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Manufacture & Export of ▪Digital Free Voltage Regulator Digital Free Voltage Regulator is implemented with DSP chip by using All IGBT PWN Control and Driver. It is also Double Conversion System transferring bi-directional energy . It keeps rated output without relying on battery in the regionin the voltage of the battery. By applying Digital-Free Voltage Regulator we can not only reduce frequency of using battery but also preserve battery life and performance in case of extended power outage.It leads to benefit of operating costs and battery replacement costs such as UPS . When the system voltage is applied, input operationfrequency of system is determined 60Hz or 50Hz by automatic identification.All of functions are on software and variables related to the system will be memorized by setting to keypad. Double Conversion Module of this system is designed with 20 percent of the load capacity for cost savings. The input voltage and current make the same phase so that it has same factor with load factor equally. Plus, the size of itcan be smaller up to 1/3 of it as it is producing in large quantity. -Product Specification Rated Voltage : AC220V 50HZ/60HZ(Korean Standard) Maximum Compensation Range of Input Voltage +20%(264VAC) -50%(110VAC) Maximum Variable Range of Output Voltage +15%(253VAC) -20%(176VAC) Output Voltage Stability : 1% Response Time : 60HZ(within 8mS) within 50HZ(10mS) Power Factor : Input/Output Equal Power Factor Cooling System : Fan forcibly cooled Main Device : IGBT(15KHZ) Switching Time : within 4mS(BY-PASS) Wave form Distortion Ratio : within THD 3%(LINEAR 100%) Excess Voltage Fluctuation : within ��1% (In case of Voltage Fluctuation) -Product Application The street light,Semiconductor plant,Iron work,Data processing room,Parking lot,Tunnel,The enterprise/building,The plant complex It's the newly-developed power conversion device to maintain rated voltage from AC low voltage in real-timein the best electric power system without battery. When applying lighting energy-savings, it can be saved energy of 5~30%. Also, when applied for surplus power-cutoff, it has energy savings from 5 to 10% .

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Phal Bok System Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of # About PHALBOK SYSTEM CO.,LTD -We have treated the Hot Melt Applicator System which is from other countries since 1985. But we felt that the price of those Hot Melt Applicator System was expensive to get them and we could not get the spare parts easy when they were our System as a domestic production by our hands for eight years, and finally, we could complete our development, Since we could get the achievement from the work. We have established in July 6th, 1993 Our company has produced, sold, installed, and operated the Hot Melt Applicator System in many industries for a long time. From those experiences, we have improved the power of the Hot MeltApplicator System. Also we have been working hard to make a new product. # Main product of PHALBOK SYSTEM CO.,LTD : HOT MELT APPLICATOR 1. NINO-12 1) Feature -Nino-Series is developed model combining the strong point of BS-Series and BSU-Series, and added variable function which can do a production line management more conveniently such as displaying level, weekly timer. 2) Technical detail - Capacity of Tank: 12kg MeltingAblity:Max 16kg/hr Hose to be Use: 1~6 2. FBS-30 1) Feature FBS-SERIES are composed of 2-stage gear pump units. They melt hot-melt adhesive or thermoplastic resin, which is mixed with N2 Gas and then discharged. This unit has a servo motor whichis designed to have a constant number of revolutions and a stable discharge rate. 2) Technical detail - Workable viscosity :50,000cps Capacity of Tank :30 Kg(66.1 lbs) PUMP Pressure :0 - 70 Kgf 3. BS-10 1) Feature BS-Series can replace motor easily as it has simple structure and motor is attached at the upper part. 2)Technical detail - Capacity of Tank: 10g Melting Ablity:Max 11g/hr Hose to be Use: 1~4 4. BSD-55 1) Feature -Drum Melters can be used for P.U.R that is wrapped by pail or drum form. 2) Technical detail - Electrical Power : 240V AC, 35kW, 380V AC, 35kW Melting Ablity:Max 200kg/hr Pumping Ability:140k

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2018 KOREA PACK Exhibition

[2018 KOREA PACK BUSINESS MEETING] * TITLE : KOREA PACK 2018(The 21st Korea Int'l Process & Packaging Exhibition) * Homepage: * PERIOD : 17(Tue.)-20(Fri.) April, 2018 / 10:00-17:00 (Last day: by 16:00) * VENUE : KINTEX 1(Korea International Exhibition Center 1), Korea * ORGANIZED BY : KPMA(Korea Packaging Machinery Association) Kyungyon Exhibition Corp. The Monthly Packaging * Supported BY: MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) KITECH(Korea Instituteof Industrial Technology) KCCA(Korea Corrugated Packaging Case Industry Association) * Managed By : KOMPASS KOREA * Activity : 1:1 Business Matching Programs * Areas: -Packaging Machinery -Packaging Materials -Packaging Materials Converting Equipment -Pharmaceutical- and Cosmetic-related Equipment -Food –related Equipment -Inspecting and Testing Equipment -Packaging Label / Digital Printing -Various Processing / Packaging-related Equipment -Components -PackagingRobots -PACKAGE DESIGN -Environment Preservation Equipment and Services -Plant Engineering Systems -Organizational PR, MEDIA * Fee: Free of charge *Buyer Benefits -Air ticket Reimbursement -Hotel Accommodation -Meal offering 2018 KOREA PACK BUSINESS MEETINGis supported by Ministryof Trade, Industry and Energy, organized by KPMA(Korea Packaging Machinery Association). 2018 KOREA PACK BUSINESS MEETING becomes the most important industrial event of in Korea. By attending 2018 KOREA PACK BUSINESS MEETING, you will meet leading companies and their representatives in person. 2018 KOREA PACK BUSINESS MEETING offers thebest opportunity to discover the ASIA market. Take this opportunity and benefit from connecting with Korea market. For registration, email with your name card and Company introduction Catalogue to : / or / Registration will be based on a first-come-firstserved basis. Forany inquiry such as the "Overseas Buyers Benefits" please feel free to contact us.

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Manufacture & Export of # Company Introduction RECO is specialized in the environment friendly packaging materials. Since the establishment of company, our customers and the environment are our main concern. Through our research and development for the new packaging materials and technologies,r customers' satisfaction. The air shock absorbing material generates a lot of benefits for our customers by realizing Eco Packaging 3R, in the aspects of environment, economics and industries. As a global leader in the packaging industry, RECO will exert its best efforts for the development of Eco packaging materials and technologies. Your constant interest and encouragement for our effort in this field would be a great help for us to be a more innovative and specialized packaging company for the clean globe and better life of human beings. # Main products _AIRCELL CHUSION _AIRCELL : Inflatable Packaging Material # Catalogue # Viedo # Keywords packaging materials, eco-friendly packaging materials, AIRCELL CUSION inflatable packaging material, protective packaging material, shock-absorbing packaging material, aircell, air cushion, air bag, air pack, air cap, bubble cap, reco, wine packaging, fragile, protective, inflatable, shock absorbing, packaging material, wine, electronics, smart phone, computer, laptop, tablet, TV, gameconsole, toner cartridge, security system, medical device, auto parts, ceramics, beverage, liquor, spirits, cosmetic, logistics, parcel, distribution

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