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healthy life beyond beauty, beauty and health creators, best partner for your cosmetic business, regenerate damaged skin cells, whitening and anti-wrinkle, smoothen and whiten skin, keep moisture for smooth skin, keep skin healthy, physical sunscreen for sensitive skin, true beauty and healthy life, peptide cosmetics, EGF cosmetics, cosmeceutical, skin care, K-beauty, korean skincare, anti-aging, hydration, clear skin, acne, age, sensitive, brightening, EGF, peptide, organic skin care, moisturizers # Company Introduction Korea Prime Pharm. CO., LTD. is established in 1995 with specializing in manufacture, production and sale of prescription (ETC) and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. This company has achieved a 30% annual growth rate higher than the average growth rate of the general pharmaceutical industry. Our company has been putting all its effort into developing new medicines through industrial-educational R&D cooperation, with the goal of being an international company. In order for business diversification in response to changing market, the company has recently established a new department of health functional food and cosmeceuticals. New products are to be launched from 2018. Every day, our researchers is thinking out a special remedy for returning ageing skin to a more healthy state. To minimize irritation on sensitive or skin damaged skin, the product was formulated using skin-firming peptides and natural ingredients, which are the specially designed for skin anti-aging. # Strength Our company has been working in the ETC/OTC pharmaceutical field for over 25 years. We are an R&D company that produces and sells foundation cosmetics of natural ingredient. And because we research and make our own cosmetics we can guarantee that the quality of our products is outstanding. # Products 1. Collage film V-Fit 2. DR.RE:DE Seven Peptide Collagen Serum 3. DR. RE:DE Recover Therapy Ampule Thera-Q:A 4. DR. RE:DE Recover Therapy Cream Thera-Q:C 5. DR.RE:DE Hand cleansing spray

  • Pharmaceutical preparations for the central and autonomic nervous system and anaesthetics
  • Raw materials for pharmaceuticals
  • Medical and pharmaceutical research...



PRP, BMC, pain management, Pain treatment, physiotherapy, stemcell, autologous stemcell, High-Intensity laser, laser, bone marrow concentrate, platelet rich plasma, cartilage, ligament, osteoarthritis, plastic surgery, skin, wrinkle, regeneration, Orthopedics, gynecology, plastic surgery, dermatology, urology, blood stemcell, bone marrow stemcell, adipose stemcell, svf, stromal vascular fraction, adipose stemcell, Fat stemcell # Company Introduction REV-MED is the inventor and manufacturer of the TriCell Biologic Separation & Concentration System. TriCell is designed to separate autologous peripheral blood or bone marrow into its essential elements. The TriCell triple chamber technology allows for accurate customized control over the biologic. The physician can easily specify and control the final concentration and cellular constellation to meet the therapeutic demand. # Main Products TriCell PRP, Hilthera4.0, TriCell BMC, PDCT system # Strength TriCell system: The TriCell Kit allows the healthcare professional to produce a specific Platelet Plasma Product to meet individual patient requirements. The TriCell Plasma Product Kit configurations allow for the production of 1-4ml: -Platelet Rich Concentrate (PRC) -Platelet Lite Concentrate (PLC) or -Platelet Conditioned Plasma (PCP) Hilthera4.0: High intensity Laser. ND:YAG. Hilthera4.0 delivers the most specific non- invasive therapeutic laser wave penetration for the treatment of painful joint pathologies, deep muscle injuries, tendon injuries and bone related ailments. PDCT system: Catheter based "Plasma Light Technology" allows for safe and effective therapeutic treatment of herniated discs in an ambulatory care environment. # Catalog URL Hilthera Brochure: TriCellPRP Catalog:

  • Health services, specialised
  • Stem cell banks
  • Equipment and instruments for medical laboratories...

Marine Techno Inc.

Marine Techno Inc.

marine collagen, functional cosmetics, gold snail essence, whitening essence, nature originated ingredients essence # Main Products - Gold Snail Essence - CC Cream - Whitening Essence - Choc Choc Marine Collagen Soap # Company Introduction About Marine Techno Inc. Marine Techno Inc. is established in December 2010. We are manufacturing highly molecule marine collagen from Korean fish skin. Recently, we just launched our own cosmetic brand "Maricle" including 3 functional cosmetics. Now, we are collaborating to launch eye-wrinkle exclusive cream with Venustars in US and research team in France. We are looking for a distributor, local brand corporation, and an agency to supply our products in the world. Strength of Marine Techno has the technology for the production of clean marine collagen, natural skin care products, and multi-function aquatic feed source, Our high-quality products are created from fish skin, with high protein extracted, refined and processed with our technology. Marine Collagen is in the limelight owing to the recently-discovered safety issues of land-borne animal collagen. Marine collagen is a structural protein that makes up approximately 1/3 of the human body and is already being used in food, cosmetics and medicine in leading countries. We promise to pursue further development using marine collagen to deliver quality products. # YOUTUBE

  • Research, general
  • Cosmetics and toiletries, research and development
  • Cosmetic products and hygiene products NES...


#Keyword : Cosmetics, Lip, Exfoliation, Lip Scrub, Bubble Lip Scrub #Company Introduction Unpaired is when people experience beauty Help you make the right choice. UNPAcking beauty mysteries, together. There's a new attempt to unveil Beauty I believe that it will give people happiness. Unpacosmatic is the only beauty mania collaboration cosmetics brand in Korea. It creates Real Bigdata Cosmetic through beauty keyword analysis and persona direct analysis. Unpaired helps people make the right choices when they experience beauty. I believe that a new attempt to free up beauty will bring happiness to people. Unpa Cosmetic is the only beauty mania collaboration cosmetics development brand in Korea. It produces Real Bigdata Cosmetic through beauty keyword analysis and persona direct analysis, process. Based on success stories from planning and selling products based on the beauty platform, we provide consumers with the fastest and most efficient supply of Unmet Needs. People are constantly worrying about beauty We strive to work together through communication. Unpa Cosmetic is the only beauty mania collaboration cosmetics development brand in Korea. It produces Real Bigdata Cosmetic through beauty keyword analysis and persona direct analysis, process. Based on success stories from planning and selling products based on the beauty platform, we provide consumers with the fastest and most efficient supply of Unmet Needs. Targeted Customer Selection > Data Analysis (Skin Tone / Type & Skin Distress), Additional Research - App (Quantitative Survey & Qualitative Research) > Merchandise Planning> User Participation Sample Testing > Production and Early Bird Sales > Advertising goods unpa.Do - Unpa. helps people make the right decisions when they experience beauty. unpa.Believe - Unpa. Believe that a new attempt about beauty will bring happiness to people. unpa.Values - Collaborate. We continue to resolve any beauty concerns together through communication. - Helpful. When people are experiencing beauty, we try to help them to make the right decisions. - Attractive. We only make services that are tempting and appealing to experience. - Unique. New beauty trend is made with unique and valuable experiences of unpa users.

  • Cosmetic products and hygiene products NES
  • Cosmetic products for men
  • Cosmetic creams and tonics, vitamin based...

Hieltec Co., Ltd

backup camera, rear view camera, wireless backup camera, backup camera system, aftermarket backup camera, car reverse camera, backup camerakit, rear camera, car rear view camera, car backup camera, best backup camera, wireless rear view camera, reverse camera for car, rear viewmirror camera, wireless backup camera system, backup camera for car, rear camera for car, wireless reversing camera, rv backup camera # Company Introduction We have been actively engaged in designing, manufacturing and constructing various cameras andmodules for almost all indu for cars and has specialized technology in that area. We have been exporting cameras for cars to Japan since 2009, and are currently focusing on manufacturing and marketing of cameras for trucks, a product developed in 2013. It is currently supplied to Hyundai Motors and is installed on cargo truck (named porter 1). We have been keeping an exceptional reputation and performance record forfinished products and services provided to our customers around the world. #Main product : rear view camera, backup camera(camera for vehicle) (1)HCR-100PL : For commercial vehicles (2)HCR-100IR : For commercial vehicles (3)HCW-100 : For commercial vehicles, wireless system, Simple and easy installation #CATALOG #YOUTUBE

  • Video systems
  • Video cameras, professional
  • Testing and inspection services for premises, machinery and equipment...

Amfis X-Ray Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of Incorporated on January 1, 1996 in Seoul Korea, Amfis X-Ray Co.,LTD. has been committed to designing, manufacturing and marketing Non Destructive Test equipment aimed to promote the quality of state of the art components requiring high-reliability, and uses and promote the nuc through the R&D on X-ray technology and generation devices in compliance with the national policy and technology. Today, Amfis is one of the best companies in Korea which has produced various High Speed X-ray Inspection equipments, and has delivered its products to semiconductor prodcut line, PCBoard Assembly manufactures, electronic component producers, and for car parts precision die casting makers, and auto wheel X-ray inspection. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Portable X-ray System, Microfocus X-ray Source, X-ray Tube, X-ray Generator, X-ray High Inspection System(2D +3D), Micro CT PORTABLE X-RAY NDT SYSTEM : As a result of our expertise we are pleased to introduce this new series of high performance portable X-ray generators. MHF series are the elevated power of the metalceramic tube and low ripple as required by industrial radiography applications. MICROFOCUS X-RAY SOURCE : The Multifocus X-ray tube is an ��Open�� tube type consisting of modular assemblies. The modular design makes the unit very maintenance- and service friendly. The integration of the high-performance, compact tube in X-ray systems permits very short FOD��s with correspondingly high geometric primary magnifications. MICROFOCUS X-RAY SOURCE : This product is the one source for x-ray generation. This line has been providing quality X-ray sources to the industrial imaging markets. Known and respected for our innovation in x-ray source integration and microfocus technology.

  • Electronics industry contractors
  • Assembly services, printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Production machinery for the electronics industry...


Introduction A portable indentaion system for non-destructive Tensile properties evaluation Frontics inc Material propert es D agnostic Systems' expert Frontics Inc. stemmed business from 'Nano Assessment & MicroReliability Lab' of Seoul National University (designated National Resntics Inc., are proud of accumulated academic achievements of research department and efficient and specialized corporation management systems. We serve for our customers including Industrial Companies, Laboratories and University's research facilities by address their demands with the motto of 'Fast & Precise Solutions for Quality & Reliabilities. Nondestructive Inspection & Testing Machines, Portable On-Site Material Analysis, IIT(Instrumented Indentation Technique) : 1. Nondestructive Inspection & Testing Machines on-site testing equipment can perform simple, speedy and nondestructive evaluation of the safety and reliability of large structures such as power plants, refineries and pipelines. 2. Portable On-Site Material Analysis As a material ages, mechanical, chemical, and thermal effects cause its dimensions, shape, and internal structure to change. Unchecked, these changes degrade the safety of the material and shorten itsuseful life. By being able to assess these changes on-site with portable, lightweight NDT testing and inspection equipment. 3. IIT(Instrumented Indentation Technique) IIT evaluates the mechanical properties of metallic materials by pressing a probe with a ball-shaped tip several tens to hundreds of �� into the facilities being assessed. Mechanical properties such as hardness, elastic modulus, tensile properties, fracture toughness, and residual stress are derived from continuous measurements of the load-displacement curve FRONTICS AIS series of nondestructive NDT inspection and testing machines use the instrumented Indentation Technique (IIT). Our NDT testing and inspection equipment test tensile strength, residual stress and fracture toughness of materials from micro/nano dimensions to large metal structures. Our nondestructive NDT testing and inspection machinery can prevent industrial accidents, ensure compliance with government and tec

  • Materials testing, assaying, analysing and inspection services
  • Testing services, metals
  • Testing and inspection services, non-destructive (NDT)...

Tap Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of The global environments are getting sick more and more due to the progress of industry and the rapid changes of global environments such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Also, a lot of discord between nations and religions is growing so that a lot of terrors occur all around thironments and has had respect for human lives. So, it has developed and supplied the water/sewer pipeline camera inspection systems and thesurvivor searching and locating camera equipments since the mid-1980s. Moreover, we have provided specialized inspection services in various fields such as the pipelines of LNG carriers, industrial plants, and nuclear power plants. Also, we are specialized in making aunique machine ordered for a special circumstance. For example, we made a big inspection crawler by the order of the Japanese government. We have sold our products domestically due to their good qualities and so we have made stable and continuous profit and enjoyed a big brand power. Also, we have exported our products successfully toRussia, Nigeria, and Asia such as Japan, China, Taiwan, India, etc. We have branches in China and Japan. But, we are not satisfied with our current situations. Rather, we will challenge to develop the world-class systems and equipments through the continuous technology development and adaptation to the digital generation. We, all members of TAP, will provide our best quality and service with the pride and self-esteem that our company cares for global environments and respects human lives.

  • Quality control services
  • Building inspection and control services
  • Control systems, automatic...

INKOS Co., Ltd.

Activity and products #Company Introduction INKOS Co., Ltd. is specialized in Bio-technological cosmetic ingredients and has provided numerous raw material in Korea. We pursue "Innovative Connect and Develop" to fulfill our customers needs and satisfaction. Under the slogan of "Together", we want to share the benefits of nature over the world. To become a Global Leader in cosmetics, food, and functional raw materials in the pharmaceutical field, INKOS Co., Ltd. obtains authorization for R&D center from Korea Industiral Technology Assosiation in 2012, which has been operated since its foundation. - Active Extraction Technology We do the research on medicinal and edible plants originated from all over the nature. We commercialize extract which contains functional ingredients derived from natural and supply extract to the famous cosmetic company in domestic and overseas. - Fermentation Technology We conduct microbiological fermentation research. And we produce functional food ingredients and cosmetics raw materials through fermentation process which uses microorganisms. - Efficacy Evaluation We perform studies on the separation, purification, structural analysis, quantitative analysis and physicochemical analysis for natural products and biological materials. We have also systems to evaluate the efficacy of such whitening, antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, etc. #Catalogue :

  • Raw materials for pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetic products and hygiene products NES
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