Education and training

Education and training

South Korea

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Daeshin electronics Co.,Ltd

Galvanic ion, micro-current, skincare, LED, vibration, acne care, nutrition, lifting, cleansing, beauty product, massage, Face, lift, ...

With R&A Co., Ltd

With R&A boasts numerous features and advanced products about respiratory devices with the 70% of the employees have direct experience...


refresh, healing, wellbeing, stress relievers, worry relievers, depression reliever, psychological anxiety, promotional gift, B2B gift...

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About 3,700 South Korea companies’ information has been registered in the Education, Training & Organisations category of Kompass worldwide database. Among those above, this sector is all about Education and training business which represents large activity contents within our database. You can get not only company’s summary information but detailed info such as contacts, products, catalogues, etc of Education and training industry you are looking for.