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Enzychem Lifesciences

contrast agent, MRI, DOTA, Gadobutrol, Functional Health Foods # Main products : Contrast Agent 1) DOTA (Contrast agent DOTAREM) 2) ...

Hieltec Co., Ltd

backup camera, rear view camera, wireless backup camera, backup camera system, aftermarket backup camera, car reverse camera, backup ...

CWPTM - Changwon technology precision machinery

Cosmetics & Beauty Expo, Osong Korea 2018

[ The 5th Cosmetics & Beauty Expo, Osong Korea 2018 ] Business Meeting Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Government and Kompass Korea ...

GS Chem Co., Ltd.

# Keyword Facial mist, Essence Mousse, Cleansing Foam, Sun Spray, Shaving Foam, Hair Spray, Hair Mousse, Deodorant, Clay pack, Dry ...

Unique Medicare Co.,Ltd

Hair growth, hair loss, skin care, acne, skin trouble, anti-wrinkle, whitening, psoriasis, acne treatment, eczema, hair loss treatment...

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About 240 South Korea companies’ information has been registered in the IT, Internet, R&D category of Kompass worldwide database. Among those above, this sector is all about Research and testing business which represents large activity contents within our database. You can get not only company’s summary information but detailed info such as contacts, products, catalogues, etc of Research and testing industries you are looking for.