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Ipec Co., Ltd.

Introduction over the years, IPEC High Preision, Inc has achieved remarkable growth as a manufacturer specializing in Industrial Machinery Parts and Mold Parts through continuous technological innovation, research & development, and strong personnel training. Moulding parts, Molds, Mold parts, Hot runner, Hot runner manufacturer, Hot runner maker,Hot Runner parts, Hot runner supplier, Industrial parts, Industrial spare parts, Industrial components, Precision Parts, Precision spare parts, Precision components, Precision molding parts, Precision molding spare parts, Precision molding components, Precision moulding parts, Precision moulding spare parts, Precision moulding components, Mechanical Parts, Mechanical spare parts, Mechanical components, Precision engineering spare parts, spare parts for molding , defence, machine, automobile, cellphone, Korea brand parts for molding, Automobile parts, Automobile spare parts, Automobile components : IPEC manufacture main parts for Molding machine and all kinds of spare parts which is consisted of Hot runner system. Moreover, we manage all process control in our own factory for industrial precision components as well as defence precision parts. (1) Mold parts : Ejector pin, Sleeve pins, Gate core, Screw core, Injector core, Square core, Piston, Pin bush, Unit, Taper core, Electrodes, Common electrodes, NC electrode, Screw electrode, Guide rail, Slide Block, Inner Block,Taper core, Guide bush & Pin (2) Hot Runner parts : Manifold, Nozzel and Nozzel cap, Sprue Bush and Sprue Bush cap, Tip guide valve pin, Spancer, Piston, Pin Guide Bush, Liner, Runner core, Valve pin, Updisk (3) Industrial parts : Balance Shaft , Diamond Wheel Shank,Expansion Tube, Valve, Bracket, Block, Guide, Hinge, Guide rail, Slide Block, Inner Block, Stopper, Robot Arm, Guide pin, Holder, Lever Manufacture & Export of Sleeve Pins,Ejector Pins

  • Components and accessories for precision measuring instruments
  • Components and accessories, thermometer
  • Plastic moulding equipment and machinery...
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