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#Company Introduction GNV CO.,LTD has invented electric floor heater, Ondol is Korean traditional heating system and is traditionally floor heater by fire and use to cook at the same time. Our innovation provides customer quality life at home as well as any inside area such as accommodations, public offices, church and etc. Furthermore, innovation prevents road freezing when it installs underfloor road. By comparison existing floor heaters, this innovation can be differentiated outlook, materials and performance. Specially, high temperature as 100~130 degree reaches within 10 minutes and strong durability with stainless steel appearance can be blocked cold damage or broken heaters in winter time, Also, floor heating gives users pleasant feeling therefore they may relax more comfortable. #Company Introduction DAEHO COOLER, we have been loved by our customers by manufacturing and providing the cooling water cooling equipments which are indispensable for all the areas ranging from cooling device for laboratory and experimental equipment to overall industries. Our company has devoted our best efforts and has studied ever with the mind to produce the best and the highest quality of cooling water cooling equipments. So, we have lots of experience for installation cases and excellent services in chiller market for over 20years. #Company Introduction It is Popping sound in the Kunzip barn that has been researching and developingrice puffs machine for 30 years. Wellbeing nutritional snacks with low-calorie for our family. It is easy to use with the development of new technology. (Easily removable and easy to clean.) It is a multi-functional rice snack machine that makes all rice and grains all over the world as snack. Even with the differ kinds of grains, you can easily make snacks with an automatic temerature controller. #Company Introduction Rinas Daesung Co., Ltd. is a Kitchen utensil specialized company that manufacturers and distributes products by Researching & Developing the ones that are fit to Korean Kitchen Culture. With managerial philosophy of " Pursing Quality with Top Priority". With such effort, Rinas products selected as an " Outstanding Item from Ministry of National Defense and and Public Procurement Service of Korean Government. We will make our best effort to become the global top company by upmost quality and leading revolution with new ideas.

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Hyundai Minuteness Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of Recoil Spring, Idler Assembly, Cylinder, Recoil Spring Assembly # Company Name Hyundai Minuteness (HDM) has a solid historyin the heavy industry fields since established in April 1st, 1979. HDM is specialized in manufacturing Recoil Spring assembly & Idler assembly (the key component for an excavator's undercarriage) and Steer Axle assembly (the steering function for a forklift) which requiring the advanced quality based on the accumulated reliable technology. With the supply of heavy equipment to Samsung Heavy Industries as the momentum, HDM has been supplying the components to excavator plants of Volvo and forklift plants of Clark all over the world. For securing competitiveness and penetrating into the new markets, HDM launched the China plant plan from August 2005 and established China Company in December. HDM China started developing materials and human resources, has been supplied to Volvo (Shanghai, Linyi), Shandong Lingong(Linyi), andClark Qingdao in China. Our vision is "Sustainable enterprise which can work together in the next generation" in the heavy industries. For it, HDM has strengthened its competitiveness to rank with the leading manufacturers in the world by developing remarkable products and is continuing with innovations and challenges with the pride as contributors to industrial development and society. # Main Products - Recoil Spring Assembly - Idler Assembly - Cylinder Assembly # Catalog Link

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