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Kyungnam Metal Co. Ltd

Manufacture & Export of Aluminium extrusion, Fabrication of aluminium sash, Curtain walls, Frame profiles, Special aluminium industrial materials, Aluminium electronic parts, Aluminium automotive parts, Aluminium construction materials # About KYEONGNAM METAL The past 40 years that hashas contributed to the development of domestic aluminum extrusion business for the past 40 years, is making continuous efforts to become the foundation of the domestic aluminum industry. We promise to continueto work hard with our creative challenge spirit and with our will. Moving forward and forward as a leading maker of lightweightautomotive parts! KYUNG NAM METAL is expanding the area of lightweight parts business for automobiles based on know-how of auto parts manufacturing. Especially, we are expanding the business oflightweight automobile body (BIW) focused on Bumper Beam and are expanding the parts business utilizing next generation high strength and high ductile Crash Alloy which can guarantee the convenience and safetyof passengers. In addition, we supply Drawn Bar in advanced aluminum drawing line to the market for automobile Spool Valve, OCV and Brake Piston produced, renewing customer perception about Drawn Bar. To the world! To the world! KYUNG NAM METAL 's Roof Rack, which was supplied only to existing limited markets, has been exported to Japan, Europe and North America according to the demands of global automobile manufacturers, which let us expand its business worldwide and be reborn as a small but strong global company. KYUNG NAM METAL will expand the company's capabilities to the world thanks to the Roof Rack with new technology.

  • Iron and steel wire rod. Drawn steel wire, reinforcing steel
  • Wire rods, iron, drawn
  • Wire rods, steel...
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