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Paper and board making plant and equipment
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Design Mecha Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of Knife Manufacture & Export of Keywords: machine tool,knves,bearing1.Knives for industrial use*CharacteristicsRecently, cutting and shearing mechanism is getting complicated and required a high precise level according to development of more valiantly pent for knives, we have dedicated to keep the quality control to satisfy the precise dimensions, also have proprietary developed one of the solution, which is surface hardening technology called by UNSM (Ultrasonic Nano-crystal surface modification), that gives the great mechanical performance such as surface hardness, roughness, compressible residual stress, that is why, our knives have a great durability and sharp cutting face.-.For Steel manufacture,Coil center Slitting knife,Slide trimming knife,Spacer,Scrap chopper knife,Flying shear knife,Shear knife,Slab shear knife,Guillotine shear knife,Angle blade knife,Welder shear knife,Scrap chopper knife,Shear line up-cut shear blade-.For Paper Top knife,Bottom knife,Coater & Doctor blade,Circular,Cutting knife,Thread Skiver knife,Bottem knife,Knife by tungsten carbide,Knife for crusher-.For Plywood,Wood chips Chipper Knife,Rechipper Knife,Canter Knife,Dresser Knife,Tool tip,Flaker knife,Wear Shoe,Pressure Lips,Wear Plate,Guide rail,Mill wear plate,Hammer,V-Block2.Plunger Tips*CharacteristicsDesignMecha plunger tips has a great durability performance. The advantage is our final processing method, which is UNSM (Ultrasonic Nano crystal Surface Modification) treatment, which is a surface hardening technology by cold deformation. This technology has recently been patentedin Korea. This process feature is to strike the surface or the plunger tip 20,000 times per second. Therefore, the mechanical properties such as surface hardness, surface roughness, residual compressible stress, etc) of the workpiece are greatly improved. It creates miniscule embossing on the surface of the plunger tips. It radically retards cracking on the edges of the tip as well as the simple durability.3.Angular Contact Bearing for special purpose use*CharacteristicsDesignMecha Angular contact bearing is for heav

  • Log processing machinery and equipment for paper pulp production
  • Knives and cutters, wood and paper pulp processing
  • Slitting machinery and equipment, papermaking industry...

Office Alpha

#Keyword Office, Scissors, Cutter, tape, Office supplies, School, Notebooks, Ball point pen, School Supplies, Art, Scketch nooks, Water color, Art supplies, living supplies #Company Introduction Alpha Co., Ltd was established in 1971 and now is the No.1 stationery and living supplies franchising company in Korea with the history of 50 years. Alpha distributes the highest quality products to about 700 franchise stores and exports many countries. Alpha will be the center of stationery industry in the world with continuous challenge and innovation. #Strength Mposgy is a high quality and affordable priced sticky notes made by Alpha. It is great for notes and reminders on the walls, doors, windows and other surfaces. Mposgy has the best adhesive power and a unique adhesive technology to stick and detach over and over. Alpha developed new products with many kinds of design and function to meet the customers' needs continuously. Our main strength like below : 1. various category : office supplies , school supplies , art supplies , living supplies 2. No MOQ 3. best quality with reasonable price #Catalogue 1. Art Supplies : 2. File Binder : 3. Office Paper : 4. Office Supplies : 5. School Supplies : 6. Writing Instruments :

  • Slitting machinery and equipment, papermaking industry
  • Knives and cutters, paper converting
  • Scissors and shears...

Airrane Co., Ltd.

# Keyword Airrane, Gas Separation, Air Separation, Membrane, Hollow Fiber, Membrane Module, Oil & gas, Eco-Friendly Energy, Biogas, Biogas Upgrading, Landfill gas, Landfill gas Upgrading, Bio-methane, N2 Generation, O2 Generation, CO2 Injector, OBIGGS, GTL, Gas-to-Liquid, DME, Dimethyl ether, O2 Enrichment, Carbon Capture, CCS, CCU, Dehumidification, Membrane Dryer, SF6 Capture, Waste Water Recycling, Nitrogen Coffee, Nitrogen Bier # Company Introduction Airrane were founded in the NRL (National Research Laboratory) formembrane research in Hanyang University in 2001, and have been growing as a specialized company in gas separation membrane. Airrane researches on gas separation which has not been fully established anywhere in the world, and develops independent technologies to lead the global market. Through hollow fiber membrane for gas separation and its application technologies, Airrane provides innovative products and services to satisfy customer's needs according to changes in our lives and economic environment. In addition, to go beyondwhat we have accomplished yet, we will do our best for development ofmembrane which can be applied to various fields, e.g. OBIGGS (On Board Inert Gas Generating System), Biogas, GTL (Gas-to-Liquid), DME (Dimethyl ether) technology, CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) technology, etc. # Product Description & Technical Detail A. MembraneFor Biogas Upgrading - Description A number of gas elementsare generated from food waste and livestock excretions, but as most of them are methane and carbon dioxide, they can be supplied to long distance after separation process, and the gas can be used for power generation, furnace, business fuel, vehicles, city gas, etc. Membrane separation process, one of the processes for separation of bio-methane, uses separation membrane to selectively flow specific substances through and separate gas, which uses polymer membrane is commonly used for removal of carbon dioxide in biogas. Airrane Co., Ltd. is developing membrane module and process using hollow fiber which can purify bio-methane to high purity. - Technical Detail Bio-methane canbe used for energy production, vehicle fuel, insertion to natural gaspipelines, other industrial purposes, and it is receiving more and more attention as an eco-friendly energy source because the substance issame as natural gas from fossil. Airrane Co., Ltd. researches on purification technology to remove moisture, hydrogen sulfide, and siloxane from biogas, mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, and separate methane from carbon dioxide to extract methane with about 98% concentration. B. Gas Separation Membrane For N2 Generation - Description Airrane Co., Ltd.'s membrane module for nitrogen generation is installed in nitrogen generator so that it helps to generate dry nitrogen from compressed air. - Technical Detail These nitrogen generators consist of regulator, pressure gauge, needle valve, so they do not need unnecessary devices and they are inexpensive. C. Gas Separation Membrane For O2 Generation - Description Airrane Co., Ltd.'s oxygen generating modules are designed to have oxygen purity of 30%. They have merits on the efficiency and the price, so it is possible to apply to various processes and systems. - Technical Detail Oxygen generators generate oxygen with compressed air using head compressor or vacuum pump. D. Membrane Dryer - Description Dehumidification of compressed air is done by principle of selective penetration of membrane. Water vapor passes through hollow fiber membrane of several bundles which removes water vapor when the air with water vapor flows out from inside the hollow fiber, and dry air can be collected outside.Part of dry air outside of the hollow fiber membrane is injected inside to prevent condensation of vapor and decline of efficiency. # Catalogue # Video # End-user e40; Nitrogen / Oxygen Generating System : Food & Beverage, Manufacture Industry, Power Plant, Furnace ➜ Membrane Dryer : equipments & machinery ➜ CO2 Injection : Antistatic In Semiconductor & LCD Panel Fabrication ➜ CO2 Removal : Natural Gas,Flue Gas, Syn-gas ➜ Biogas Upgrading : CO2 Removal From Anaerobic Digester & Landfill Gas ➜ OBIGGS : Aircraft & LNG Vessel ➜ Carbon Capture & Storage : Cement Plant, Power Plant

  • Gas production
  • Producers of biogas
  • Dryers, papermaking industry...

2018 KOREA PACK Exhibition

[2018 KOREA PACK BUSINESS MEETING] * TITLE : KOREA PACK 2018(The 21st Korea Int'l Process & Packaging Exhibition) * Homepage: * PERIOD : 17(Tue.)-20(Fri.) April, 2018 / 10:00-17:00 (Last day: by 16:00) * VENUE : KINTEX 1(Korea International Exhibition Center 1), Korea * ORGANIZED BY : KPMA(Korea Packaging Machinery Association) Kyungyon Exhibition Corp. The Monthly Packaging * Supported BY: MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) KITECH(Korea Instituteof Industrial Technology) KCCA(Korea Corrugated Packaging Case Industry Association) * Managed By : KOMPASS KOREA * Activity : 1:1 Business Matching Programs * Areas: -Packaging Machinery -Packaging Materials -Packaging Materials Converting Equipment -Pharmaceutical- and Cosmetic-related Equipment -Food –related Equipment -Inspecting and Testing Equipment -Packaging Label / Digital Printing -Various Processing / Packaging-related Equipment -Components -PackagingRobots -PACKAGE DESIGN -Environment Preservation Equipment and Services -Plant Engineering Systems -Organizational PR, MEDIA * Fee: Free of charge *Buyer Benefits -Air ticket Reimbursement -Hotel Accommodation -Meal offering 2018 KOREA PACK BUSINESS MEETINGis supported by Ministryof Trade, Industry and Energy, organized by KPMA(Korea Packaging Machinery Association). 2018 KOREA PACK BUSINESS MEETING becomes the most important industrial event of in Korea. By attending 2018 KOREA PACK BUSINESS MEETING, you will meet leading companies and their representatives in person. 2018 KOREA PACK BUSINESS MEETING offers thebest opportunity to discover the ASIA market. Take this opportunity and benefit from connecting with Korea market. For registration, email with your name card and Company introduction Catalogue to : / or / Registration will be based on a first-come-firstserved basis. Forany inquiry such as the "Overseas Buyers Benefits" please feel free to contact us.

  • Air compressors
  • Air compressor sets
  • Air compressor sets, industrial...


Manufacture & Export of Dear Sir or Madam, I am Scott Jung, Executive Director of Inpack Co., Ltd. We are an official domestic and oversea sales agent of Korean top manufacturer ,who is named as InPack Co., Ltd., for wet tissue making& packing machine. For our wet wipes machines, the main products areing Machine ( IP-MTL50 ~ 100 ) => 1/ This type of wet wipes ( made by this machine model ) is used for baby, body cleansing or toilet,,, etc. 2/ Each wet wipes pack has consist of from 50 to 100 sheets with a packing wrap plus a vinyl sticker lid or a plastic cap lid. Portable Automatic Wet Tissue Making and Packing Machine ( IP-HAL-4 ) =>1/ This type of wet wipes ( made by this machine ) is used for portable body cleansing or sales promotion of a company. 2/ Each wet wipes pack has 10 sheets with a packing warp, basically. 3/ It can be packed from 5 to 30 sheets.4/ It has the following advantage and disadvantagewhen comparing with IP-HBL700 < advantages > •Low labor costs compared to production volume •Excellent in production speed andquality •Individual driving of fine adjustable tension & screentouch way •Possible error output function on the screen when anoverload or fault alarm < disadvantage >IP-HAL-4 model is much expesive than IP-HBL700 model. Portable Semi-Automatic Wet Tissue Making and Packing Machine ( IP-HBL700 ) => 1/ This type of wet wipes ( made bythis machine ) is used for portable body cleansing or sales promotionof a company. 2/ Each wet wipes pack has 10 sheets with a packing warp, basically. 3/ It can be packed from 5 to 30 sheets.4/ It has the following disadvantages when comparing with IP-HAL-4 < disadvantages > •High labor costs compared to production volume R26;Lower quality when producing the same quantity as Auto Portable machine •Impossible to adjust the cutting length of fabric during production •Impossible tension adjustment < advantage >IP-HBL700 model is much cheaper than IP-HAL-4 model. Disposable and Square WetTissue Making and Packing Machine ( IP-IS300) => 1/ This type of wet wipes ( made by this machine model ) is used for various purposes likeairport, hotel, hospital, snack bar, cafeteria, fast food or city rest

  • Papermaking plant and equipment
  • Papermaking machines, tissue paper
  • Fabrics, non-woven, by use...


DOUBLEWIN co,. Ltd. is a manufacturer of specialized filter equipmentfor industry use, supplying Filter Media Pleating Machine, Blade Pleating Machine, Knife Pleating Machine, Reciprocate Pleating Machine of various filters applied throughout industries. # Company Intlter equipment for industry use, supplying filter pleating equipment,the core material of various filters applied throughout industries. The company endeavors in developing and supplying the best equipment tomeet customers' requirements through strict quality control, quality assurance process, and "Before Service". Moreover, the company pride itself as an enterprise continuously endeavoring to be the foundation for clients by producing and supplying outstanding equipment based on experiences in the filtering industry for the last 30 years. # Main Products [1] HEPA(Mini) Pleating M/C [2] Reciprocate(Blade, Knife) Pleating M/C # Application _Air Filters producer _Dust collection equipemnt _Environmental systems _Gas phase filters _HVAC Equipment _Purification equipment # Keyword Blade Pleating Machine, Knife Pleating Machine, Reciprocate Pleating Machine, HEPA Pleating Machine, Mini pleating Machine, Combination Pleating Machine, Cell Pleating Machine, Corrugate Machine, High Speed Rotary Pleating Machine, Auto FramingMachine, Filter Assembly Machine, Hot Melt Dispenser, Tube Rolling Machine, Glue Binder, Cabin Binding System, Filter Media Pleating Machine, enviroflow air filters, environmental value systems, environmental data management, environmental pollution, Air Filters producer, Dust collection equipemnt, Environmental systems, Gas phase filters, HVAC Equipment, Purification equipment

  • Finishing services for fabrics and textile goods
  • Pleating services for fabrics
  • Dry-cleaning machinery and equipment...


#Keyword : 1st stage Sludge Dewatering machinery, Decanter-Centrifuge, Screwpress, Beltpress 2nd stage sludge dewatering Electro Osmosis Dehydrator, Nano.Micro Bubble technology for water & Wastewater Plant, 2P & 3P Separator for Oil, Water & Solid #Company Introduction With over 30 years of experience in over 60 countries oversea business and know-how of customers' network and field experience, we have been able to deliver timely delivery of optimal products at optimal prices to meet the needs of customers from local market to the World. World Unique, World first developed Electro Osmosis Dehydrator(ELODE) for remarkable Sludge Dewatering system and Renewable sludge Environment Friendly Energy, and High Efficiency DECANTE, Double belt press, 3P Separator, Filterpress, Screwpress for primary sludge dewatering and Unique Nano-Micro bubble technology for water, wastewater treatment process as well. Please come and join & # Video URL #Product 1_1st stage Sludge Dewatering machinery, Decanter-Centrifuge, Screwpress, Beltpress | Screw press 2_2nd stage sludge dewatering Electro Osmosis Dehydrator | Dewatering 3_Nano.Micro Bubble technology for water & Wastewater Plant | Water purification 4_2P & 3P Separator for Oil, Water & Solid | Separator

  • Blast furnace clinker and slag processing equipment
  • Sludge concentrating and sludge and dust extracting equipment for blast furnaces
  • Chemical processing plant and equipment NES...
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