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Reputer Co., Ltd.

Manufacture & Export of UCS-R100 UCS-R100 is a Layer2 Switching HUB that is installed ona point where a client machine is connected at the first stage.By an innovative network design reinforcing the point where a client machineis firstly connected. 3Com Vendor, 3Com Switch 8800 Family,00G Family, 3Com Switch 4500/4500G Family, 3Com Intellijack NJ2000 Terabit Switching for the Largest Enterprises The 3Com(c) Switch 8800 Family of intelligent, multilayer modular LAN switches is ideal for enterprise environments where non-stop availability of critical applications and the highest performance, security, and granular control are required. Wireless LAN, Controller-WX2000, FIT AP-AP2750, FIT AP-AP3850, FIT AP-AP3950, FIT AP-AP8750 As part of the 3Com(R) Wireless LAN Mobility System, the 3Com Wireless LAN Controller WX2200 with 3Com Wireless Switch Manager software centrally managesand controls 3Com wireless LAN Managed Access Points (MAPs) for thosenetworks demanding complex deployments, or with multiple offices or highly secure LAN requirements. Security, 3Com TippingPoint Switch-Like Performance, Network Infrastructure Protection, Client and Server Protection, ADVANCED DDoS Protection,Performance Protection Check Point, Power-1 Series, UTM-1 Series, IP AppliancesCheck Point Power-1TM appliances enable enable organizations to maximize security in high performance environments such as large campuses or data centers. IBM System immigration, Data Center Cooling, High Speed Networking, System Virtualization, Storage Virtualization Power control solution using TCP/IP -RS-232 of the existing TCP / IP-based alternative -Products that do not apply to standardized PLC control provides -For the detection of control over power usage -Efficient detection and control of powerusage (energy saving) -Replacement of the same level of service -Home Networks System in the field of application -For the purpose of a set of solutions for facilities -Buildings, roads, facilities, vessels, and the solution of large structures in developing and delivering -General Home Home Automation System supplier Manufacture & Export of Electronic Carkeeping Book,Switch of User Initial Access Device for UC,Power Control Solution using TCP/IP

Supplier of:

  • Electric substations and switch- boxes
  • Switch-boxes
  • Switchboards...


Introduction Headquartered in lightning and surge damage corresponding to the various lightning surge protector, as a professional company manufacturingand surge damage analysis, surge damage measures provide solution tool. Surge Protector, SPD, TVSS, Surge Protective Device, Sur, Telecom Line, Data Line, Power Line Surge protector, Signal Line Surge Protector, Coaxial Line Surge Protector, Lightning Arrester, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor, power surge, power surge protector, best surge protector, Surge arrester, surge arresters : Surge protector of its performance certification, patents, CE certification, and complete protection, a thorough safety system that combines high-quality products, and bibliographic information is provided. (1) Surge protector : Power lines or telephone lines, data networks, CCTV circuits, cable TV circuit and electronic equipment That appear in the associated power and control lines are very short time decay of thedangerous transient voltages Equipment is designed to help. (2) Lightning Arrester : a device used on electrical power systems and telecommunications systems to protect the insulation and conductors of the system from the damaging effects of lightning The typical lightning arrester has a high-voltage terminal and a ground terminal. (3) Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor : an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold. Manufacture & Export of 0

Supplier of:

  • Surge arresters
  • Surge suppressors and frequency stabilisers for computer systems
  • Surge arresters, water jet...


Manufacture & Export of # Company Information Advanced technological competence and knowhow! APS will take the initiative in the 21st century. We, at APS are the leading contender in the industry with advanced technological competence and knowhow. We have been grown with the customers through the efforts and trial and error during the last many years. We have came into the spotlight of the related in success of the first commercialization of the auto navigation of water jet through the launching of the computerized auto steering equipment based in the technologyconsidering the customer first in the midst of the severer competition of the related industries. Furthermore, We will respond the applause of the customer through the growth into the world class company with the auto steering facility which leads the 21st century in advanced technology. # Strength It is a technology that overtakes the technology of Japan and European countries that develop andsell auto pilot system with global brand. It is the world's first automatic navigation system for water jet propulsion system. It is applied to all ships and high speed boat using helical propeller propulsion system. It is the latest navigational automatic navigation system which reduces fuel consumption rate by more than 10% based on shortest distance operation. # Certification Obtained the certificate of the quality management system(ISO 9001) Acquired the certificate of ISO 14001 Obtained the KOREA REGISTER type approval # Main Product 1) H/ATCS 3800VD - Model name :��H/ATCS 3800VD S/C - Description : Installed in new vessel - Steering device designed for safety and cost-effective operation - Having��TCS(Track Control System) function interlocked with ECDIS -Easy to operate, easy to install and proven cost-effectiveness and safety 2) APS JJB-�� - Model name : APS-�� - Description : Vessel in operation for cargo and special purpose, JET-propelled vessel in operation 3) APS C220E - Model name : APS C220E - Description : Small and medium sized freight vessel - Small fishing boat which quality is F.R.P #Keyword AUTO PILOT SYSTEM, parts of a ship, boat parts, boat accessories, boat supplies, boat parts and accessories, steering wheels for motor boat,boat steering wheel, ship steering wheel, automatic pilot, auto-pilot, gyropilot

Supplier of:

  • Control and navigational instruments for ships
  • Servo-motors
  • Automatic pilots and automatic steering gear, marine...

High Material Co.

Manufacture & Export of Carbide Rod Carbide Tip Carbide bonding Tappet Drill Endmill Micro Drill Dental Burr RTP Powder Thermal spray powder High Material Co. was established in 2006 through Research & Business Development with government investmein business is developing new material parts, and application. Based on patented technology of carbide bonding, we will be making our effort to find new materials, and develope new technology. Technology of Tungsten Carbide Bonding - Tunsgsten Carbide parts are used for the parts which need wear resistance widely in the industry. But because of high price, many users hesitate to use this material.HiMC's patented technology of carbide bonding enables them to apply tungsten carbide material, and lower the cost. - Many industrial parts need wear resistance, so tungsten carbide is being considered always. HiMC suggests carbide bonding technology to make it easily with less than half price. Mostly not all area of parts need wear resistance, only surface area needs wear resistance. So we suggest that small carbide disc or tip be bonded with steel body. In this way, the parts' wear resistance will be maintained, but the cost will be less than a half. New Material Development - We are studying new material development such as Tungsten carbide powder for thermal spay, and Carbon paper for fuel cell diffusion layer. Agglomerated & Sintered Powder is used for thermal spray, and only few companies make quality products. Using new method of sorting process, we can classify powders customers need with excellent bonding property. Carbon Paper is made of high purity carbon fiber. Carbon paper is used for fuel cell diffusion layer, insulation, filter, and underlining material during sintering process. As this material's market is expanding HiMC invested in the newest wet laid facilities. We expect the demand of high quality carbon paper will be more than 10times in 5years, and HiMC will be one of the main suppliers in the market.

Supplier of:

  • Metal powders
  • Powder, tungsten carbide
  • Metallising services for metallic surfaces...

Jeon Young co.,Ltd

Manufacture & Export of Jeon Young Co.,Ltd. based on chemical engineering of surface treatment opens a new world of surface of clean surface treatment process substitution for HF/HNO3, development of CRT glass etching cleaning agent suvstitution for HF, and develop- ment of clean for semiconductorogy developed chemical polishing agent of carbon steel processed at low temperature at first and leads surface treatment technology of Korea through development of clean pickling process by using picklinginhibitor, development -TCE REPLACEMENT TCE REPLACEMENT CLEANER, CleanSafe – 606 is a non-toxic and low-polluting cleaner which does not contain ozone depletion and toxic properties of chlorinecleaners. Vapor degreasing is applicable. -Chrome Etchant CT-1200S is used for efficient etching of Chrome and forming metal pattern in semiconductor and LED manufacturing process. -Etching glass GT-250MG4 is a high functional glass etchant which can replace hydrofluoric acid which is used for washing and etching glasses. It improves the surface quality of panel glass. -Frost glass etching Gfro-1 is a high functional glass frost etchant which makes the surface of the glass light milky color. The solution can be used by simple dipping. -Glass Cleaner DAC-2050 improves the surface cleanliness and hydrophile property by getting rid of foreign substances on surface of glass or quartz and activating the surface. -Alkaline cleaner SuperTron SZ-5 removes oil which is thermal denaturalized, and also shows strong degreasing effect on various machines and surfaces which have been severely polluted with oil. * keywords:industrial cleaner,TCE,TCE replacement,TCE alternatives,degreaser,degreasing agent,Etchant,Etching glass,desmutters,aluminium desmutting,smut cleaner,chrome etching,metal etchant,frost glass etching,rust cleaner,rust remover,water based detergents,water soluble detergent,glass cleaner,Al die casting

Supplier of:

  • Metal surface cleaning machinery
  • Cleaning plant, spraying, rinsing, metal surface treatment
  • Metallurgy and mechanical engineering consultants...
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The total area of Jeollabuk-do, located in the south western part of the Korean Peninsula, is 8,066㎢, occupying 8.06% of the nation. In addition, Korean and international enterprises are now paying closer attention to the endless possibility and growth potential of Jeollabuk-do. Major domestic companies, including Hyundai Heavy Industry, Doosan Infracore, OCI, Hyosung, and Iljin, and companies from China and Japan have settled for the future value of Jeollabuk-do.

Jeollabuk-do is the center of the domestic commercial vehicle production, including busses and trucks. 90% of domestic commercial vehicles are produced in Jeollabuk-do and the proportion of exported vehicles is also high. Also, as a result of fast investment in the shipbuilding marine industry, Jeollabuk-do has been further promoted. The world’s top shipbuilding companies, Hyundai Heavy Industry and Gunsan Shipyard have, provided the base for the ‘global Mecca of the future environmentally-friendly shipbuilding marine industry’ by concentrating on related companies and R&D centers.

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