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Koban Co., Ltd.

#Keyword UREA BUTTON, POREA BUTTON, NEON BUTTON, AURA BUTTON, POLY BUTTON, CASEIN BUTTON, NONTOXIC MELAMINE, ELECTRIC SWITCH COVER, COSMETICS SPATULA, COSMETIC LIDS #Company Introduction Since its foundation in 1990, our company made a great investment in the development of goods with conspicuous originality. As a result, we have constantly developed brand new products for our customers and supplied them at competitive prices and on a punctual delivery condition. Determined to take full responsibility for the quality of our products, all staff members of our company put stop priority on customer satisfaction. Koban Co., Ltd is a major supplier to garment manufacturers and wholesalers around the world and has 3 innovation tasks which are the worlds best quality (overtook Japan), best design (overtook Italy) and the most creative development of new material to respond to the changing and growing needs of our customers. Especially, our company leads the products in Urea, Nontoxic Melamine and Casein and honored to be chosen as an award winner of, [development of fashion subsidiary material] at 9th SamWooDang textile promotion award in 2002 and [business and marketing management] at 15th Korea Federation of Textile Industries Award in 2005. Koban Co., Ltd aims at the world’s best company in subsidiary industry by predicting and leading the changes. # Strength INNOVATIVE - We concentrae on develpment of various goods and new material DESIGN - We pursue the best design from the dynamic activity and ambitious individuals QUALITY - We are proud of better quality than that of Japan and Italy SYSTEM - We created communication system with Color chart / Mold book SERVICE - We supply with the customers need such as Fast Delivery / DTM Available / Fast Response

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  • Decorative articles, ceramic
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# Keyword Heat-resistant Ceramic, Induction Heating, Ceramic Pot, Non-absorbing Ceramic Colorful Ceramic # Company Introduction Camel.Inc is a company aiming to accomplish the best lifestyle that one can pursue. We want to provide comprehensive information about the life of humans. This will achieve smooth communication and add to the beauty of life. Camel.Inc works towards a common goal of achieving harmony in people who believein loving work and enjoying working life. We are manufacturing ceramic cookware which is made of pure natural minerals. We plan to expand market not only domestic market but also overseas market # Product Description A. Very White - Description Dreamware Very white is absolutely no pores or cracks. Very White, made of pure natural minerals, it is free of Pb(Plumbum), Cd(Cadmium),and As(Arsenic). Camel.Inc has applied its unique coefficient thermal expansion technology to eliminate pollutants and pores, and toprevent fine cracks and absorption. It makes it possible to use in induction. In addition, Very White is manufactured from natural mineral materials rich in far-infrared rays. This natural minerals can be widely used in environmentally friendly cookware market. B. Dambaek - Description Dambaek is an innovative cookware that breaks the existing frame ceramic heat-resistant cookware is always black. Conventional heat-resistant ceramic cookware have manufactured only as black because of pores and crack due to seeping. Dambaek hasa water absorption rate of 0.1% and a thermal shock resistance of 500�� C. It does not have cracks or pores even long-term use. It can make Dambaek possible to apply a variety of colors that were impossible with conventional pots. The interior is made in white and the exterior is made in various color. C. Solocook - Description 'Solo Cook' is a cookware that can be used in various heat sources such as microwave oven, and gas range. Solo Cook is also a hygienic and safe cookware is made of natural minerals. The material of Solo Cook is 90.4% of far-infrared emission, which adds to the taste of the food. Solo Cook has the double lid to increase the pressure when cooked to make the food taste good, and the four holes in the lid circulate the air to enhance the taste of the food. It is simple, healthy, delicious mulit-cooker solo cook. # Technical Detail 100% Hygienic - At a less than 0.1% absorption rate, no pollutants and chemicals from dishwashing will seep through. Thermal shock - thermal resistance of 500�� Excellent durability - No risk of damage even when alternately used between microwave and direct flame Full flavor with FIR emission - Emits Far Infrared to bring out full flavor from ingredients # Video # End-user The heat-resistant ceramic pot which is made of the pure natural mineral can be used in induction.

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  • Tableware, ceramic
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