Unique Propoli Toothpaste of Unique Biotech Co.,Ltd


Description of Product

1. Major features
 1) It has two colors and you will find visually that brown color contains propolis.
 2) The dentifrice is made of water soluble propolis which has been patented for the first time in the world.
 3)  It has outstanding efficacy as it contains abundant propolis.
 4)  Men and women of all ages as well as children can use the product.
2. Efficacy and effect
 1) It removes dental plaque (anti-plaque).
 2) It makes teeth white and strong.
 3) It keeps oral cavity clean.
 4) It makes feel oral cavity fresh.
 5) It prevents dental caries and gets rid of halitosis.
 6) It prevents gingivitis and periodontitis.
 7) It prevents periodontal disease.
 8) It prevents gingival disease.

Price of Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

•Product Type : Quasi-Medical Products
•Capacity: 120g/unit, 480g(120gx4)/set
•Technical Characteristic
Extract made with "Eco-friendly Non-alcohol Water-soluble Propolis Manufacturing Method" patent technology, Dual Color
Dental Plaque removal (anti-plaque), whitening and strengthening.
It keeps oral cavity clean and fresh. Prevention of cavity, removal of bad breath and aesthetic effects heightened.
Prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis (pyorrhea alveolaris), prevention of periodontal diseases, prevention of gum diseases.
•Intake Method
Apply a proper amount to toothbrush and brush your teeth

Category of Product