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Manufacture & Export of -Mdf -Particle Board -Lpm -Uv -High glossy Board # Strength of Daeyoung Plywood Company - Located in Incheon, South Korea, Daeyoung Plywood Co., Ltd was established in 1991. Daeyoung Plywood Co., Ltd, one of the largest companies in the0 years of experience. - Being one of the largest companies in the market enables us to benefit from the economies of scale, for example, our purchasing power, resulting in lower price per unit for our partners. - Using the P.B (particle board) and M.D.F (medium density fibreboard) that are made in South Korea, the quality of our raw materials is superior compared to others. - Our past experiences of foreign trades with Turkey, Mongolia, and Russia allow us to bring high satisfaction towards our partners when dealing with the processes of packing and shipment. - Our aim is to produce high quality goods for sinks and furniture in various designs, colors, and patterns. #Quality and Certifications - We keep our quality high by producing the goods with P.B and M.D.F which are made in Korea. - Mainly used P.B and M.D.F belong to E1 and E0 grade. #Price competitiveness - As one of the biggest manufacturer in the market in South Korea, we could purchase raw materials and produce our products relatively with lower costs compared to our competitors due to the economies of scale and purchasing power. - Many foreign companies are starting to import products from South Korea instead of products from China due to our high quality. This could be good evidence that our products are high quality and can compete with cheaper but lower quality from China.

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High Material Co.

Manufacture & Export of Carbide Rod Carbide Tip Carbide bonding Tappet Drill Endmill Micro Drill Dental Burr RTP Powder Thermal spray powder High Material Co. was established in 2006 through Research & Business Development with government investmein business is developing new material parts, and application. Based on patented technology of carbide bonding, we will be making our effort to find new materials, and develope new technology. Technology of Tungsten Carbide Bonding - Tunsgsten Carbide parts are used for the parts which need wear resistance widely in the industry. But because of high price, many users hesitate to use this material.HiMC's patented technology of carbide bonding enables them to apply tungsten carbide material, and lower the cost. - Many industrial parts need wear resistance, so tungsten carbide is being considered always. HiMC suggests carbide bonding technology to make it easily with less than half price. Mostly not all area of parts need wear resistance, only surface area needs wear resistance. So we suggest that small carbide disc or tip be bonded with steel body. In this way, the parts' wear resistance will be maintained, but the cost will be less than a half. New Material Development - We are studying new material development such as Tungsten carbide powder for thermal spay, and Carbon paper for fuel cell diffusion layer. Agglomerated & Sintered Powder is used for thermal spray, and only few companies make quality products. Using new method of sorting process, we can classify powders customers need with excellent bonding property. Carbon Paper is made of high purity carbon fiber. Carbon paper is used for fuel cell diffusion layer, insulation, filter, and underlining material during sintering process. As this material's market is expanding HiMC invested in the newest wet laid facilities. We expect the demand of high quality carbon paper will be more than 10times in 5years, and HiMC will be one of the main suppliers in the market.

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Instroduction Jesagi Hankook Ltd. has been founded in 1991 and developing, manufacturing, and servicing based on Plasma System and Technology. We are notonly a Plasma System manufacturer but also a Plasma Treatment Serviceprovider with our own plasma systems. With the accumulated experiencestomers. Especially for LED, PCB and Semiconductor industry, weare providing the most suitable and specialized plasma cleaning, etching, coating systems and solutions for their own characteristics of the customer's manufacturing line. Plasma, Cleaning, Package,Lab-scale : Plasma Cleaning System, JSPCS-300, is lab-scale plasma cleaning system and it is recommended for package manufacturer of small volume production or R&D purpose. Substrates as in Magazineis loaded to vacuum chamber and plasma-treated. One normal sizedmagazine is loadable. Plasma, Cleaning, Package, Mass-production : Plasma Cleaning System, JSPCS-750, is a plasma cleaningequipment for mass production of package line. Several Magazines keeping substrates are loaded into vacuum chamber and plasma-treated. Max.16 of normal sized magazine are loadable. Plasma, Cleaning, Package, Mass-production : Plasma Cleaning System, JSIP-6M, isa plasma cleaning equipment for strip-by-strip plasma treatment. RIE or PE structure of electrode enhances plasma treatment. JSIP-6M plasma cleaning system has been designed to prevent jamming when takingsubstrates out of magazine, moving to chamber, and reloading to another magazine. Anti-Jamming design and control of the plasma cleaning system enables us to provide higher reliability. Plasma, Cleaning, Package, Mass-production : To support user's factory automation, we have released Fully automated plasma cleaning system, which is called 'Flow Plasma System'. Flow Plasma System (FPS) consistsof single or multiple module of plasma cleaning system in a main frame with Magazine Transfer Robot. Each plasma cleaning module has a set of chamber, plasma power, vacuum pump set and controls such as gauges and gas supply. In case of multiple chamber configurations, limited operation by selecting plasma cleaning module is allowed so that user can Manufacture & Export of 32401 / Manufacture of Basic Iron and Steel

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JY Technology Inc.

Arc power supply, Linear Ion source, sputter cathode, sputter magnetron, circular arc cathode, rectangular arc cathode , Plasma source, arc cathode, sputtering target, arc coating, power supply, ion source, sputter cathode, vacuum coating system, cold plasma #Company Introduction: We, JY Technology, provide plasma source (arc cathode. Sputter cathode and linear ion source ) that are required for vacuum coating system. The plasma technology is in wide usein the high tech industry ; semicon, FPD, Solar , AMOLED, Mobile, Automotive, etc. The plasma source are essential and core factors togenerate the plasma and its quality. JY Technology is trying to help customers develop the most productive and cost-effective thin film applications on the market by providing the advanced plasma source. By sharing the experience and accumulated Technologies through the internal thin film coating R&D center, JY Tech is committing to do best that JY Technology will do best constantly in order for customers to be advanced and competitive in the industry. #Main product: 1. Arc power supply - Arc coating for D.Cpower supply *Technical Detail: 1) Enable Trigger running time : - Stable arc discharge 2) EMI noise filter to input/output and communication port: - Prevent malfunction by external noise 3) Various communication protocol : - ensure user convenience 4) High current power supply: - Applicable to various process 5) AutoTrigger function : - possible auto arc discharge 6) High accuracy output power: - ensure 1% of setpoint full rated output accuracy 2. Linear Ion source - Cleaning and Etching for Ion source *Technical Detail: 1) Optimize Plasma discharge 2) Maximization of ionization rate 3) Minimization arc from Source 4) Minimization particle from Source 3. Sputter cathode - Sputter for cathode *Technical Detail: 1)Profiled Magnet Technology 2)Optimized Performance 3)Broad Rangeof Sizes 4)More Efficient Cooling 5)Standard and Custom Design Options 6)Standard and Custom Accessories 7)Robust Design Configurations 4. arc cathode - Arc Coating forcathode *Technical Detail: 1)Trigger : Igniter Swing Type. - Prevent Trigger contamination 2) High cooling performance - Accept high power and various process 3) Long Maintenance period & Easy assemble shield - Long life time and easy Maintenance 4) Good magnet design with Simulation - Stable coating process 5) Stable Magnet Field . - Stable coating process # Catalog: # Video:

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Hanip Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of Han Ip Co., Ltd. is a manufacture of electroplating & maching for industrial parts, giving priority to the customer satisfaction first through Technical Capabilities accumulated since its establishment in 1974dedicating itself to manufacturing the electroplating(Cr,Cr-Alloy,Ni,Nr C.C.M. Cu-plate over 30 years to POSCO, and Quality Competitivenessenhanced by using quality control. Under the slogan"SUMMIT- We can do with you!", Han Ip Co., Ltd is in the lead as a world class company by ceaselessly conducting Research and Development, acquiring patents, and seeking market exploitation on the global market in the field of electoplating for C.C.M. Cu-plate as well as by providing the items to the POSCO for higher productivity. Han Ip has already earned acclaim by Republic of Korea for all the elements of its items & services such as quality, price and lead time, thus realizing the customer satisfaction and meeting the customer needs 100% 5% of Han Ip's revenue comes from the exports, meeting the needs of quality and price from all across the globe. As a company favorably noticed by many clients from China , Thailand and for its high quality, meanwhile maintaining the low price as that of China. # Our Product - Electoplating(Cr,Cr-alloy,Ni,Ni-W,Ni-Co,Ni-B,Ni-P,Ni-Mn,Cu), C.C.M.(Slab , B/B , B/L), Work roll, C.D. roll, Corrugated roll, Canvas roll, Drum dryer

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