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#Keyword Soybean paste, red pepper paste, Soy sauce, Fish soy sauce, Spreads and pastes, vegetables based, Bean paste, Korean paste #Company Introduction Eco-friendly high-quality traditional Korean paste. Dam Back Won Cham, which contains sincerity and secret method. Dam Back Won agricultural association corporation is located in the Mudeungsan Mountain suburb of Cheongok-dong, Gwangju, which is a clean grade A region, and produces traditional Korean paste with high-quality, honest, and eco-friendly spirit. We have developed and patented a more advanced paste fermentation method for the preservation of Korean traditional taste through steady technological development and efforts. Furthermore, we are striving to develop hygienic products while maintaining the traditional taste by developing and introducing fermentation technology suitable for modern society Based on these efforts, we started exporting to the Americas in 2010 and have continued to promote and sell products in overseas markets even till the current year of 2018. In addition to the interest in Korean food, we are trying to supply traditional Korean pastes to areas that are developing a high interest in Korean food due to the spread of Korean Wave, such as China and Hong Kong All products of Dam Back Won, such as Cheonggukjang, doenjang, soy sauce, gochujang, plum extract, native grass enzyme extract, pickled vegetables, etc., are produced with the traditional method of creating clean taste. In addition, Dam Back Won is contributing to healthy eating habits of consumers by selecting, processing and distributing the best quality agricultural and marine products. We will visit your table with the best well-being food. #Catalogue

  • Vegetables, processed
  • Spreads and pastes, vegetable based
  • Bean paste...



#Keyword Tea, Beverage, Healthy food #Company Introduction Nokchawon was founded in 1992 to increase the presence of tea culturein Korea. Inspired by a pure passion of tea, Nokchawon has become a pioneer producer, marketer and exporter of drinks in Korea. Nokcha is translated as “Green tea” itself and symbolizes nature. Combined word of “Greentea” with “One” signifies the best and togetherness. Starting with green tea, we swiftly expanded our product line to combine both modern and traditional teas and other custom-made products. Our endeavor is to provide superior quality to our customers across the globe. Thus, Nokchawon provides complete satisfaction for customers at the level of high quality, product assurance, competitive price and packing customization.Seoul Headquater, Sachun factory, Anseong factory, Geumsan factory, Pocheon factory. # Strength Throughout many years of business, Nokchawon has secured whole nationwide distribution channels such as Hyper markets, CVS, Department store, etc in Korea. Moreover, we have expanded our distribution networks to meet worldwide customers of more than 20 countries in North America, Asia, and Europe etc. # Main Product - Honey Citron Tea 1KG - Green Tea Powder 50g - Walnut Almond Adlai tea 15 sticks - Black Sugar Syrup(Portion type) - Korea fish cake soup tea(Original/Spicy) # Catalogue

  • Tea, coffee, herbal and fruit teas, organic
  • Tea, processed, organic
  • Tea...

Yongin Promising SMEs

Yongin Promising SMEs

Are you looking for Reliable Best Quality K-Products? There are many innovative and excellent products that are comparable to those of global companies. # Detailed Information [1] BrainU Co., Ltd. | Medical Device [2] SANGKONGYANGHANG CO., LTD. | KF94 Face Mask [3] ElsisKorea | Health Functional Food [4] Joatech | Mobile Screen Protector [5] Halang Co.,Ltd | Beauty & Personal Care [6] ZARI | Table Mat/Place Mat [7] ATECH Co., Ltd | Air Purifier [8] bokshouse | All-in-one Liquid Soap [9] Plastikos | Skin Care Products [10] S&G BIOTECH INC. | Premium Air Pollution Mask [11] DAEHAN FLEXIBLE DUCT HOSE CO., LTD. | Flexible Hose [12] Nanocrystal Co., Ltd. | Dispersion [13] MAMAFOREST CO. | Natural Kitchen Detergent [14] AAT | Telescopic Mast [15] NOVATRON CO. | High-resolution Audio Player [16] Pairgreen Inc. | Makeup Cosmetics [17] SAMSUNG NECO CO. | Textile Sample Cutting Machine [18] JHNMICROTEC | Permanent Makeup Pigment [19] B.S.Corporation | Energy Drink [20] NTBASE CO., LTD | Pure Nano Powder [21] GAONNANOTECH CO., LTD. | Professional Filtration Mask [22] DOBE COMPUTING Co,.Ltd | Micro Data Center [23] SUNGUARD OPTICAL CO., LTD. | Polarized sunglasses [24] ACE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. | Vacuum Cleaner [25] BLUEQQ CO. | Premium Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer [26] COCODOR CO., LTD. | Home Fragrance, Diffusers & Candles [27] INP CORP. | Industrial-use Heater [28] JAE KYUNG ELI CO., LTD. | Infrared Heat Lamp [29] CHOWIS CO., LTD. | Skin & Hair Analyzer [30] KORMEL KOREA | Melamine Tableware [31] APS TECH CO., LTD. | Water Purifier & Dispenser [32] BACKSAN LNT CO., LTD. | LED Lighting [33] ALPHADISPLAYTECH | Smartphone Enhanced Glass Film [34] HAPPY APPLE INC. | Apple Juice [35] FREE BIO CO., LTD. | Bio Liquid Wallpaper Paints [36] GRIPIN Inc. | Grip Belt Smartphone Case [37] HEALTHNURI COMPANY | Medical Device & Health Goods Please contact us if you have any questions or interesting products. To purchase a sample, please click on the link below.

  • Protective helmets, masks, eye shields and glasses
  • Eye shields and masks
  • Face masks and shields, protective, industrial...



Energy Drink, Instant Noodle, Cosmetic, Soft Drink, Health Drink, Ginseng Drink, Drink, Beverage, Beauty, Noodle #Company Introduction "BEST QUALITY AND SERVICE" B.S. Corporation is a insisting in "BEST QUALITY AND SERVICE", we continuously improve our services and consider what our customers think. We know there is much competition in this industry. However, we know from our customers that our service is one of the best in this industry. We pay much attention to the needs of our customers and have expanded our line of products that our customers requested. With abundant knowledge and resources, extensive networks of cultivation and collection, superior technical capabilities, convenient facilities, as well as qualified sales and technical people, we can meet customers various requirements with various products, solutions and services. Besides, we also enjoy excellent reputation among our customers. We are sure that our high quality products and excellent service will attract more and more customers appreciation. Contacting us is the first step to build up a successful business relationship with us. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information. Our pricing may not always be the lowest, but we guarantee that our products will be competitive. We must do better than other suppliers. We do not necessarily want to be bigger, but simply want to be better.

  • Drinks, canned, bottled or otherwise packaged
  • Soft drinks, canned
  • Diet products...

KYK Co., Ltd.

KYK Co., Ltd.

#Keyword Akline water ionizer, Hydrogen water generator, Hydrogen-rich water, water ionizer, water purifier, water dispensor #Company Introduction KYK Co., LTD has been working on the Alkaline Water for over 34 years. The company has received loads of awards and accolades from the government and non-governmental organizations in South Korea and USA as well. KYK Alkaline Water Ionizers have incorporated the latest technologies and design elements to create the best healthy enhancement water for you and your family. - Alkaline Ionizer Water - Filter And Alkaline Reducing Water - Produce Alkaline Reducing Water Creator KYK G2 alkaline water ionizors offer cutting edge technology combined with the highest levels of service & support, at the most affordable price. Our systems offer more features, better performance & better benefits than any other company in the ionizer industry. KYK is the answer for Smarter technology, Smarter features & Smarter value! -.Using natural phytoncide oil unlike a freshener. -.Anti-bacteria effect, deodorization and eliminating VOCs. -.Stress ease for driver and immunity improvement. -.Prevention of new car syndrome and concentration ability increase. -.Placing into the cup holder of card. Convenience and Sleek Design. # Main Products - HIGEN 1+ - Higen3+ - Higen2+ - HISHA - Generation II # Catalogue # Video

  • Waters
  • Mineral waters, natural
  • Mineral waters, artificial...


#Keyword Manufacturing Health Beverage, Fruit Juice, Aloe Drink,Tea Drink, Soy Bean Drink, Soda, Coffee Drink #Introduction OKF is a world leader premium beverage manufacturer, which produces approximately 750 types of drinks and export to 160 countries including America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In 1997, based on the outstanding technology, OKF Aloe Vera King, which is evaluated as the beginning and standard of aloe drink, was produced to target the world market. It is now leading the aloe drink market as world NO. 1 brand, occupying 76% of aloe drinks market share, and holding a patent in 180 countries. OKF has focused on penetration of foreign market share in the past 28 years. As a result, OKF products are now distributedin the major distribution channels (Costco, WALMART, Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Metro, Super Value, Kroger, ALDI, LIDL, Makro, ShopRite, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sam's Club, Walgreen, Kraft, Mercadona, SPAR, ASDA, Ahold, Loblaws, CVS, 7-Eleven, Drug Store, Groceries, U.S. Army PX) with 500 global partners in 160 countries. The OKF Multi Beverage Factory is located in Andong city, Gyeongbuk-do with theworld's highest level of technology in 99,000㎡ scale. It consists of 12 main lines and 7 sub lines with high-tech automatic equipment system which is capable of producing more than 8 million bottles(approximately 200 containers) a day, 3 billion bottles an year(expected economic value; 1 billion US dollars). All exportation products are complying with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulations. The principal OKF's certifications are IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000, ISO, GMP, HACCP, HALAL, USDA & NOP EU Organic Certi, GOST, Kosher, etc., which make OKF supply the products stably to the consumers worldwide and manufacture more trustful products. Now OKF Corporation is sparing no effort to produce and develop whatever customers want as theinternationally recognized corporation for devoting its heart and soul to produce premium healthy beverages.

  • Fruit juices
  • Fruit drinks
  • Lemonade, carbonated and soft drinks, non-alcoholic...


#Introduction About IDO CO.,LTD. Ido is a company that researches, develops, manufactures and sells fermentation oriental medicine teas and fermentation oriental medicine cosmetics, etc, following the principle that our earth has purified by itself from the beginning with the power of fermentation. Strength of IDO CO.,LTD. The Korean representative fermentation oriental medicine teathat will astonish the body of the cosmopolitan - IDO fermentation oriental medicine tea The solid fermentation technique is the method only Ido uses, which was newly developed by combining the fermentation principle from the traditional fermentation food of Korea and amodern science. It can be apply not only to the various functional raw material market but also to the valuable well-being food and cosmetics. The raw materials of fermentation are basically original plant, inorder to increase the effect and efficiency. Often we use organic or natural medicinal herbs, the combination of material produces the highfunctionality fermentation product that can purify the body of modernpeople cleanly and healthy, whom is exposed to the various modern disease like a high blood pressure, diabetes, atopy, gout, rhintis etc. From Now, make a dietary treatment simply and easily with a fermentation oriental medicine tea treatment (the tea therapy) !! #Keyword Herbal Tea, Traditional Korean Tea, Fermentation Tea,Caffeine-Free Tea, Health Food

  • Diet products
  • Drink concentrates, dietetic
  • Department and chain stores...


Manufacture & Export of Yurim has made uncompromising devotions for producing a proprietary and safe blend of herbal nutrients to enhance overall health, vitality,and energy of customers and standing out as a tea-market guru and we now finally comes to offer our exclusive line of natural herbal t by combining two chinese characters respectively meaning nature (; for "JaYeon") and love(; for "Ae"), represents Yurim's philosophy to make a dream place for perfect coexistence of human & nature. ; Yurim which exactly identifies orientation of every plant in accordance with herbology to manufacture and offer the superb medicinal herbs has finally developed a perfect line of herbal teas, "refreshing tea", "smart tea", "energizing tea", "strong tea", "simple tea", and ��happy tea" from traditional oriental medicinal herbs for helping customers enjoy more happy and healthy life. Enjoy your best life with JaYeonAe made by nature. [Refreshing tea]-Time for refreshing you Helping kids feel free from tests stress! For centuries, people have enjoyed the amazing effects of pepperminthelping your stuffed nose and throat cleared. The refreshing tea is made by blending natural herbs such as peppermint, cnidium officinale, and schizonepeta tenuifolia and specifically benefit customers by making feel refreshed and mentally purified with its savory flavor. There are some reports proving peppermint, cnidium officinale, and schizonepeta tenuifolia are highly effective in curing allergic rhinitis,ozena, and other nasal diseases. Nasal clearing leads even to clear mental performance. Ingredients; Cnidium officinale(Korea) 35%, Peppermint (Korea) 35%, and Schizonepeta tenuifolia(Korea) 30%. [Smart tea] -Time for sharpening your wits * Improve your memory power and break free from daily distress. From long timeago, our ancestors have been told to have frequently used Seokchangpo(;�����/Grass-leaved sweet flag) to promote memory power and concentrating ability in preparations for high ranking public official tests. "Smart tea" contains Seokchangpo ingredients good for promoting memory power and Bekboksin(;������/hoelen) ingredient

  • Herbal and fruit teas
  • Herbal teas, blended
  • Tea...

Gangwon Insam Cooperative Association

Manufacture & Export of [Gangwon Insam Cooperative Association] The Insam Cooperative Association controls all areas of Gangwon-do, the main growing district of 6-year-old Insam, and has supported the cultivators of Insam in Gangwon-do and established and managed for the better maintenance of special-manufacture of healthy food at the Food and Drug Safety Authorities [Korea Insam] Insam is the grass that has lived on shaded ground for many years and it belongs to the Panax, Araliaceae family in the field of botany. The botanical name is panax ginseng and its roots are used for medical purposes. The botanical classification tells us that the grass has lived for many years among the trees of derup growing on the mountainside and is called a double-leaved plant. It grows naturally in the woods of high mountains and is about 60cm tall. It is being grown as a plant for medical use. Insam grows naturally in the areas of Southeast Asia and Northern and Eastern part of the North America including the peninsular of Korea. The Korean Insam is called, ��Koryu Insam��and the Sam of Hankuk Insam is written as ��Sam(߸)��in Chinese letters. The Sam of other countries is not called Insan but known as Jeongchilsam or Jul jeolsam and written as ��Sam(߸)��in Chinese letter. ��The word Panax��is derived from the Greek and its meaning is that it cures all diseases as a compound word of Pan (all) and Axos (cure). • Features - Gangwon Insam has a firm texture and dense fibers which gives it high quality. • Ingredients - 100% fresh ginseng • Directions - Blend 20g of fresh ginseng with 180ml of milk or cut fresh ginseng at 2-3mm and season in honey and store in refrigerator and eat frequently. • Package unit - Cane basket package 750g, 1kg [Korean Red Insam Extract Gold] • Features - The Korean Red Insam Extract Gold which is produced by Gangwon Korean Insam is the simple undiluted solution which has extracted only the effective components of thered insam, most preferred by the consumers. • Ingredients <

  • Lemonade, carbonated and soft drinks, non-alcoholic
  • Ginseng soft drinks
  • Diet products...

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)

Service of Korea Trade & Business, Korea Trade, How To Trade With Korea,Korea Overseas Market News, Trade Consulting Serivces,KOTRA Membership,Trade LibraryThe Korea Trade Corporation Promotion(KOTRA) was established in 1962 as a nonprofit trade prom-otion organization to encouragede.The central role of KOTRA has alway been that of directly encouraging trade between Korea and her foreign trading partners. This is the primary duty of the Trade Promotion and Exhibition Center.Departments in the center are divided according to function and are in charge of awide scope of activities, ranging from the dispatching of trade missions abroad tothe organizing of international exhibitions in Korea. Import/Export Promotion Business Consultation -Fairs & Exhibitions -PR & Publications -Trade Inquiry Services -Buyers Meeting Room -Overseas Trade Fairs -Domestic Exhibitions Publicity at Home and Abroad-Pulbications Main Activities Growing of new export conpanies -Branch-promotion project/Operation of a joint distribution center -Support for participation in exhibitions -Trade mission -Support for overseas business Trips Global corporation partnership business -Global partnering project -Korea Autoparts Plaza -ICT Roadshow -Global Engery PlazaCreation of new future markets and new business areas -The Korean Wave Hallyu marketing -Growing of overseas expansion-leading companies in the service industry -Support business ofr cultural contents introduction to foreign markets Growing of new export conpanies -Foreign maket research -Presentation meeting and consulting service for customersin foreign markets -Support for over seas investments Infrastructural support to strengthern the global competitiveness -KOTRA brandproject -Training program -Global personnel business Foreign Inverstment attraction -Adminstrative support for investment attraction -Assistance of investors' convenience -Dealing with difficulties of overseas companies

  • Trade associations
  • Trade fair industry associations
  • Marketing and merchandising services...
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