Unibee Propolis Spray of Unique Biotech Co.,Ltd


Description of Product

"Unibee Propolis Spray" is produced with this technology is free of alcohol with no emulsifier and chemical additives.              It is a water-soluble product with smooth taste and flavors free of wax or resin and a pure natural product free of harmful additives. 
It can help with Antibacterial effect in a mouth and antioxidation in the human body•Functionality
You can take 1.1g (about 6 injections) once a day, three times a day, directly by mouth spray.

Price of Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

•Product Type : Health Food/Spray
•Capacity: 20ml
•Technical Characteristic
Manufactured patent technology(No.10-1661495) with "Manufacturing method of Eco-friendly alcohol-free, water-soluble propolis using natural honey"and patent technology (No.10-1765455) with "Manufacturing methodof spray preparation containing high content of water-soluble propolis". It is easy to carry and can be taken anytime and anywhere.

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