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Transportation and logistics services
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Hieltec Co., Ltd

backup camera, rear view camera, wireless backup camera, backup camera system, aftermarket backup camera, car reverse camera, backup camerakit, rear camera, car rear view camera, car backup camera, best backup camera, wireless rear view camera, reverse camera for car, rear viewmirror camera, wireless backup camera system, backup camera for car, rear camera for car, wireless reversing camera, rv backup camera # Company Introduction We have been actively engaged in designing, manufacturing and constructing various cameras andmodules for almost all indu for cars and has specialized technology in that area. We have been exporting cameras for cars to Japan since 2009, and are currently focusing on manufacturing and marketing of cameras for trucks, a product developed in 2013. It is currently supplied to Hyundai Motors and is installed on cargo truck (named porter 1). We have been keeping an exceptional reputation and performance record forfinished products and services provided to our customers around the world. #Main product : rear view camera, backup camera(camera for vehicle) (1)HCR-100PL : For commercial vehicles (2)HCR-100IR : For commercial vehicles (3)HCW-100 : For commercial vehicles, wireless system, Simple and easy installation #CATALOG #YOUTUBE

  • Video systems
  • Video cameras, professional
  • Testing and inspection services for premises, machinery and equipment...


Introduction As one of the world leading manufacturers of life-saving equipment, Hyundai Lifeboats Co., Ltd, are the only manufacturer and supplier of lifeboats in Korea and are very much proud of achievements accumulated for past 35 years. We have the experience and expertise it takes troduction. Acknowledging the importance of meeting customers requirements and satisfaction to the maximum extent, we are making our best efforts to get improvement of safety, quality and service as well as to maintain competitive prices. In addition to production of lifeboat, we plan to go into maritime leisure industry in order to suffice demand of the world market. Lifeboat: Lifeboats areequipments provided to save a human life under vessel distress, necessarily required to be installed for vessels engaged in international voyage, according to the international regulation, SOLAS, applied to over 85-meter-long freight, entire freight for international voyage and over 200 people on board, or over 500-ton-heavy passenger ship, based on the standard of the type, size and course of the ship, and the number of passengers. With such characteristics, they are mainly consumed in a dockyard and the market volume is shifted according to the number of vessels under the construct. Manufacture & Export of Life Boats,Leisure Yacht Manufacture & Export of 33101 / Building of Ships and Boats

  • Signalling and safety equipment, for ships and boats
  • Lifeboats and lifeboat equipment
  • Maintenance, mooring and anchoring equipment, for boats and ships...
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