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Seojeon Globe Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of # Company Introduction: SEOJEON GLOBE The Asia's leading manufacturer of Fine Geographic Globes We offer more than 200 kinds of globes with unique features from education use to innovative smart globe, decorator, strarry globe and magnetic globe. # Product Raglobe LED lamp globe 200 kinds of globes. #Quality control In house QC responsibility based on ISO 9001 standard CE certificated with safety and EMC for LED lamp globe. SEOJEON GLOBE guarantees the best quality of globe, clear print, colors, updated place names, straight latitude and longitude, stability, and safety. #Field of cartography Mapping of political, physical , satellite image, vegetation with world knowledge brown ocean, antique, celestial and thematic mapping globes for customers. #Awards IMIA (International Map Industry Association) Best globe and Innovation Awards Best globe and Innovation Awards forcartography and technique. #Patents14 patents in Korea andUSA for design and technique. # Export We export theglobes to US, Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Holland, Saudi Arabia, HongKong, Singapore and Japan. # Main Products of SEOJEON GLOBE Blue Ocean(Colors by nations) It is easy to distinguish the nations by colors and standard for education, It has ocean current and depth of the sea, capital and cities by sizes. Brown Ocean The globe with brown ocean based on the political globe. It's tone adds a touch of elegance to any environment. Satellite Image It is created from pictures of Earth taken by US NOAA satellite. NOAA : National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. A real globe of Earth's physical features. World Travel(Natural vegetation + World Knowledge) It shows stateof plant life : ice-cap, tundra, hot desert, taiga, forest and tropical grassland (savanna) *Detailed illustrations : World Heritage, animals, cultures and voyage routes.

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  • Publishing: School books
  • Educational equipment, globes, terrestrial and celestial
  • Educational equipment for children...


#Keyword K-beauty school, beauty class, Makeup Academy, beauty Academy #Company Introduction We are a company that trains Korea's advanced beauty technologies. With modern and systematic education programs and know-how of K-beauty school, we provide the most reasonable service to foster excellent beauty professionals. We offer online lecture platforms around the world (China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, United States, Canada, New Zealand, etc.) that make it easy for anyone to learn K-baeuty through video at any time. Education classes are produced by inviting talented instructors from all fields, and they are highly qualified to become beauty specialists only through video lectures. 'K-beauty Solution' strives to promote the excellent skills of Korean beauty to the world and realize the true value of beauty. #Product 1)K-beauty school ㅣ Beauty solution # Strength We also welcome individual or corporate investors who want to join our LBL (Luxury Beauty Lounge) business. We want to develop custom-made marketing strategies for each countries through our partnership with our partners from all over the world. We believe that our company has bright future and strong business model since Korean beauty related industry is fast growing and will be even more so in the future. Our strong business model can make the Korean wave more wide spread through the internet which has no spatial constraint. # Video URL

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  • Training and education consultants
  • Educational advisers
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e-future.Co., Ltd.

#Keyword : English, EFL, EFL learner, English language, English Language Teaching, Phonics, Language Learning Program, TESOL, Online Books,Reading Books, ebook, English teaching, Foreign Language, English learning skills, Vocabulary, SMARTree English, Smart Phonics, e-future Classic Readers, Magic Adventures, Vera the Alien Hunter, School Adventures, Hand in Hand, Smart English, Reading Skill, ESL e-future Co., Ltd. is an innovative and adaptive ELT publisher. We research,develop and design our products with the EFL learner in mind. Our materials have been proven by EFL teachers and students alike and incorporate both modern teaching methodologies with cutting edge technology to better support English language learners academically, emotionally and creatively. e-future started out as David English House,a language school based in Seoul, Korea. This school delivered a variety of ELT programs as well as a certificate program for teaching English to young learners in cooperation with Heinemann. In 2000, the company was rebranded as e-future Co., Ltd., and it focused on developing internet-based ELT programs. Phonics Land, one of the firstproducts to be developed, was awarded a bronze prize at the Digital Contents Fair organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication. It was later exported to Taiwan and the United States. By 2001, e-future became an approved research and development center bythe Korean government and worked to create a range of ELT products focusing on young learners. Its first major series, EFL Phonics, proved very successful for the company. It continued to develop a wide range of skill-based books for young learners. In 2008, e-future became a shareholder in Anaheim University, a fully-accredited California-based university specializing in online education with programs inTESOL and business administration. 2010 saw e-future starting to export its range of titles across Asia. Later that year, e-future became a publicly traded company on Korea's KOSDAQ Exchange. One year later, e-future partnered with Korea Telecom to produce materials for smart devices and launched SMARTree English, a comprehensive tablet-based language learning program. By 2012, e-future had published its first integrated coursebook, Smart English. Currently, e-future is exporting its programs throughout the world and has major licensing partners throughout Europe and Latin America.

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  • Language schools
  • Language courses, online/e-learning
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Daeshin electronics Co.,Ltd

Galvanic ion, micro-current, skincare, LED, vibration, acne care, nutrition, lifting, cleansing, beauty product, massage, Face, lift, skin care, cleanse, beauty product, led lights, makeup, acne, acne treatment, led bulbs, best acne treatment, skin care products, detox cleanse, led lamp, make up, body cleanse, reflexology, cleanse diet, cosmetics,acne cream #COMPANY INTRODUCTION DAESHIN Electronics is a manufacturing company specialized in developing wire harness for white goods, diagnd diagnosis. Our company was established in December, 2009. Currently, we continue to grow by sypplying electronic components and LED parts to companies from large to small in size, including large corporations such as Daewoo Electronics and Carrier and small companies in the Gwangju Hi-tech Industrial Complex. Since 2010, we started to invest on R&D for a skin care device and a skin diagnosis device to diversify, globalize, and enhance our business. In 2016, we have developed and produced the skin care device, "IONMIi". IONMIis our main product that has several beneficial effects; skin suppression effect dueto galvanic ion effect, improvement of physical recuperative power due to micro-current effect, bacteria destruction by usingLED skin therapy method, and enhancement of skin transparency due to vibration functions. In addition we have developed skin disease diagnosis device "Smart Wood Lamp" which is equipped with function and used UV LED instead of UV Lamp, which was used on existing wood lamps.We are striving to attain 10 percent growth every year Under ourmotto"Provide top quality service, resonable price, and quick delivery toour customers", we are doing our best to make world-class skin care devices. Through a definite vision and preparation for the future, we will impress our customers and cooperate business partners worldwidewith constant growth and quality management system. #MAIN PRODUCT Portable skincare device(IONMI) #Catalogue #Video

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  • Training courses NES
  • Training courses, cosmetics, perfumery and aromas
  • Make-up products...

Creative Bomb Co.,Ltd.

# About Creative Bomb Co., Ltd. We are developing children��s smart education contents with our own character, ��Boto the pink dolphin�� and stories. Establishing consortium with various categories in education institution, first, we developed cognitive-creative promoting gbased on musical education curriculum authorized by Ministry of education in Korea, Creativity promoting Animation which helps the children to improve developing depth and width of thoughts, lastly, Virtual Kindergarten which is a convergence education contents with such as VR / AR hologram technologies. # Main products 1. Mobile Games We have launched 4 series of cognitive Creative Education Games. These games are based on the curriculum developed for talented children by children's creativity institution. Globally featured onGoogle play in November 2014, April, August and December in 2015. Also, we have launched Musical Education Games which is Based on the musical education curriculum developed by Irum Vision, a music education company, authorized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Republic of Korea. Interactive games, children can dance, sing, play the musical instruments. Globally featured on Google play in December 2015. 2. Animation We animate the characters and stories of Boto the Pink Dolphin as a short animation. Enables children to develop thinking skills by improving the size and the depth of thoughts. Optimized for mobile devices and smart TV. Also, in July 2016, we signed an agreement to co-produce TV animation with Chinese Production Company. Jiangsu Ruitoon Company. Our company will import Character andstory and Ruitoon will produce the animation. Will be on air through CCTV, Jiangsu TV in 2017. 3. VR/AR contents 3-1. Interactive VR Contents, children can experience a virtual marine world. (Co-development project with Artechlab, a media art company) 3-2. Developing Virtual Kindergarten. It's an educational feel content whereyou can experience with your whole body in reality. # Keyword Children education, Education contents, Animation, Educational mobile Game, AR textbook, VR aquarium, VR kindergarten, Educational

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  • Publishing: School books
  • Educational equipment for children
  • Educational equipment, music...

Luke Korea, Inc.

# About Luke Korea Luke Korea provides the service of professional healthcare IT platform for the people to enjoy healthy lives. # Main products Luke Korea provides the beyond-new services. 1. The patient-centeric healthcare IT service is providedaceutical and insurance companies. From now, we pursue to shift the center of healthcare to the patients. Luke Korea delivers healthcare information, reinterpreted by the healthcare industry professionals for patients to easily understand the professional healthcare information. 2. The cutting-edge Information Communication Technology grafted in healthcare. The technology company, Luke Korea, is recognized by the government, investment entities and real-world users for its future ICT competency based on the technologies of healthcare big data analysis, data compression & encryption. 3. We leadthe fostering of healthy healthcare ecosystem Luke Korea is prepared not only to foster the healthcare ecosystem with the patients, hospitals and pharmaceuticals but also to expand its business to B2B model. 4. We pursue global environment. Luke Korea is preparing for differentiated service for the global healthcare industry with its members consisted by pharmacist, public health professional, hospital administrator, statisticians, accountants equipped with knowledge and experience of advanced technology and analytics. # Keyword Mobile, Healthcare, App, Patient, Hospital, PHR, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Software

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  • Training courses, computing systems, information technology (IT), internet and multimedia
  • Training courses, mobile applications development/mobile app development
  • Database information services...


#Keyword Korea’s No1 foreign-language online service provider [Awards] Winning the National Brand Award in foreign language education for 5 consecutive years (2019) Winning the Best Brand award chosen by consumers for 3 consecutive years (2019) Most number of paid-up members of 1.7 milllion for basic online lecture site #Company Introduction Siwonschool holds No1 brand value for online lecture for basic English in Korea. There are more than 1.7 million members registered and the company’s service is being well rated by enlightening great number of people who has difficulties in English conversation. Besides basic English, there are contents such as TOEIC, OPIC, IELTS, etc that well represent Siwonschool is English specialized company. Furtheremore Siwonschool also produce online lectures and books to learn Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, German, Indonesian, Arabic and Korean, total of 13 languages which represent it is comprehensive language contents company. Recently Siwonschool is developing online lectures and books to learn Korean for Vietnamese, Indonesian and English speakers. #Product 1_SNAP Korean | language courses # Strength Siwonschool’s special learning method to acquire Speaking in easiest way Lecturers, researchers and language experts in 12 languages Language specialized publisher for books in 12 languages Well known brand among 30s-40s with purchasing power in Korea through website, home-shopping #Edutech Creating complete language learning solution powered by people and technology Edutech development team providing the best E-learning solutions Edutech service management team managing most ideal learning environment for learners # Video URL

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  • Language schools
  • Language schools with audio-visual (AV) facilities
  • Language courses, online/e-learning...
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