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Description of Product

It is a natural product of 14 kinds of natural herbal ingredients such as ginseng, black bean, red ginseng, corvina, jangpo, saeng shiitake, aloe, green tea, rosemary, peppermint A method extractor helps strengthen and protect hair muscle by providing nourishment at the same time as cleaning waste materials without irritating hair or scalp.

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Characteristics of the Product

  • Size 500g/500ml
  • Dimension 8x8x18cm
  • Weight 0.8kg
  • Brand Peniel World

Technical Details

It also helps to reduce the itch caused by dry skin with patented oil and keep scalp fresh and refreshing with peppermint. You can feel refreshed after using the aroma scent rather than the oriental medicine scent. This product passed the FDA quality safety test. It is effective for dandruff, dry skin, oily scalp, and is recommended for those who have weak hair and no gloss due to frequent perm and dyeing.

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