Synthetic Orthopedic Splint of Tomato M&C Co., Ltd.


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Tomato Splint (Synthetic Orthopedic Splint)
Product Overview :
Tomato Splint is orthpedic splint product which is consists 7 or 8 layers of Knitted fiberglass or polyester substrate impregnated with water-activated polyurethane resin. Our splint has two side. Upper layer is green mesh material and Lower layer (Contacted skin part) is hydrophobic non woven material. Technician do not need to wear the glove.
Splint has big part for its contact for skin, so we more recommend to use spray instead of put them into water.
You can spray on green mesh part from start part to ended part, after cutting proper size.
And then put splint on correct area and make shape with wrapping with elastic bandage.