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#Keyword Stone paint, Stone effect paint, Texture finish, Finish coat, Plaster, Rendering, Grout, Spray stone #Company Introduction Index Global Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturing company of finishing coat and construction adhesive products. We have generated numerous eco friendly products based on our accumulated speciality and experience in the development. Index Global products do not contain volatile organic compounds or harmful compounds. In other words, it will allow your buildings adding values. We will be a company that regards everyone as a family as it is harmless to the human body and provides a comfortable living environment with no bizarre scent. Index Global will focus on developing and producing eco friendly products such as inner and outer wall finishing, flooring, ceiling materials and roofing materials, and will develop as a global comprehensive building material company. # Strength The competitiveness of Index Global products is as follows. Economics- Low construction cost Diversity-colorful colors and textures Convenience-Maintenance and repair Functionality-Water repellent, semi-non-flammable, elasticity, etc. Eco-friendly-Acquired various eco-friendly certification and overseas standards" #Catalog 1)English ver. 2)Japanese ver.

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  • Artificial and reconstituted stone products
  • Marble, artificial
  • Wall facings, artificial marble...


Streetlight post, Handrail system, Bollard, Movable booth, Sculpture,Handrail, Handrail Fittings, construction materials, building materials railing system, railing, baluster, glass railing #Compnay Introduction CORAILING is specialized in producing, distributing and installation of handrail posts. We have been developing business through endless effort, trial and error and are supplying high quality handrail posts and accessories to our customers based on our know-how for depth-quality products to our customers at competitive price, but also to be responsible for ensure user's safety and innovativedesign of our products. - DESIGN Our design will brighten up your space, will satisfy your needs for safety and sophisticated style at the same time. It will contribute to making your buildingsnear perfect. - QUALITY We use the best quality materials, which are not only strong and neat but is near permanent due to corrosion resistant and strong in discoloration. - INSTALLATION Based on our long term know-how, we will satisfy yourneeds and short construction time to bring out the best results for the finish. CORAILING provides Design based on accumulated experienceof construction for more than 20 years Cost reduction through direct management from procurement of raw materials to processing Customized solutions about the railing system, designed to fit customers' needs and taste Consulting for buyers with product explanationwith support of diverse languages including English, Chinese Excellent Quality, Prompt delivery and Competitive price CORAILING Handrails can be used in a various locations including stairways, bridges, parking stations, schools, apartments, commercial premises, etc. They also meet the requirements of government department and national construction standards. CORAILING catalogs can be easily viewed online whenever you visit our website: You can get our product details and specifications in this website and also find pictures of case study. We promise to make continuous efforts to serve you the best quality products. #Main Products 1) Handrail post 2) Handrail fitting 3) Wall mounted handrail 4) Spider 5) Construction material 6) Promotional product 7) Balcony handrail 8) Fence 9)Bridge rails 10) Bicycle rack 11) bollard #Catalogue (Full Catalogue)

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  • Staircase and staircase equipment, metal
  • Handrails, metal
  • Artificial and reconstituted stone products...


Who we are THE STONE company has been founded by former staffs of SAMSUNG & LG. We have know-how of Solid surface based on the career for more than 20 years. Our products are as good as other Korean brands, but prices are more competitive, that's why we have successfully entered the global market and have gained a good reputation in both quality and price from our customers in a short period. We are veterans in the field of Solid Surfaces, so we have confidence that we can supply good quality products at competitive prices. Features of our products THE STONE solid surfaces is an excellent material for surfaces of different kinds. It is a naturalchoice in places like restaurants, cafes, shops, hospitals, laboratories, boats and ships, bathrooms and kitchens. Our solid surfaces is available in more than 120 vibrant colours. Custom colours can be tinted to order. It can be used to create seamless surfaces of any custom project, making the colour palette practically unlimited, with a rich color palette delivering warm and inviting patterns, you’resure to find that unique design just for you. Easy maintenance and hard-wearing properties make it an ideal material for variouskinds of interiors, such as bathrooms, kitchens and public places. Our solid surfaces is extremely durable and can be renewed byslight sanding. The material is very resistant to wear, humidity and various kinds of chemicals. It is fabricated using woodworking tools into seamless surfaces by cutting, gluing and sanding. * Composition Physical-chemical level is a material formed by different components, in particular from 2/3 of aluminum hydroxide 1/3 of acrylic resin (polymetamethyacrylate) with eventual addition of colored pigments., acrylic resin has water resistance and flexibility. - Capacity per year : Acrylic Solid Surface : 150,000 Sheets - Color Lot : 1000 sheets/Lot - Our products have been certified Green Guard and NSF - All products are manufactured and managed in accordance with international standards. - We are able to producemore than 120 colours and we have more than 92 kinds of running colours - Luxurious and elegant color tone - OEM/ ODM are available - Customizable - Residential 10-year limited warranty - Hygienic, chemical resistant and seamless. - 100% MMA -All products are made in Korea

Supplier of:

  • Artificial and reconstituted stone products
  • Marble, artificial
  • Slabs, artificial marble...
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