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CWPTM - Changwon technology precision machinery

Activity and products precision, casting, machinery parts, assembly, order made, custom made, shaft assembly, ring assembly, defense industry # Company Instruction We are a company composed of business divisions which make Defense product parts, equipment production division, and Civilian equipment parts division. The defense division produces and supplies the parts for the weapons system and the maintenance parts for the Army, Navy, and Air Force, while developing domestic substitutes for the imported parts. In the civilian business division, we make the machining tool system, in addition to the sub assembly processing and assembly works. With the highest technical capability and quality assurance, we conduct our businesses as specialized in the machinery and electric/electronic fields, as we grow into a global company. "With the superb technical capabilities, we aim for the highest qualities." With this as our motto, we train our employees continuously while we engage in research and development. Also, with systematized and efficient quality management, we do parts, precision processing, special welding, and assembly, while making processed mechanical products, hydraulic parts, electronic and electric part, which are well recognized for their qualities. # Main products - Ring Cam - Seal coupling - Servo Cylinder - CAMERA-MOUNTED MULTI-PURPOSE LED REAR LAMP - LED TYPE MULTI-PURPOSE REAR LAMP - LED TYPE REAR LAMP - LED TYPE MULTI PURPOSE HEAD LAMP - LED TYPE INDOOR LAMP - LED TYPE BLACKOUT RUNNING LAMP - SURVEILLANCE PATROL, MINE DETECTION AND REMOVAL DRONE SYSTEM # Strength Design and process various materials and complex shapes of machine tool parts. It is possible to produce products that can meet various needs of customers by broadly defining the shapes of processed products using precision casting. In the field of defense, we supply munitions and we are localizing parts for products that depend on operation ability, maintenance and import of equipment. In the field of civilian industry, we manufacture Sub Ass'y for machining, assembling and machine tools. The machinery sector is growing as a leading company and in the field of electric and electronic, quality is guaranteed with best technology. # Catalog

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Company Introduction : Hamil Selena Co., Ltd. has produced aerosol products since its establishment in Aug.1991. In 1996, it developed the WORLD FOAM, one component polyurethane foam that can be applied to a variety of places, such as openings around window and door frames, insulation and panel connection areas in apartments, houses and large buildings. In 2014, Hamil developed WORLD FOAM BOND, one component polyurethane foam adhesive that is eco-friendly product without methanol. Hamil also developed WORLD PLUS 65 B2 and obtained certification ofDIN 4102 fire class B2(Germany) in 2016. With this product, Hamil hascaptured the largest share of the domestic polyurethane foam market. We have 70 types of product and exprted over 6 million US dollars. It has exported the product to overseas market such as Japan, Russia, Mexico and South East Asia and it has been recognized in quality, reliability from overseas customer. #Main Product : WORLD FOAM # Product Description : World Foam is one component type polyurethane which is hardened by air humidity once it has beensprayed from the can. Its foam expansion and adhesiveness is excellent to fill various gaps, empty space and cracks perfectly and also, it presents outstanding quality for multiple properties such as thermo-keeping, insulation and sound-proof # Technical Details: Working Temperature : +5C~+30C(Optimal +20C) Thermal Resistance(after curing) : -30C~+80C Density : 20kg/m3 or more Thermal Conductivity : 0.020~0.040 W/m.k Water Absorption : 0.1~3.0g/100cm2 Tack Free Time : 10~15min Cutting Time : 40~60min Full Cure Time : 24 hours Fire Class : DIN 4102 B3 Yield : Max. 40L Storage Life : 12 Months #Keyword: One ComponentPolyurethane Foam, Single Component Polyurethane Foam, Polyurethane Foam, PU Foam, Expanding Foam, Adhesive, Bond, PU foam adhesive, Polyurethane foam adhesive. #End-user : Fixing and insulating door/window frames, Filling joints of panel, Insulation and sound proof for cooling/heating system, Expansion joint of top ALC and preventing condensation

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