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#company introduction MISSION To be the trustworthy company with better technology and quality. VISION Leading company in high efficiency energy engineering business. CORE VALUE Quality Quality is the mirror that can show us the future of our company. Produce solid and efficient product just like we use it. Safety Safety is the bare minimum of all the work. All start with Cleaning up, arrangement and tidiness. Communication Communication is a part of mutual understanding and cooperation. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person and cooperate. Talented Person People will be considered everything. Respect and understand each other CODE OF CONDUCT Quality Receive the qualified materials fits the drawings and record firmly. Prepare the troubleshooting against customers’ claim immediately and never hide a faulty product. Inspect the product carefully and do not shift responsibility to the others Safety Clean up the workplace 5 minutes before starting work. Wear protective gear before getting in the workplace for the safety. Never do any careless action in the workplace. Communication Listen cautiously to the other person and understand. Stop using negative words and acting disrespectful of the others. Have critical issue in writing and set it as a guideline. Talented Person All the Uniwel people respect each other. Uniwel people will say hello first to others and praise for good work. Try to develop new product and have self-development.

Supplier of:

  • Components and accessories for electronic tubes
  • Connectors for electronic valves and tubes
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Ulsan is located along the southeast coast in Korea. Its population is 1,160,000 and GRDP is USD 56,000. Ulsan is 1,060㎢ in area. Ulsan is a Korean industrial city accounting for 15.2% of industrial output in Korea as one of 4 production cities in Asia, with product export equivalent to USD 97.3 billion. It has the leading industrial cluster for automotives, shipbuilding and petrochemical industries. Ulsan ranks top in the automotive and shipbuilding industries and second in the petrochemical industry in terms of production in Korea. Ulsan continues to ensure its strong position as a growth engine for the Korean economy.

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