lubrication pump,volume pump,manual lubrication pump,oil supply pump,sequential distributor Progressive GreaseDistributorautomatic lubrication pump,automatic lubricator, centrialized lubrication pump,rotor pump,lubrication,cutting oil pump,lubricatior trocoid pump #Company Introduction Hansung Precision Co., Ltd.(known as the "HALS" brand) was established in 1985 and with afirst domestic company to produce an automatic lubrication pump and ahigh pressure precision lubrication system. We are currently manufacturing lubrication systems and coolant pump for machine tools, plasticinjection molding machines and other industrial machines. Our lubrication system for machine tools and plastic Injection molding machines account for more than 80% of the domestic market. Our another highly compatible and practical product is coolant pumps. It play central roles in machine tools. We have also developed and are producing rotor pumps and grease lubrication pumps that can be used not only in machine tools, but also in a wide range of industrial machines. We, HALS, will continue to strive in our efforts to produce the best productsnot only in the domestic market, but also in overseas markets. Hansung will be a reliable company with your future. #Main Products -Auto oil lubrication pump - Coolant pump - Grease pump - Rotor pump # Application Machine Tools ̵1; MCT,CNC, Cutting Machines, Milling, automatic lathe Industrial Machinery 211; Cleaner, Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Presses, Printing Machines, etc. #Catalogue http://halslube.com/en/halspdf/HALS_cataloge.pdf #Video http://halslube.com/en/HASL_EN.mp4

  • Metalworking machine tool ancillary equipment and accessories NES
  • Pumps for coolant and cutting oil, for machine tools, metalworking
  • Pumps, oil circulating, for drills, metalworking...

Masang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mold Temperature Controller, MTC, Chiller, Mold Preheating, Scale-Free Equipment, Scale-Free Soft Water Feeder, High Speed Cycle System, Pressured Water Rapid Heating and Cooling, Mold Temperature Controller and Chiller Integration, Die Plate Temperature Controller, Injection Molding Temperature Controller. #Company Introduction: Masang has been able to fulfill its social responsibility as the leading manufacture and exporter of automatic mold temperature controllers for injection molding in plastic and al die-casting in Korea. Molsang has been able to fulfill itssocial responsibility as the leadingmanufacture and exporter of automatic mold temperature controllers for injection molding in plastic and al die-casting in Korea. 1. Artificial Intelligence Mold Temperatupreheating. 2. Reduced resin cooling water directly to the moldand automatically controlling temperature. 3. Partial temperature control makes it possible to produce sophisticated products; Fast cooling/heating reduces product cycle time. 4. Actual mold temperature is controlled by the sensors inside the mold, on both the movable and the stationery die plates in the mold. Especially, our recent success in developing state-of-art moldtemperature controllers with built turbulent flow system contributingsignificantly in cycle time reduction gives us an opportunity to becomeone of the global leaders in the injection molding inductor. #MAIN PRODUCT: 1. Auto Master 2. SUPERTORNADO 3. Scale-Free Soft Water Feeder #CATALOG: http://prokcssmedia.blob.core.windows.net/sys-master-images/hde/h27/9299153256478/masang_catalog.pdf #VIDEO: English : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaSCqQrNYAU https://youtu.be/f5vGwA5m2Fw Chinese : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3CNXXsW4gM Korean : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMYT-DJ_95E

  • Temperature measuring instruments NES
  • Temperature indicators, multipoint
  • Thermal testing equipment...


Introduction Our company, Dong Yang Cast Iron Co., Ltd. has contributed to the industrial development of Korea based on the accumulated technologies andcredits for 30 years. We have supplied not only automobile parts, heavy equipment parts, the rail fastening shoulders and baseplates de facilities such as coke oven doors, sinter pallets and etc., to the domestic and abroad markets. Our all employees will do our best to satisfy the customers' requirements for high quality, on time delivery, technical R&D and others, which are highly required today. Coke, Oven door, Leak Coke Oven Green Door is functioned as open-close equipment of coke oven in steel production plant. This Green Doors can minimize gas leak out of coke oven occurred in the process of coke production so that it can contribute to improvement of workingenvironment and ultimate Green Enviroment free harmful substances. Remarkable reduction of Gas Leak by upgrading airtightness capavility -The target range : Below 1% ( USA EPA : Environmental protection agency ) -The method of measurement : The inspector checks the number of oven door where gas leaks -working inspector��s aisle alongside of gas door and divide it by total number of oven doors. We have acqired our own unique techniques ofspecial welding, milling and polishing on sealing frame so that oven door can endure gas leak test up to 850mmAq -Oven door can prevent gas leak even at rapid increase of pressure in coke plant by keepingbest condition through seven step processes. -Achieve reduction of maintenance cost through simple operations. Manufacture & Export of Cast Iron,Plant Parts,Rail Fastening,Turn-out,Switches Manufacture & Export of 32403 / Cast of Metals

  • Natural gas production plant and equipment
  • Ovens, chamber, retort, for coal gas and coke production
  • Coking plant and equipment...


PUMP, FILTER, WIPER, Mechanical pump, EFI Pump, Spin on filter, eco filter, Injector, wiper blade, Agricultural Filter, Industrial Filter, EFI Module, polyurethane products, bushes, air filter, cabin air filter, Fuel filters(EFI FILTER, DIESEL FILTER, CRDI, PLASTIC TYPE, Strainer) Electric Fuel Pump(solenoid & contact point type) #Company Description Daewha Fuel Pump Ind., Ltd., since its foundationin 1982, is manufacturing and supplying Fuel Pumps and Filters for Automotive and Industrial usages to over 70 countries in the world. Through the continuing growth and development over 30 years, Daewha Fuel Pump Ind., Ltd. has proved to be a leader in domestic and internationalautomotive markets and also risen to an enterprise ranking first in the World in the field of mechanical fuel pump as attached Korea government's certificate in Dec. 2015, also provided premium oil filters to north America which is the largest auto parts market in the world under STP brand distributed by AutoZone. Further, we developed and supplied high efficiency & long-life oil filter for Hyundai Motor Company under TUIX brand. Daewha Fuel Pump Ind., Ltd. is based on its own unique corporate growth model, not depending on a large enterprise and continuously growing with its own brand 'DAEWHA' and pursue sustainable growth of 100-Years Company. Our mission is to supply the best quality products that satisfy the customers' requirements and expectations and so under the slogan, 'The quality is my own dignity', all staff do their best in each part to supply Zero-defect products. Daewha Fuel Pump Ind.,Ltd., designated as 'Hidden Champion in Korea' in 2011 from Government, has continuously developed new products and improved the quality ofour products, and also makes good partners for the business globally.Finally, we will make for a 'Global Hidden Champion'(Great Company). Daewha Fuel Pump Ind., Ltd. and all domestic and international affiliated company staff will do our best to supply the best products andgreat faith to all our customers based on our core value, 'customer satisfaction' and 'focused quality'. #Main Products Mechanical Fuel Pump Electronic Fuel Pump Filter #Catalogue http://www.kompass.kr/img/catalogue/20170630045605_1.pdf #Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IewQ48-aebw

  • Motor vehicle testing equipment for garages
  • Fuel pump test equipment, motor vehicle, garage
  • Motor vehicle electrical and electronic equipment...


Manufacture & Export of #Keyword Exploration Drilling Products, Impregnated diamond core bit, Reaming shells, Drill rods, Core barrels, Mining, Drilling, Boring #Company Introduction Tae Sung Co. is the leading manufacturer of exploration drilling equipment for Korea and the local region since 1980. We are specialized in the production of high quality impregnated diamond core bits, reaming shells, core barrels, casing, drill rods and more. We have been No.1 supplier in Korea for the last 35 years and preferred supplier to many other countries. Tae Sung produces diamond products of any size and any standard. Korea has a very long history in mining and geology and our diamond products have been adjusted to meet the challenges of the Korean hard and extremely hard formations. Our impregnated diamond bits have proven track record and they drill with better penetration rates compare to other competitive products. We promise to supply you with the best quality products and we will be glad to share with you our competitive pricing. Our clients are always welcome to visit us and our factory. #Main Products 1_Impregnated diamond core bits 2_Reaming shells 3_Drill rods & casing pipe 4_Core barrels #Catalogue : http://prokcssmedia.blob.core.windows.net/sys-master-images/h33/h82/9292598804510/taesung_co_catalogue.pdf #Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t-RU49jWHg

  • Civil engineering contractors NES
  • Drilling contractors, geothermal energy
  • Soil exploration and analysis...


Manufacture & Export of #Keyword Mechanical seals, Silicon carbide, Cartridge seals, Pusher seals, Rubber bellows seals, Metal bellows mechanical seals, Slurry seals, Elastomerbellows mechanical seals, O-ring mechanical seals, Burgmann type seals, John Crane type seals, Grundfos type seals, Carbon, Corrosion Free Mechanical seals, PTFE Bellows Mechanical seals, Seal unit #Company Introduction SEOUL TECH is established in 1996 and located in Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. We have produced Mechanical seals and Rotary joint's products until now. We have developed various products like Single & Multi spring seals, Rubber bellure type seals, Metal bellows mechanical seals, Slurry seals, Rotary joint (cooling air, steam, hydraulic, drill type and so on). Then we have suppliedthem to our customers and they are satisfied with our products and service until now. #Main products _STG1,2,3 Mechanical seal _ST560A Mechanical seal _STBIA Mechanical seal _ST560D Mechanical seal _SMHD Mechanical seal _STRB2100 Mechanical seal _ST301 Mechanical seal _ST155 Mechanical seal _STM85 Mechanical seal _STGR Mechanical seal _ST8KU Mechanical seal _MSU Mechanical seal _MSUDB Mechanical seal _ST8KB Mechanical seal _MSB Mechanical seal _SUC Mechanical seal _SU Mechanical seal _CTS Mechanical seal _CTDS Mechanical seal _STR7500 Mechanical seal _STMX1,2,N Mechanical seal _CRF Mechanical seal #Catalogue http://www.kompass.kr/img/catalogue/20150612010756_1.pdf #Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCEIoK9tCAA #Certificate ISO 9001 Sample Mall

  • Seals and gaskets, metal
  • Mechanical seals, metal, lip seal, spring loaded
  • Mechanical seals, metal, split ring...

GSBC(Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center)

Korean Products [2015' Korean Products] 1_Ecoway Co.,Ltd_Waterless Urinals 2_ECORUN.CO_Chlorinated carbon fluorine recovery, playback devices 3_SAMJUNG Electric Co., Ltd._BATEC LED ceiling light fixture ILT 30W 4_WSI Corporation_Mobile Hospital Units 5_Eunchang BC_1mm-thWire rope 7_World Chem Co._Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 8_KISUNG INDUSTRIAL CO._COLORLOON FOAM-CLAY DINOSAUR 9_YOUNG JIN INDUSTRIES_SPEED RACK 10_BUJA.CO.LTD_cell return therapy mask 11_GoodFeelKorea Co.,Ltd._Eco-Friendly writing materials & stationery 12_Semisolution_CHANUN Black Box 13_Taeyoung Material & Filter CO., LTD._Airomate 14_Dawon Electronics_Solar Home System 15_RAMAN Co.,Ltd_Hot Sale KOREA Car Polish Wax 200g/pc (Car- Paste Wax) 16_D&D ELECTRONICS CO., LTD_Electrolyzed disinfectant generator 17_Garimi Co.,Ltd_JATGIM / Laver / Pine Nut 18_Won Industry Co._Air compressible massage system / Elastic Bandage Net 19_JANGIN INDUSTRIAL DIAMOND CO._Diamond tool for construction/stone (Diamond Core bit & segment, Diamond Saw Blade & segment, Diamond Cutter, Wire Saw, Polishing Pad) 20_YUHANHITEC CO.,LTD_ION PLASMA AIR-CURTAIN 21_ODHitec CO,. LTD_Transparent LCD Display Showcase 22_GTS GLOBAL_BALLOP SKIN-FIT LIGHTE SERIES V1 RAY PINK 23_DMCS_Motor controller 24_SUNKYUNG INDUSTRY CO.,LTD._Baby bottle sterilizer 25_Forus Electronics Co., Ltd._Smartphone Call Recorder 26_Hanyang Engineering Co., Ltd._No Noise Water Proof Safety Manhole Cover 27_The Palm Co., Ltd._automotive A/C compressor 28_DENTAL CARE CO..LTD._DENTAL TOOTHERUSH 29_BIT_HONEY Brush 30_PRIME ENERTEK CO.,LTD_Prime AGF6 31_DAESUNG IDS Co., Ltd._Elevator Control Panel 32_Home Care Co., Ltd._Vegetable Baby Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent 2.5L 33_KORSOA_the shampoo 350 34_GumYoung General.Co., Ltd._Elevator, Escalator, Rope Gripper 35_H K CO., Ltd._Ceramic health hot mat fomentation 36_FTLAB.,Ltd_Bluetooth LE Precision Voltage/Current meter with Data Logger 37_Roman Seals Asia Co., Ltd._Fastener Seals, Metal to Rubber Bonded Seals 38_Alpha Clean Technology Co., Ltd_CAST 39_AMT Engineering Co., Ltd._BOTOSONIC

  • Ornamental fish
  • Tropical fish for aquariums
  • Marine algae and plankton...


DTH Hammers, DTH Hammer Bits, Overburden bit, CD hammer, Cluster Drill Hammer, Auger Machines, #Company Introduction Since its establishment in 2001, SUNG WON Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is solidifying our position as a leader offering everything for pile driving systems to do perfect foundation works: various types noise and vibration-free high performance Auger, D.T.H hammer (3.5"-40") and Bit (all matching shanks available). We also make various attachments and accessories: different design Rod, Casing, Top sheave, Leader, Adaptors, Shock absorbers, Auger heads, and many more. SUNG WON supplies Air-Oil supply unit for hammers and Cement mixing plant. In the Korean market, we, Sung Won Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd are taking a dominant position based and also steadily pioneering overseas markets including the Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern and European markets. We have many processing machines and manpower to swiftly deal with the reality demanding endless change and technological innovation. Through these machines and manpower, we succeeded in establishing a Full Pile Driving System by manufacturing and selling products/parts of Auger and D.T.H Hammer including Hammer Bit. To make better products, we recently introduced state-of-the-art equipments and analysis systems. We are also thoroughly analyzing and improving the performances of our products through self-examinations, aiming to manufacture the best products. We, Sung Won Heavy Machinery Co Ltd are always listening carefully to the voices of our customers, so that we can be the best in the field of manufacturing equipment for pile driving systems for perfect foundation works. We will continue to be thankful to the time given to us, and put efforts ofdeveloping ourselves to be the best in not only the Korean but also the global market. #Main Products DTH Hammers and Bits Hammer bit Cluster Drilling Hammers Auger Machines #Catalogue http://www.kompass.kr/img/catalogue/20170712020003_1.pdf #Video company profile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23FMU5oR0WA Precasted piling advantage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHD2obp_iWY

  • Oil and gas drilling and exploration contractors
  • Directional drilling contractors, oil well
  • Turbo-drilling contractors, oil well...

Shin Heung Precision Co.,Ltd

oil filter / oil cleaner / oil purifier / oil water separator / industrial oil / cutting oil / coolant # Company Profile Webegan operation in 1988 as a manufacturer of components & auxiliary equipment for diesel engines. We have supplied centrifugal oil cleaner and Air Starting Motor to Doosan Engine, STX Engine, and Hyundai HeavyIndustry for 20 years. Currently we have launched new purifier for oil, and supply to Hyundai Heavy Industry, NSK bearing and Korindo group. Our products have been meticulously designed & manufactured to fulfill customer requirements. SHP components are innovative, reliable, and competitive and our staff is dedicated to excellent customer service. Our company's employees take great pride in combining responsibility and creativity with clear goals. SPICO's vision is to be a 'Global Leader' and we strive to give the greatest value to every client. # Main Product: Oil Cleaner [ Portable Centrifugual oilcleane r(PCC) ] Centrifugal Oil Cleaner Starting Motor Mechanical Lubricator ALPHA Lubricator # Strength 1. By the centrifuge force, it can remove sludge or fine particle up to 1um from the oil. it can be applied to most of industries such as hydraulic oil, quenching oil, lube oil, and cutting oil. and the oil cleaner is circulation system for the oil tank. it can purify the oil tank inside. 2. Cost saving. By the cleaning the oil,oil and facility life can be longer. To prevent the machine failure in advance-> Saving the maintanance cost. # Catalog Link Company Intorduction: http://www.kompass.kr/img/catalogue/20180706104105_1.pdf Centrifugal Cleaner: http://www.kompass.kr/img/catalogue/20180706103929_1.PDF Cutting Oil Cleaner: http://www.kompass.kr/img/catalogue/20180706104024_1.pdf # Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuWdhi57sTjiGrKXXGU0gVg

  • Lubricating and oil purification equipment
  • Cleaners, centrifugal, for lubricating oils
  • Internal combustion engine components NES...
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