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Water Pack (Brightening)
  • Water Pack (Brightening)
A simple skin care secret that create a smooth, whitening skin in 30 seconds
Softly manages old dead skin cells and gives moisturizing effect to make it smooth, soft and moisturized.

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3_WIKLAR Hi-Z Cream Cell Mask Pack

High Efficiency Mask Pack that supplements the shortcomings of the existing essence mask pack and maximizes its merits ∎ No tightening phenomenon after use! It is possible to maintain the moist skin without applying essence or nourishing cream by eliminating the relative dryness caused by the evaporation of moisture after using the existing essence mask pack. ∎ Fantastic meeting of original nourishing cream and mask sheet It presents the convenient and easy feeling of use by applying the contents to the mask fabric, and provides the improved effects in a short time by reducing stickiness and increasing spreadability when attached to the skin. In addition, it maximizes the effective ingredients and moisturizing effect to make the skin more moist and healthier. ∎ Unique Patented Process Designed Differently It is the only manufacturing method in S. Korea, compressing fourfold with the protective film on the front and back of the fabric and pressing it, after uniformly applying the high-viscosity formulation such as a cream type to the fabric by using the pressing method 『768600』 rather than the existing essence (exfoliation) in the process of filling the nutrient fluid. ∎ High-efficiency Massage Care System By applying the nutrient solution of the high-viscosity cream, the sheet reversely rotates the moisture that evaporates into the air by the moisture evaporation shield in the direction of the skin layer to increase the moisturizing power, and it creates the excellent skin care effect by comprehensively applying the active components to the curved skin epidermal layer. Double Functional Anti-aging Cream Effect ∎ Whitening Functionality It brightens the dark and dull skin by containing niacinamide, which is the whitening functional ingredient. It makes the skin clear and transparent by caring the problems of sensitive and tired skin. ∎ Wrinkle Improvement Functionality It makes the skin tight and soft, as it contains adenosine, which is the wrinkle improving functional ingredient . It revitalizes the skin and helps to enhance the elasticity with the moisturizing formula in the extract of cactus flower which has the strong vitality in the extreme environment of desert. ∎ Moisture / Moisturizing It maximizes the moisturizing feeling by containing hyaluronic acid, collagen and beta- glucan, which are the natural moisturizing factors, and strengthens skin soothing and improved moisture retention by containing portulaca extract. Original Cream: Applying high-concentration nourishing cream ∎ Antioxidation Using glutathione and vitamin component with complex antioxidant effects, it restores the damaged barrier of the skin exposed to UV rays and various life stimuli when used before sleeping, and it is the plant vitalizing recipe prescription, which is superb to the prevention of skin aging and the skin relaxing. Realizing the supple skin texture with the high-efficiency nutrient delivery system he high-viscosity cream formulation turns over to the normal skin! ∎ NMF ingredient plays an important role in moisturizing the skin, as it has the ability to hold moisture in the stratum corneum. ∎ As the water-soluble ingredient having a high affinity with water, it dissolves in water and dries the skin, when repeatedly exposed to moisture. ∎ The high-viscosity cream formulation, which compensates for the shortcomings of the thin liquid formulation, is softly applied to the skin and helps to improve the healthy skin. Skin texture improvement through the improving effect of skin moisturizing ⇒ Keratin caring ⇒ Skin elasticity filling up with the passage of time to fine wrinkle and bold wrinkle. It provides anti-aging effect that changes step by step in improving skin sagging. ∎ Realizing the reflection protector system that takes care of the inside and outside of the skin simultaneously, as the high molecular of the extract substance approaches the outside of the skin while the single substance of low molecular approaches the inside of the skin. Patented Process and Biodegradable Eco-friendly Fabric ∎ It helps the skin to absorb evenly and effectively as the variation in basis weight is constant, by using the long fibers manufactured by a single continuous process with spun filaments as the support. ∎ The technique of impregnating a large amount of cosmetics in the direction of the skin was applied by minimizing the penetration of cosmetics applied to the sheet fabric into the sheet with the intermediate layer of extra fine denier fiber. ∎ It provides a convenient feeling of use by enhancing the excellent spreadability of paste-type cosmetics on the sheet fabric and enhancing the adhesion of cosmetics. High-purity, biodegradable and eco-friendly fabric made with the natural long fibers manufactured from cotton seed linters with the excellent skin affinity. ∎ It helps the skin and effective lotion to be absorbed evenly and quickly into the skin by grafting high-viscosity lotion onto the sheet fabric. And it is the high-efficiency skin delivery system that can prevent skin troubles even when attached for a long time by allowing air to pass through instead of inhibiting moisture evaporation without interfering with skin respiration through the sheet. ∎ It is the natural long fiber layered with the surrounding cotton (Linter 100%) of cotton seed, which has the excellent skin compatibility, with the self-binding properties of the filament roll, and the high-purity, biodegradable and eco-friendly materials are used. Top quality fabric: Biodegradable eco-friendly sheet It is recommended for the skin as follows! • Dark and somber skin • Damaged skin losing vitality • Rough and coarse skin texture • Dry and wrinkled skin • Sagging skin without elasticity • Lacklustre skin losing vitality • Dry and tightened skin • Fatigued skin from stress • Skin that does not get makeup well • Skin that is aging fast

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A simple skin care secret that create a smooth, whitening skin in 30 seconds
Softly manages old dead skin cells and gives moisturizing effect to make it smooth, soft and moisturized. 

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