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Manufacture & Export of # Company Introduction SAMJUNG Odyssey Co., Ltd was established to improve the distribution flow for rapid response of cold forging and development for the machining of metals and mass-produced supply, based on the founding intent of, "Production Process Rationalization andingProcess Module." We will increase production competitiveness and maximize the clients profits with "High Quality, Reasonable Prices, Timely Delivery, and Advanced Technique" to ensure a bright future for the client and SAMJUNG Odyssey Co., Ltd. # Keyword Auto parts such as pinion shaft, half shaft, parts from ABS brake through cold forge. # Strength International features former Olympic gold medal and it's our company is a professional manufacturer that can be forged from mold design and machining of automotive parts and forged products together with engineers from my boss. # Certification We Keep our quality with exceptional consistency. We have ISO 9001 & TS 16949. In addition, we have the parts and materials certified company from Korea government and the certifiedclean factory. # A Competitive Price We could purchase the raw materials relatively with lower costs, compared to our competitors. Although the production of the product in Korea, but is a professional supplier of products from mold design to machining. This could be a good evidence that our products are gaining competitiveness over the local products. We always make an effort to improve our credibilities and satisfy customer needs.

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