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Manufacture & Export of [English Ver.] YOUR LEADING GLOBAL PARTNER PROVIDING MOBILE OBSERVATION & VISION SYSTEMS NEWEST ONE TECH is Delivering mobile observation & vision systems and other related products.Full experienced engineers, QC team and production staffs are very dedeved. Our target of the business is to grow up together with customers. Why is NEWEST ONE TECH for the answer? If youare considering equipping your vehicles with mobile observation & vision systems, it's important to find a company that not only has engineer staffs with full enough experience to develop & manufacture heavy-duty system but has continued to meet the demands of your industry at all aspects . Our products have been developed and manufactured specifically for our customers' needs as an reliable & trustable solution. NEWEST ONE TECH is carefully listening to market with great eagerness and developing products that best suit its need. We've never tried to meet minimum standards. Our products has been developed pursuing the top quality with innovational idea. Our ultimate goal is to create a safety product that is built to last - Even inthe harshest conditions. OUR MISSION To provide state-of-the-art and top class products vehicle observation & vision systems to improve safety and security. To exceed customers' expectations through superior technology, hardware and on-time feedback. Long term Partnership with our customers to provide cost-effective solutions. # Our Products : Monitor for vehicles, Camera for vehicles, Rear view monitor, Auto-mobile monitor, Auto-mobile camera, Black box - We can supply our whole product to customers asreasonable price, high quality, and customizing. - We have certificated for E-mark on most our product such as Automobile Cameras and Monitors. - Our product has competitive price for markets on all over the world. [French Ver.] Fabrication et l'exportation de VOTRE PARTENAIRE GLOBAL leader FOURNIR OBSERVATION & Vision Systems MOBILES NEWEST ONE TECH estDelivering observation et de vision des systèmes mobiles et aut

Supplier of:

  • Motor vehicles, special purpose
  • Motor vehicles, security, armoured
  • Cine-cameras and video cameras...

GSBC(Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center)

Korean Products [2015' Korean Products] 1_Ecoway Co.,Ltd_Waterless Urinals 2_ECORUN.CO_Chlorinated carbon fluorine recovery, playback devices 3_SAMJUNG Electric Co., Ltd._BATEC LED ceiling light fixture ILT 30W 4_WSI Corporation_Mobile Hospital Units 5_Eunchang BC_1mm-thWire rope 7_World Chem Co._Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 8_KISUNG INDUSTRIAL CO._COLORLOON FOAM-CLAY DINOSAUR 9_YOUNG JIN INDUSTRIES_SPEED RACK 10_BUJA.CO.LTD_cell return therapy mask 11_GoodFeelKorea Co.,Ltd._Eco-Friendly writing materials & stationery 12_Semisolution_CHANUN Black Box 13_Taeyoung Material & Filter CO., LTD._Airomate 14_Dawon Electronics_Solar Home System 15_RAMAN Co.,Ltd_Hot Sale KOREA Car Polish Wax 200g/pc (Car- Paste Wax) 16_D&D ELECTRONICS CO., LTD_Electrolyzed disinfectant generator 17_Garimi Co.,Ltd_JATGIM / Laver / Pine Nut 18_Won Industry Co._Air compressible massage system / Elastic Bandage Net 19_JANGIN INDUSTRIAL DIAMOND CO._Diamond tool for construction/stone (Diamond Core bit & segment, Diamond Saw Blade & segment, Diamond Cutter, Wire Saw, Polishing Pad) 20_YUHANHITEC CO.,LTD_ION PLASMA AIR-CURTAIN 21_ODHitec CO,. LTD_Transparent LCD Display Showcase 22_GTS GLOBAL_BALLOP SKIN-FIT LIGHTE SERIES V1 RAY PINK 23_DMCS_Motor controller 24_SUNKYUNG INDUSTRY CO.,LTD._Baby bottle sterilizer 25_Forus Electronics Co., Ltd._Smartphone Call Recorder 26_Hanyang Engineering Co., Ltd._No Noise Water Proof Safety Manhole Cover 27_The Palm Co., Ltd._automotive A/C compressor 28_DENTAL CARE CO..LTD._DENTAL TOOTHERUSH 29_BIT_HONEY Brush 30_PRIME ENERTEK CO.,LTD_Prime AGF6 31_DAESUNG IDS Co., Ltd._Elevator Control Panel 32_Home Care Co., Ltd._Vegetable Baby Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent 2.5L 33_KORSOA_the shampoo 350 34_GumYoung General.Co., Ltd._Elevator, Escalator, Rope Gripper 35_H K CO., Ltd._Ceramic health hot mat fomentation 36_FTLAB.,Ltd_Bluetooth LE Precision Voltage/Current meter with Data Logger 37_Roman Seals Asia Co., Ltd._Fastener Seals, Metal to Rubber Bonded Seals 38_Alpha Clean Technology Co., Ltd_CAST 39_AMT Engineering Co., Ltd._BOTOSONIC

Supplier of:

  • Ornamental fish
  • Tropical fish for aquariums
  • Marine algae and plankton...

VisionDrive Co., Ltd

Manufacture & Export of #About VisionDrive Co., Ltd -Introduced to 50 global markets with satisfaction as below with the mission. "Creative and sustainable technical development to lead safe driving life and contribution to the happiness of people." -Won Australian Road Safety 20br> # Major strengths -Only 0.58% of RMA rate -Visual driving information on Google map -Date, Time, Location, Speed,Distance report in MS Excel -Dedicated analyzer with Encryption,Data preservation, Video quality enhancement feature # Main Prodcuts 1_Car Black Box VD-9600WHG -Drive recorder to help traffic accident decreases -2channel cameras records front and rear or interior at the same time / Audio recording On/Off -3.2" wide Touch LCD screen / Easy to do things you want at the moments -Each channel supports HD video quality -GPS supportive -Povided dedicated Video analysis program 2_Car Black Box VD-8500WHG -Drive recorder to help traffic accident decreases -2channel cameras records front and rear or interior at thesame time / Audio recording On/Off -2.4" LCD screen / HD video quality -User-friendly designed button based car black box -GPS supportive -Provided dedicated Video analysis program 3_Car Black Box VD-1600HD -Drive recorder to help traffic accident decreases -2channel cameras records front and rear or interior at the same time / Audio recording On/Off -Simple, compact design -Each channel supports HD video quality -GPS supportive -Provided dedicated Video analysis program Keyword CAR DVR, DASH CAMERA DRIVE RECORDER, CAR RECORDER, CAR SAFETY CAMERA, CAR CCTV

Supplier of:

  • Control and navigational instruments for ships
  • Voyage data recorders, marine
  • Digital recorders...
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