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GeoChang YuGi

GeoChang YuGi

#Keyword #bronze #bronzeware #bronzecraft #crafts #tableware #kitchenware #cookware #koreacrafts #koreabronze #objet #GEOCHANGYUGI #kcdf #artsindustriels #brassware #bronzecraft #lavaissellecore?ene #artisanatd'art #artme?tallique #Company Introduction 100 years of family business for four generations Geochang Yugi, which has been carrying on its unique technique for over 100 years and four generations since 1924, has brought a whole light based on its aesthetic philosophy. We create 'works' manually that reveal the original value of the materials, not the 'products' that are produced mechanically at the factory. # Strength Philosophy of Sincerity ‘Handicraft’, The only bowl in the world Geochang Yugi makes proper bowls by the hand of craftsmen, not by a machine. The signature engraved on each piece is a wish of Geochang Yugi to give everyone something special. Reasonable persistence Geochang Yugi products increase the value of bronzeware by making with high quality casting. The fine machining of castings makes the surface smooth and easy to maintain. For better health 'Geochang Yugi' It suppresses and sterilizes harmful germs and makes healthy dining table. Also, the bowls of Geochang Yugi contain the essence of health, including warmth and softness as well as freshness of food. # Main Products - KC19-PL001 - KC19-PL005 - KC19-PL006 - Boatlike plate (S) v.1 - Boatlike plate # Catalogue[GEOCHANGYUGI]CATALOG_V004.pdf

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Pet Feeding Table, Premium Natural Wood Pet Table, Elevated Pet Feeder Premium Elevated Dogs and Cats Feeder, Single/Double Bowl Raised Stand with Ceramic Bowls Included. Made from Natural Rubber Wood Perfect for all Dogs and Cats Scogborn was established in 2015 by providing high-quality pet furniture under the brand name of Scogkatt. Our main principles are providing professional-quality furniture that your pets will love to use and also look perfect with your home interior. As owners of many rescue dogs and cats, pet’s health and wellbeing are the main priorities. We design our products at precise angles and heights that will best fit your beloved pets. Main Product: Raised Bowls for cats and dogs * KEEPS FEEDING AREA CLEAN – Elevated feature keeps food and water from spilling, keeping the feeding area clean. Bowls are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning * ELEVATED – Elevated height reduces neck and joint stress especially good for pets with arthritis-related problems * CONCENTRATED MEAL TIME – Side partitions narrow the pet's viewpoint for more concentrated feeding time. Good for sensitive pets or household with more and one pet * COMFORTABLE – 15-degree tilt provides a comfortable position for the pet's esophagus making swallowing easier. It also gathers food into one spot leaving no leftovers. Good for dogs with flat faces * WATER RESISTANT– Made from 100% natural rubberwood with water and stain repellent coating for long-lasting use # Strength - Elevated height to reduce joint stress - Partition to increase concentration - Scientific 15-degree angle - Made from Natural Material

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SUNTOUCH main products are outdoor cooking appliances, kitchenwares and korean portable gas stove, frying pan non stick and moisture absorbers. # Main products 1) SUNTOUCH/PORTABLE GAS STOVE 2) SUNTOUCH/FRYING PAN 3) SUNTOUCH/CERAMIC POT # About SUNTOUCH CO., LTD The main products of SUNTOUCH CO., LTD. areoutdoor cooking appliances, kitchenwares and house wares such as portable gas stoves, touch, grill pans, non-stick frying pans, ceramic coated pots, pillows, splash guards, organizers, and moisture absorbers. The company��s headquater is in Korea. We have 3 factories in total; 2 factories in Korea and one factory in China. There are 200 employees in Korea and 150 in China. Moreover, The mutual communication system increases effciency between the korean factories and chinese factory. For over twenty years, our research and development department ofthe portable gas has been inventing new designs and systems such as the safety govemor system with several safety devices and the high calorific burning system. Also, We have improved our product lines to be more efficient over the years, We keep maintaining the best quality in the portable gas stove industry in the world. Since 2008, Wehaveintensively expended our facility and started producing grill pan, frying pan, ceramic coated pots, pillow and organizers. With great quality and competitive price, We export housewares to Asia, Middle-East,Europe,America and all around the world. # Catalogues # Video

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# Keyword Heat-resistant Ceramic, Induction Heating, Ceramic Pot, Non-absorbing Ceramic Colorful Ceramic # Company Introduction Camel.Inc is a company aiming to accomplish the best lifestyle that one can pursue. We want to provide comprehensive information about the life of humans. This will achieve smooth communication and add to the beauty of life. Camel.Inc works towards a common goal of achieving harmony in people who believein loving work and enjoying working life. We are manufacturing ceramic cookware which is made of pure natural minerals. We plan to expand market not only domestic market but also overseas market # Product Description A. Very White - Description Dreamware Very white is absolutely no pores or cracks. Very White, made of pure natural minerals, it is free of Pb(Plumbum), Cd(Cadmium),and As(Arsenic). Camel.Inc has applied its unique coefficient thermal expansion technology to eliminate pollutants and pores, and toprevent fine cracks and absorption. It makes it possible to use in induction. In addition, Very White is manufactured from natural mineral materials rich in far-infrared rays. This natural minerals can be widely used in environmentally friendly cookware market. B. Dambaek - Description Dambaek is an innovative cookware that breaks the existing frame ceramic heat-resistant cookware is always black. Conventional heat-resistant ceramic cookware have manufactured only as black because of pores and crack due to seeping. Dambaek hasa water absorption rate of 0.1% and a thermal shock resistance of 500�� C. It does not have cracks or pores even long-term use. It can make Dambaek possible to apply a variety of colors that were impossible with conventional pots. The interior is made in white and the exterior is made in various color. C. Solocook - Description 'Solo Cook' is a cookware that can be used in various heat sources such as microwave oven, and gas range. Solo Cook is also a hygienic and safe cookware is made of natural minerals. The material of Solo Cook is 90.4% of far-infrared emission, which adds to the taste of the food. Solo Cook has the double lid to increase the pressure when cooked to make the food taste good, and the four holes in the lid circulate the air to enhance the taste of the food. It is simple, healthy, delicious mulit-cooker solo cook. # Technical Detail 100% Hygienic - At a less than 0.1% absorption rate, no pollutants and chemicals from dishwashing will seep through. Thermal shock - thermal resistance of 500�� Excellent durability - No risk of damage even when alternately used between microwave and direct flame Full flavor with FIR emission - Emits Far Infrared to bring out full flavor from ingredients # Video # End-user The heat-resistant ceramic pot which is made of the pure natural mineral can be used in induction.

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Ceramic, Ceramic airtight container, Ceramic heat resistant cookware, heat resistant cookware, cookware, Korean porcelain, porcelain #Company Introduction We are proud to inform you that our company has over 48 years of fully experienced technical knowhow and design skill in manufacturing Chinaware. Supported by our own research center and decal firing site and our mass production site, PT Hankook Ceramics in Indonesia, we manufacture and supply many of the world’s best tableware industries, such as Lenox Group of US, Villeroy&Boch of Germany, Narumi of Japan, and many more. Through the decades of our practice, with Zen as our strong and growing brand, we highly value our craftsmanship and consistently maintain the highest quality to sustain our competitiveness. Also, with regard to the world’s shared concerns over today’s environmental issues, we have developed an eco-friendly policy which constantly informs our manufacturing processes. We strongly believe that we are ready to serve our customers with our top quality products; that we can meet any of their requirements and address their specific needs. We offer you a mutual ally and can promise you our utmost care to bring you the very best of Chinaware with the ultimate level of satisfaction. # Strength 1. Whiteness and translucency ZEN’s Fine China (F/C) contains premium bone ash in composition resulting exceptional translucency comparable to that of bone china. The whiteness of ZEN F/C comes from the body color itself, not from the white color of glaze. 2. Under-glaze decoration superiority ZEN uses customized stain for under-glaze decoration which can withstand high temperature glost firing without discoloration. Durability and safety are other advantages of under-glaze decoration. Strong detergent and rigorous dishwasher cycles will not damage under-glaze decoration. The technique is the safest decoration method preventing any possibility of heavy metal release from pigments. All of these are possible by the use of transparent glaze after years of perfecting the technology. 3. High strength and consistent shape uniformity ZEN F/C uses calcined alumina oxide over 99% purity which enables our F/C to have thinner body with higher impact strength compare to thicker porcelain products. Also, ZEN F/C products are produced in the same way as traditional bone china is produced by using high temperature and profile setters during biscuit firing which adds stability in shapes. 4. Glaze quality The transparent glaze containing Lithium Superoxide (LiO2) is used on ZEN Fine China products. LiO2 compound in glaze is enables optimal thermal expansion on our Fine China body. Also, our glaze has superior smoothness and glossiness among competitors. 5. Safety ZEN uses highest quality unleaded glaze and lead-free pigment that meet quality requirement for children’s dinnerware of EU proving the highest safety standard in dinnerware.

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