[Smog/infection prevention Mask] of TAEBONG.CO,.LTD.


Description of the Product

100% cotton non-woven fabric, fibers that do not harm the human body, 100% cotton raw material, spunlace type non-woven fabrics, total skin care, new skin protect ampoule mask, 100% bleached cotton, directly absorbing period blood, 100% pure cotton absorber, organic pure cotton liners, alcohol cotton swab, smog/infection prevention mask, aroma therapy mask pack, personal hygiene, sanitary, tempo, panty liner, alcohol swab, mask pack, bleached cotton

Cottonday Smog/infection prevention Mask 


- Spec : KF80(White, Blue, Black, Pink) / KF94(White, Blue)
- Prevent Dust, Harmful Substance, Smog More Then 80%/94%
- Ministry Of Food And Drug Safert Certification.
- Cotton / paper inner lyer gives soft and smooth wearing feeling.
- Prevent respiratory from dust, micro dust, flower pollen, car poluton. 
- Inner lyer is build with paper gives soft texture and air through able, keep warm and prevent cold air,

   wire nose fixture gives perfect fit.
- 'Cotton Korean paper' Manufacture patent
- Dimentional Custom-made Design.