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ASUNG LOGISTICS has taken the lead for the development in the field of local plastic pipes production as company producing plastic tubing pipe and clean pvc pipe related products. #Keyword PLASTIC VALVE, PP BALL VALVE, PP DIAPHRAGM VALVE, PP BUTTERFLY VALVE, PP BALL CHECK VALVE, CPVC FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM, CLEAN PVC VALVE, PVDF VALVE, CPVC VALVE, CPVC BALL VALVE, CPVC DIAPHRAGM VALVE, CPVC BUTTERFLY VALVE, CPVC BALL CHECK VALVE, PVDF BALL VALVE, PVDF DIAPHRAGM VALVE, PVDF BUTTERFLY VALVE, PVDF BALL CHECK VALVE, CLEAN PVC BALL VALVE, CLEAN PVC DIAPHRAGM VALVE, CLEAN PVC BUTTERFLY VALVE, CLEAN PVC BALL CHECK VALVE, PIPE, FITTING #Main Product 1)ROCKSOLID-PLASTIC VALVES, PIPES & FITTINGS 2)CLEAN FLOW-UPW(Ultra Pure Water) Application 3)FLAMEBLOCK-Fire-Fighting Application #About ASUNG CLEAN FLOW TECH CO., LTD. Since its foundation in 1967, ASUNG GROUP (ASUNG Plastic Valve Co.,Ltd. / ASUNG Clean Flow Tech Co., Ltd / KAYSTER / ASUNG LOGISTICS) has taken thelead for the development in the field of local plastic pipes production as acompany producing plastic valves and plastic pipes related products. With the technologies, accumulated based on the business actions taken and research & development conducted by the company up to now, we at ASUNG have developed various products those produced using materials of UPVC, CPVC, CLEAN PVC, HT PVC, PPH and PVDF, and have been supplied the quality products efficiently to the whole business fields throughout the heavy chemical industries and semiconductor production fields, such as the petrochemical fields, semiconductor industry, water treatment industry and chemical industry fields, etc. Particularly, the CLEAN PVC Valves and Piping System products, which development work was succeeded in 2005 by us, have been proved to be suitableto transfer the high quality-ultra pure water or pure water used in semiconductor equipment industries, IT and BIO industries, and thereby the products have taken an important role for the localization of suchkind of products, which used be relied upon those from foreign countries then. As such, based on the technologies and superiority of the products well reputed in the domestic markets, we are now making a leap forward to become a global plastic valve manufacturer by making inroads into North America and South America in addition to those of Asian region. Besides, we have been participating in famous exhibitions and fairs being held throughout the world and that our product qualityand technologies are being competed fairly against other global company products in the world market, and also are making our products promotion and marketing activities constantly in order to find our ways into the world market as one of the top class plastic valve manufacturers. Besides, in line with our business goal aforementioned, we aredesperately trying ourselves to seize No. 1 position on the plastic valve market at home and abroad by taking quality and business renovations in addition to satisfying the quality requirements defined in theISO9001 Quality Certificate, etc. We, ASUNG GROUP assure you that we will ceaselessly endeavor for development of innovative technologies and new products and to replay our customers for their kind support and interest shown to us. #Catalogue 1) 2) 3) 4) #YOUTUBE

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SUNTOUCH main products are outdoor cooking appliances, kitchenwares and korean portable gas stove, frying pan non stick and moisture absorbers. # Main products 1) SUNTOUCH/PORTABLE GAS STOVE 2) SUNTOUCH/FRYING PAN 3) SUNTOUCH/CERAMIC POT # About SUNTOUCH CO., LTD The main products of SUNTOUCH CO., LTD. areoutdoor cooking appliances, kitchenwares and house wares such as portable gas stoves, touch, grill pans, non-stick frying pans, ceramic coated pots, pillows, splash guards, organizers, and moisture absorbers. The company��s headquater is in Korea. We have 3 factories in total; 2 factories in Korea and one factory in China. There are 200 employees in Korea and 150 in China. Moreover, The mutual communication system increases effciency between the korean factories and chinese factory. For over twenty years, our research and development department ofthe portable gas has been inventing new designs and systems such as the safety govemor system with several safety devices and the high calorific burning system. Also, We have improved our product lines to be more efficient over the years, We keep maintaining the best quality in the portable gas stove industry in the world. Since 2008, Wehaveintensively expended our facility and started producing grill pan, frying pan, ceramic coated pots, pillow and organizers. With great quality and competitive price, We export housewares to Asia, Middle-East,Europe,America and all around the world. # Catalogues # Video

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Manufacture & Export of CLIO! We do make any type of toothbrush that you imagine! Koreanmade and owned, CLIO has been proudly manufacturing high quality, unique and innovative oral care products for over 15 years. Particularly, CLIO has developed Tapered & Rounded Bristle toothbrush ����Tapered & Rounded Bristle��? has a unique two level bristle design and it enables to offer a double effect at one time (Longer tapered bristles to clean between teeth and gums & Shorter rounded bristles to remove plaque). Moreover, CLIO offers Anchor-Free tufting toothbrush as well and it has no limitation in bristles��? color, type (tapered or rounded), material (PBT, Nylon, Rubber, Silicon etc) and tufting form (Circle, Semicircle,Triangle, Rectangle, Cross etc). Any bristle type, any bristle material and any bristle shape arrangement are now possible! Please contact us to check the advanced oral care products! Company Information Established in 1995, CLIO Co., Ltd is a Korean manufacturer of toothbrush Head office in Seongnam, toothbrush factory in Cheonan and Sales offices in major cities are located. Established CLIO USA Inc. in New Jersey Product range ? manual toothbrush, toothpaste, facial soap, laundry soap and fabric softener Particularly, specialize in the production of manual toothbrush (Succeed to develop Tapered & Rounded bristle toothbrush using the world��?s first technology & Anchor-Free Tufting T&R bristle toothbrush) Launched global brands such as Dial as an official distributor in Korean market Supply toothbrush to Korean army in2010 & 2011 Have quality certifications such as ISO 9001 & Korean Industrial Standard ?�� Obtain patent on invention and design of practical utility regar Manufacture & Export of Tooth Brush Manufacture & Export of 33309 / Other Manufacturing n.e.c.

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Chungcheongnam-do is a beautiful place located in the center of the Korean Peninsula with mountain, sea, wide plain, and a deep river in harmony. Enjoying the glorious and unique civilization of Baekje back in 1500 years ago, Chungcheongnam-do is well embellished with rich cultures and ancient traditions. Such a history and tradition of Chungcheongnam-do is leading to take a new leap in the 21st century. Specializing in the fields for main force of exports including vehicles, semiconductors, displays, and steels as well as newly growing fields of high-tech industries and part materials industries, Chungcheongnam-do is leading a growth in Korea. Pursuing co-prosperity for well balanced development between cities and agricultural areas, Chungcheongnam-do is making the dream of 'living in happiness' come true.

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