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Neotech Soft Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of # Company Information Neotech Soft corporation focus on variety of business which encompass integrated communication solution businessthrough multi-media, U-healthcare solution business, e-learning solution business and many different other business. We always put our utmos satisfaction to them. We do not limit our business only to Korea, but also to different overseas including United States and Indonesia. # Main products 1. eMEETplus C1000 - (Web Video Conference system) - eMEETplus C1000 is a web video conference system for the enterprise video and web voice conference solution. Thoughdesigned to serve large number of concurrent users, this desktop video and web conference solution can be effectively used for small and medium enterprises. eMEETplus C1000 (web video conference solution) provides the facilities to host general conference, corporate meetings, communication among off shore production and sales facilities. It can be used as portal service to provide seamless web voice conference system for end users as Software as a Service (SaaS). - Using this desktop video collaboration software, you can share documents and web pages, make presentations and collaborate with co-workers and customers. Avoid the hassle of travels by hosting your own web con ference solution with people around the world, thus reducing the travel expenses. Reduce your carbon footprint by using the powerful and feature-rich eMEETplus C1000 web video conference solution and its system. - There are numerous occasions when eMEETplus C1000 can be used effectively. We understand the needs for the video web conference solution for each organization is unique but there is no single tool available thatcan meet all your requirements. But eMEETplus can be used in many occasion and business process within your organizations. 2. eMEETplus L1000 - e-learning webinar software - eMEETplus L1000 isLong-distance education(e-learning) software and webinar software. Though designed to serve large number of concurrent users, this desktop video e-learning solution can be effectively used for small and mediumenterprises and educational bodies. - MEETplus L1000 provides t

  • Video systems
  • Video conferencing/teleconferencing systems
  • Software, training purposes...


Introduction DTVinteractive is one of the best professional developing company fordigital broadcasting that develops and provides the test & measurement solution & Head-End system for mobile TV (ATSC-M/H, CMMB, DMB, DVB-H, ISDB-T etc), Digital Terrestrial / Satellite / Cable broadcasting. DTV Signal Generator, Mobile TV Signal Generator, ATSC-M/H, DVB, ISDB, CMMB, ATSC, Opencable,Test solution, signal generator : Modulator : Multi Standard from separated modular concept [Option : ATSC-M/H, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, ATSC, OpenCable, DTMB(DMB-TH, ADTB-T), ISDB-T(SBTVD),CMMB, DVB-H)] RF Upconverter : 50 ~ 870MHz (VHF/UHF) MPEG2 TS Generator : Internal Generation MPEG2 TS Generator : External DVB-ASI/SPI Output (Option: FM-20X) Analogue I/Q & IF output (Option: FM-204) TS Checker module TS Decoding Information Easy Channel Selection by World-wide Channel Table DB A/V Decoding - DTV : MPEG2 SD/HD - Mobile TV: ISDB-T Automatic Modulator setting (NIT Base) * DVB System Only Automatic Modulator setting (PCR bitrate Base/Dynamic Mode) Manual Modulator Setting (Parameter Setting : ISDB-T only) Manual Bitrate Setting Jitter Injection (TR 101 290 Level Error) C/N Noise Generation (AWGN Option: FM-205) TS Packet Size :RAW/188/204/188+16 (Option: FM20X) Insertion of Null Packets (Static Mode, (Option: FM20X)) Stream & System Monitoring TS File Play List Memory Play on RAM Cache memory TouchScreen & Easy Operation GUI (Patent Registered) ATSC-M/H, ATSC-M/H analyzer, ATSC-M/H monitoring system, ATSC-M/H test solution : ATSC-M/H (A-153) Analysis & Monitoring System Supports both Analysis & Monitoring mode for ATSC-M/H ATSC-M/H Signal Error analysis & Monitoring Monitoring ATSC-M/H Slot Status Analysis of Bitrate Status of Main Stream and Parade Analysis of Bitrate Status of each MH Service or IP Data Usage Rate inRS Frame TPC Information Analysis FIC Information Analysis Manufacture & Export of Data Broadcasting Software,Broadcasting Test & Measurement Solution Manufacture & Export of 32604 / Manufacture of Telecommunication and Broadcasting Apparatuses

  • Outside broadcasting (OB) and mobile units
  • Broadcasting equipment, outside television
  • Telecommunication measuring and testing equipment...

KOSME Global corporation

1. B.M.S(Business Matching Service) The best way to find reliable Korean Manufactures and Suppliers! 2. V.A.P(Visitor Assistance Program) Any difficulties during the best business meeting? We are here to help. Arrange business meetings with suppliers, Free translation, Provide resourceful business information. 3. Global Open Market Still having hard time purchasing the product you are looking for? Now you can access to our GOBIZKOREA.COM, just as in the leading global open markets such as Ebay, Amzon, Taobao, Qoo10 and Rakuten, to easily inquire and find the products of your interest. 4. Korean innovative Products The Products of 100 Young Start-ups with Technical skills and Creative Ideas. Product sourcing, Korea import, Korea industry, business opportunities, Korean goods, import from Korea, FTA Korea, inter-trade, business match, business, matchmaking, Korean products, supplier sourcing, Korea factory, Korean manufacturers, Korean manufacturer, sourcing products, Korean product, Korean suppliers, Korea industries, south Korea business, sourcing strategic, Korean seller, buy Korean products, biz-matching, B2B trade websites, import export business, online, dating business, sellers network, Korean shopping sites, find the product, product source, sourcing business, sourcing specialist, business networking, Korean buys, what to buy in Korea, product manufacturing, tech-match, business matching, Korea manufacture, Korea export, companies for sale, Korean business directory, B2B marketplace, Korean trading companies, trade sites, business for sale, small business for sale, Korean factory, Korean seller, Korea sourcing, wholesale product, sourcing, Korean products, Korea business, Korea trade, Korean business, Korea machinery, Korea importers, buyer assistance program, buy Korea, business matching service, business matching program, dating business, global business services, B2B global, online buyers and sellers network, find importers and buyers, trade matching , strategic sourcing, global sourcing, sourcing manager, B2B marketplace, Korea products, Korean wholesale, B2B sales, business for sale Korea, Korean makeup, Asian beauty products, breastmilk storage, breast milk pump, Korea baby products, baby carrier, Korean clothing, Korean skin care, Korean beauty products online, tech in Asia, horse oil cream, Korean beauty products, Korea online shopping, pressure rice cooker, electric rice cooker, baby soap, hipseat baby carrier, Korean fashion online, Korean cosmetics, Korean shoes, Korean stuff, nail art products, baby wipes, made in Korea

  • Cooking and baking equipment for the catering industry
  • Pressure cookers, catering
  • Basic chemical products for cosmetics, perfumes, detergents and soaps...

LOOP Co., Ltd.

# Keyword GPS tracker, FMS, fleet management system, fleet management soultion, mobile data terminal, digital tachograph, tachograph, vehicle position, telematics, anti-theft, satellite tracking # Company Profile LOOP Co.,Ltd was founded in 2002 as leading company of the vehicle on-board data acquisition & communication. More than 200,000 telematics devices have been produced by LOOP, and LOOP has maintained its position at the top of the diesel particulate filter's controller and digital tachograph market during last decade. LOOP will be your best partner as not only device supplier but also solution supplier of the fleet management system. # MainProduct A. GPS Tracker B. Tachograph # Product Description A. GPS Tracker - Real-Time Monitoring : Multiple Vehicle location data is available in real-time. - Vehicle Tracking : Replay trip history on the map including Start / Stop points and time spent. - Reporting : Drive time / Distance and idling time in Daily / Weekly / Monthly. - Geo-fence : Easily set up a geo-fence and be alarmed if the vehicle moves out of the set area. - Supports Android/ iOS mobile phone. - Supports ECO-drive Monitoring - Over speed - Sharp acceleration - RPM revving - Idling timeFuel - consumption(Optinal) B. Tachograph - Data record of speed, RPM, brake, GPS location and fuel consumptionfor the purpose of accident prevention and fuel saving. - DataAcquisition of speed, RPM and Brake by wire or CAN - Fuel consumption calculation based on gathered signal. - Data analysis software – GPS Tracking, Sharp acceleration, RPM revving, Idling time, Fuel consumption - Data backup by USB memory. - Storage Memory : Over 6 month # End-user transportation company, public transportation industry # Website # Video # Catalog

  • Anti-theft systems
  • Credit and charge card organisations
  • Fuel card services/fleet card services...
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