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Shinsung Major Glove Corp.

Shinsung Major Glove Corp.

NBR Gloves,NBR Full Coating Gloves,PU Gloves,LATEX Gloves, industrial gloves, ECO Gripmaster, Cut 5 NBR Gripmaster, Cut 5 PU, SHIN-SUNG MAJOR GLOVE, shinsung major glove, manufacturing industrial gloves, gloves for special work, industrial glove manufacturer, Latex-coated gloves, safe gloves, special threads, NBR Foam coated gloves, GRIPMASTER coating technology, GRIPMASTER, environment-friendly basalt thread, special thread, hi-tech gloves, shin-sung major glove, shinsung major glove #Company Introduction SHIN-SUNG MAJOR GLOVE is a company specialized in manufacturing industrial gloves with over 50 years of accumulated experience and technology since the beginning of research and development of gloves for special work in 1969. In 1997 the company was incorporated. The export value of USD 30 million was accomplished in 2010 and the company grew to become the leader of the industrial glove manufacturers in Korea with steady investment in production facilities and technology development. SHIN-SUNG is a producer of PU-, NBR-, and Latex-coated gloves at an industrial scale. The products are being exported to global distribution networks. A product group of safe gloves was developed by utilizing special threads (Dyneema, HPPE, glassfiber, KEVLAR and other materials with high cut resistance). It has been supplying these gloves to the domestic and overseas markets since 1998. By intensive investment in R&D it was possible to release environment-friendly products such as the water-based PU and NBR Foam coated gloves. The GRIPMASTER coating technology providing the best grip feeling in various working conditions was developed. In addition an environment-friendly basalt thread was developed to replace the traditional expensive special thread. All of our employees are committed to developing hi-tech gloves through new materials and coating technologies. Our motto is Only One, Number One! It is our resolution and goal to provide best quality products. We will do our best to continue fulfilling this goal.

  • Protective and safety work clothing, by use
  • Gloves, work
  • Gloves for clean room applications...

Field Master Co., Ltd.

Field Master Co., Ltd.

Artificial grass, Artificial turf, synthetic grass, Rubber granules, infill materials, EPDM rubber granules Sports - Soccer field, Baseball field, Football field, Rugby field, Futsal field, School playground, Tennis field, Hockey field, Foot volleyball field, Ground golf field, Gateball field Landscape - Rooftop, Recreation, Terrace, Interiors, Gardens, City parks, Boundary line of the road, etc. # Company Information Fieldmaster is Korea's leading manufacturer of artificial turf. We are able to offer a complete range of artificial turf for the sports and landscape. We produce TPE and EPDM rubber granules which are durable, resilient, resistant, eco-friendly, and elastic materials ideal for synthetic surfacing. Our infill materials are highly color stable, elastic, and long-lasting materials that comply with FIFA standards. # Main Products: Master19, NF35, Master55 Artificial turf carpets Artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. # Strength Our special products, "Cool artificial turf" is an artificial turf that reflects and emits heat from the sun back into the atmosphere instead of absorbing it into the artificial turf surface. These advanced technologies offer new advantages and opportunities in artificial turf systems. We are able to offer a complete range of artificial grass for the sports & leisure industry meeting the highest standards and producing advanced technologies products, including various sized and characteristic grass yarns which can be manufactured to customers' requests. # Catalog

  • Plastic articles for decoration
  • Grass matting, artificial, plastic
  • Sports ground equipment NES...

Viser Co., Ltd.

Viser Co., Ltd.

# Keyword Value, Innovation, Safety & Health, Environmental Stewardship, Respect for people # Company Introduction Viser Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. Recognizing importance and value of rubber and heat transfer products we are continuously working on building a top performing company which provides its best solutions to customers worldwide. To achieve this, we are constantly improving our quality assurance system by performing various research activities at our in-house R&D Center with core specialists, inspections & test facilities, including material development in order to secure products with top performance. In addition, new value is applied to our production utilizing optimized facilities with large/middle/small sizes, and all processes are computerized based on 3 activities (choice goods, standard quantity, and one’s regular position) & 5 activities (Sorting, arrangement, cleaning, tidiness, and habituation). Being a customer-focused company, Viser Co., Ltd. will continue building and developing its leading role in the development of Korean industrial economy as well as company’s global market leadership. # Strength - the quality of industrial and automotive rubber parts for domestic and international use. - Intellectual property rights - Satisfying the requirements of the US FDA’s CFR 177.2600 - Experience of export with various countries(United States, England, Australia, China) # Main Products - Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket - EV Battery Gasket - Mat - Side Mounting Brakets - Hoses

  • Rings and washers, rubber
  • Valves and valve components, rubber
  • O-rings, rubber...



# About company EVOSONICS CO., LTD. has developed the world's first vibration and stimulation technology using “sound (sound wave)” that is beneficial for human body. Based on more than 10 years of working experience in the field of speaker and sound wave vibration, we have developed the technology that is safer than any normal physical stimuli (motor vibration, ultrasound, infrared rays, and etc.) with no side effects. It allows sound waves to penetrate deep into the skin to maximize the effect of body stimulation, and we have applied this technology into beauty devices. In addition, we have developed scalp products by applying our patented technology. It obtained the FDA certification in the U.S. and delivered to the U.S. Veterans’ Hospital. Likewise, the excellence of sound wave vibration technology and reliability of products have been recognized from abroad. We will continue to research and develop world-class products that can satisfy the standard of outstanding efficacy and safety by expanding the world’s first Acoustic Resonance technology to not only beauty field but also medical devices and health care area. # Main product Dr. Spa whole body care system (Patent Registration 10-2013-00940) - Launched in December, 2015 - Delivery of acoustic resonance wave (sound wave) deeply and comfortably into body with efficient massage technique - Optimized probes forvarious body treatments enable effective massage for the entire body area - Great device for aesthetician, physical therapist, acupressure therapist, and oriental medical doctor - Reduces time compared to traditional acupressure methods - Dramatically increases effectiveness of the treatment and satisfaction by the patients - Open professional training courses at Comonde beauty academy in Seoul # Why you should choose Dr. Spa? - World first sound wavemassage device - Delivers natural sound wave to skin, muscle, ligament, tendon, bones, and joints efficiently and comfortably, sound using 20Hz - 20KHz frequency (acoustic resonance) - Mostly uses for skin, pain relief, body slimming, and face lifting - Stimulatesfascia, ligament, and tendon to improve muscular skeletal disease - Accelerates lymph circulation and drainage - Efficient treatments for subcutaneous fat layer and cellulite - Relieves stress by the stimulation of scalp muscle - Controllable (vs. motor/electronic system)

  • Baths
  • Baths, metal, hydro-massage (whirlpool)
  • Baths, hydro-massage (whirlpool), plastic...



ASUNG LOGISTICS has taken the lead for the development in the field of local plastic pipes production as company producing plastic tubing pipe and clean pvc pipe related products. #Keyword PLASTIC VALVE, PP BALL VALVE, PP DIAPHRAGM VALVE, PP BUTTERFLY VALVE, PP BALL CHECK VALVE, CPVC FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM, CLEAN PVC VALVE, PVDF VALVE, CPVC VALVE, CPVC BALL VALVE, CPVC DIAPHRAGM VALVE, CPVC BUTTERFLY VALVE, CPVC BALL CHECK VALVE, PVDF BALL VALVE, PVDF DIAPHRAGM VALVE, PVDF BUTTERFLY VALVE, PVDF BALL CHECK VALVE, CLEAN PVC BALL VALVE, CLEAN PVC DIAPHRAGM VALVE, CLEAN PVC BUTTERFLY VALVE, CLEAN PVC BALL CHECK VALVE, PIPE, FITTING #Main Product 1)ROCKSOLID-PLASTIC VALVES, PIPES & FITTINGS 2)CLEAN FLOW-UPW(Ultra Pure Water) Application 3)FLAMEBLOCK-Fire-Fighting Application #About ASUNG CLEAN FLOW TECH CO., LTD. Since its foundation in 1967, ASUNG GROUP (ASUNG Plastic Valve Co.,Ltd. / ASUNG Clean Flow Tech Co., Ltd / KAYSTER / ASUNG LOGISTICS) has taken thelead for the development in the field of local plastic pipes production as acompany producing plastic valves and plastic pipes related products. With the technologies, accumulated based on the business actions taken and research & development conducted by the company up to now, we at ASUNG have developed various products those produced using materials of UPVC, CPVC, CLEAN PVC, HT PVC, PPH and PVDF, and have been supplied the quality products efficiently to the whole business fields throughout the heavy chemical industries and semiconductor production fields, such as the petrochemical fields, semiconductor industry, water treatment industry and chemical industry fields, etc. Particularly, the CLEAN PVC Valves and Piping System products, which development work was succeeded in 2005 by us, have been proved to be suitableto transfer the high quality-ultra pure water or pure water used in semiconductor equipment industries, IT and BIO industries, and thereby the products have taken an important role for the localization of suchkind of products, which used be relied upon those from foreign countries then. As such, based on the technologies and superiority of the products well reputed in the domestic markets, we are now making a leap forward to become a global plastic valve manufacturer by making inroads into North America and South America in addition to those of Asian region. Besides, we have been participating in famous exhibitions and fairs being held throughout the world and that our product qualityand technologies are being competed fairly against other global company products in the world market, and also are making our products promotion and marketing activities constantly in order to find our ways into the world market as one of the top class plastic valve manufacturers. Besides, in line with our business goal aforementioned, we aredesperately trying ourselves to seize No. 1 position on the plastic valve market at home and abroad by taking quality and business renovations in addition to satisfying the quality requirements defined in theISO9001 Quality Certificate, etc. We, ASUNG GROUP assure you that we will ceaselessly endeavor for development of innovative technologies and new products and to replay our customers for their kind support and interest shown to us. #Catalogue 1) 2) 3) 4) #YOUTUBE

  • Tyres and inner tubes
  • Valves for tubed tyres
  • Valves for tubeless tyres...

Soltri Corporation

Manufacture & Export of Bearing, Composite Bearing, Oiless Bearing, Filament Winding, Bushing, Heavy Load, Wear Ring, Guide Ring, Thermoset Plastic, Hydraulic Seals, Seals, Cylinders, Material Handing Equipment, Crane, Scissor Lift, Valve, Construction, Equipment We would like to appreciate aration. We have been concentrating our efforts on manufacturer and development of non-metallic, environmentally friendly, low frictional and long-running composite bearings since its establishment in 1988 resulting into a leading manufacturer in the field of composite bearings. There are two main product lines in our company. One is KAMGLIDE�� composite bearings which are composed of various kinds of resins and reinforcing fibers (cottons, synthetics,glass fibers, aramid fibers and etc). The other is MOSTUF�� composite bearings which have been localized in 2003 by the efforts of our engineers. MOSTUF�� composite bearings are composed of PTFE & PET bearing layer and Glass-Epoxy backing layer. We have a various products with optimized combination with resin and fabric for different application. And they have been gaining customer's favor in terms of quality, price and delivery. It is current trends for various industrial machines to become high performance, high precision and lowweight by the progress of plastic composites. SOLTRI Corporation is promised that we will meet customer's quality requirements by producingvarious kinds of products through continuous investment and development in the future.

  • Profiles, blocks, rollers and bearings, rubber
  • Bearings, rubber lined
  • Bearing mountings, rubber, fabric reinforced...


Manufacture & Export of SHOW PROFILE Name -ROTREX 27 Venue: KINTEX, Hall 2.3 Dates: May 9-12, 27 Organizers -KINTEX(Korea International Exhibition Center) -KRTA(Korea Road & Transportation Association) -KORTA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) Supporters -MinistNational Police Agency -Korea Transport Institute -ITS Korea -Korea Parking System Industry cooperative Exhibits -Roads,Bridges,Tunnels,Traffic,ITS,Parking Concurrent Events -The 6th HORA(Head of Road Authorities) Meeting -The 83rd REAAA(The Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia) Conference -Buyer-Seller Meeting EXHIBIT ITEMS Road Construction & Maintenance - Design : Structural analysis program, Automatic design program, Process Control Program, Drawing program Engineering and Consultant Company - Construction : Special construction method, New technology & New method, Construction company - Maintenance : Repairing materialm, Reinforcing material, Structure inspection truck, snowplow car Non-Destructive testing equipment, Cleaning equipment, Pavement repairing equipment - Construction material : Road surfacing material, Drainage system, Reinforcement, Cement, Pozzolana, Recycling construction material, Bearing or Expansion, Joint, Precast concreat, Reinforced Facilities Construction equipment -Construction Equipment, Truck or Special Vehicle, Bridge construction Equipment, Surfacing Equipment Recycling equipment, Temporary Shoring Facilities - Testing machinery: Surveying instrument, Measuring instrument, Testing equipment Traffic Sign & Safety Products - Safety facility : Barrier system, Delineation system, Rockfall protection system, Traffic mirror Facilities for people with disabilities, Speed humps, Fire extinguishing equipment, Emergency, Traffic lights - Safety equipment : Emergency vehicles, Wheel & Axle pressure gauges, Traffic cameras for enforcement, CCTV, Safety clothing - Signals : Traffic signals, Traffic detectors, Traffic signal controllers, Traffic signal systems Traffic imformation & Dynamic signpostings, LED lamp, Warning systems - Signs : Road signs, Reflecting materials, Reflecting Sheets, Road making materials ITS & PublicTransportation - ATMS : Advanced Traffic Control, Advanced Incident Ma

  • Concrete products, precast
  • Traffic barriers, safety, prefabricated, concrete
  • Plastic products for transport infrastructure...

Interidge co.,ltd

Manufacture & Export of # About INTERIDGE CO., LTD. INTERIDGE CO., LTD. is the KOREA's largest manufacturer and exporter of Hot-Fix Rhine stone. With more than 350 skilled workers and craftsmen, we put great technological emphasis on processes like cutting, selecting, coating polishing and with strch and development in the field of Hot-Fix for several years, we INTERIDGE CO., LTD. are taking the lead with high-quality products for over 20 years in Korea. Facing with the environment of unlimited competition, also putting the utmost priority of our business to customer satisfaction, our strategy is not only to improve quality, but also to develop new and various items, such as rhinestones, rhinestuds, nailheads. # Strength 1. Consistent Color Interidge has always offered guaranteed consistent color with incomparable high technology 2. Certified Product Interidge��s product safety is certified by internationally recognized organization 3. Strong adhesion Interidge uses EMS griltech glue which is made in Switzerland #Main products : hot-fix Rhinestone garment accessories to be made of crystal glass. The sizes range from ss4, ss6, ss10, ss12, ss16, ss20, ss30 and ss34 in combined colors of black, Red, Purple, Pink, Peach and Blue in total. These items are Oeck-Tex standard 100 certified and free of heavy metal # Feature l Hot-fix rhinestone l Hot-fix means the application of a special adhesive to the aluminium layer of flat-back enabling fixing to fabrics by heat and pressure.

  • Rubber products, miscellaneous
  • Buttons, rubber
  • Glassware, handmade...


Manufacture & Export of # Keywords al/rubber based damping sheet, aluminium glass-cloth tape, aqueous damping paint, car acoustics & audio diy-kit, butyl rubber-based damping sheet, carbon felt-based sound absorbing material, Carbon-Combo, damping composite, dampimping composite, damping rubber pad, damping sheet, damping tape, electric insulating sheet, EPDM foam, fabricated noise proofing, laminated composite product, Melamine foam, melt-blown sound absorbing sheet, noise and sound absorption, Noise and vibration damping, noise barrier, reactive damping paint, resin-based damping sheet, rubber-based damping sheet, rubber-based damping tape, solutions for noise & vibration control, sound absorbing board, sound insulating, sound isolating,soundproof, special rubber, thermal insulating materials, vibration and shock absorption, vibration control, vibration damping, water-soluble damping paint, Web-Combo, websuler, wind noise insulation, windbar,windbreaker # About NAMYANG NOVITECH Co.,Ltd Namyang Novitech Co.,Ltd. was established in 1975 and symbol name is ��NYCO�� and major character name is ��ZERONY�� . NamyangNovitech Co.,Ltd. is a technology intensified small enterprise, whichmanufactures and supplies the best quality products of noise and vibration control materials as well as multi-functional high precision special rubber and foam products. # Main Products of NAMYANG NOVITECH Co.,Ltd 1. Resin-based damping Sheet ZERONY Sheet PS/EV/TP/DFT Seriesis a noise and vibration damping sheet made from resins blended with hard chemical resin of good mechanical and weatherproof property and with soft chemical resin of good vibration damping and sound insulatingefficiency and also compounded with high functional fillers and additives. Resin-based damping sheet is convenient for use as they may be processed with adhesive on either one side or both sides of sheets and accordingly time of application at working site is shorter. 2. AL/Rubber-based damping Sheet (BAL/BAL-F) ZERONY Sheet B Series is vibration damping materials made from the complex

  • Coated and laminated paper and board
  • Paper, coated, one side
  • Processed rubber...


Manufacture & Export of [Product_Jacket Heater] ��PTFE Jacket Heater - PTFE Fiber Outer Shell -Good Heat Resisting property(��Sturdy Outer Shell) -Easy Installation and Maintenance - More Flexibility, Good Heat Insulation and Retaining -Ceramic felt sealing Glass Heater (Goacket Heater 1) Normal Type [ Inner, Outer shell: PTFE] - Operating Temp. : 200�� , Max. Temp. : 260�� 2) Custom Type [ Inner: Glass Cloth, Outer: PTFE] - Operating Temp. : 300�� , Max. Temp. : 400�� 3) High Temp. Type [ Inner: Silica Cloth, Outer: PTFE] -Operating Temp. : 500�� , Max. Temp. : 600�� [Feature] * Thickness : about 7~10mm -PTFE fiber outer shell makes more durability and heat resisting property at high temperature(up to 250 degree-celsius) -Glass coated Ni-Cr heating wire prevents electrical short even though wires come out from outer shell -PTFE fiber has more flexibility that could have any shape for any type of fore-line and gas line with good heat insulation [Applications - CKD Valve Out Jacket Heater] 01. Problems - Particle issues with Thermal Harden of Silicon Rubber - Soft Silicon Rubber ripped -High price of Original Maker - Low price of Local Manufacturer 02.Solution �� Replace with PTFE 100% J/ H - No Particle issues, No ripped Rubber & More Lifetime -Good Heat Retaining with Heat Insulation material 03. Example -100 set of WIZTECs PTFE heaters have been sold to ��H�� company since Jan, 2011 [Clean Ribbon Heater] ��Ribbon Heater - Outer Shell: Good Flexibility an d Chemical Resistance with PTFF Cloth - Heating Wire: Good Flexibility with Stainless steel fiber Wire ��Ribbon Heater Specification - Maximum Temperature : 260�� - Insulation Resistance : At DC 500V , up to 50�� - Insulation Voltage : At AC 500V , up to 1 Min ��Ribbon Heater : Auto temp. control Type - Switch Operation : NC (OFF: At High Temp. ) - Temp. Deviation : �� 5�� - Input Voltage : AC 100V ~ 500V - Current Capacity : AC 250V / 6.5A , AC 500V / 2.0A [Product_Heat Valve] -Valve manufacture

  • Rings and washers, rubber
  • Valves and valve components, rubber
  • Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, plastic...


Manufacture & Export of We, Samkook Industrial Co., Ltd, are the leading manufacturer of Industrial reel in Korea such as air hose reel, water hose reel, cable reel, hydraulic hose reel and air hose of PU, PE & Nylon Our company wasestablished in 1991 with having 19 years know-how on only industrial r9 years. However, we have tried to export our products to overseas markets for only 5 years,we have exported our reel to overseas market like Australia, UK, Denmark,Netherlands,Spain,USA,Turkey,Singapore, Taiwan,Japan,Malaysia��etc by name of KOREE(korea Reel) Comfortableand suitable of products is our first priority and all components andparts are designed and modified reflecting our knowledge, experience,and the voice of the market accumulated for the last decade. We shallbe able to find a way of collaboration together in a certain area of business system. In other words, we may be able to set up a long- termpartnership in those areas of technicality, distribution channel, or just sharing of products and market information. We would like to knowwhether you have interest in this idea and hope to sit together to further disc discuss the possibility of cooperation in the near future. Manufacture & Export of Air Hose Reels,Cable Reels,Water Reels,Crane Reels Manufacture & Export of 32803 / Manufacture of Insulated Wires and Cables, Including Insulated Code Sets

  • Industrial stacking and shelving
  • Storage racks for cable reels
  • Rubber tubes and flexible hoses, by use...
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