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Sam Won Tuksu Co.,Ltd

Manufacture & Export of #Introduction We would like to truly appreciate your constant interest and support. I am pleased to have an opportunity to introduce our company's general business work to you. Since 1990, our company has been concentrating on only concrete building leakage, repair andengineering works, and road, Construction leakage under the 40m of sea, We have been operating construction works based on belief of the best specialist in all kinds of leakage, repair and maintenance. Based on that belief, we have visited many factories for study all over the world. In the meantime, based on accumulated construction experience and delicate and excellent material, we would strive to meet &satisfy customer's need and support Through accumulated now-how and experience, we would go to international market. We deeply recognize that our achievement is from all your support and interest. Therefore, we would strive to become a company giving customer trust and confidence constantly. #Products -Water Proof -Grouting Epoxy Injectors -Grouting Guipment -Grack Repair -Grouting Epoxy Sealing Resins -Acrylic Crack Covering -PolyurethaneFormand Gel -High-solidity Polyurethane -SWM-1(single-line injection pump) -SWDM-2(double-line injection pump) -Packer -Injectors Capsule -Air-Vent -Injection Capsule -Injection Pump -Injection Eguipment -Grouting -Nozzle orGuzzy, High Pressure Hose(psi14,5) #Keywords Polyurethane Foam, Air-vent, Packer, Water proofing Materials, Crack repair Materials

  • Injection machinery and equipment for the building industry
  • Injection machines, cavity wall insulation
  • Nozzles and head sprinklers, metal...
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