Portable skin care kit IONMI

Product description

◈ Ionmi’s four features in One system. 
○ Galvanic Ion. 
- cleansing. 
- nutrition. 
- lifting. 
○ Micro current. 
- Increased blood circulation. 
○ LED therapy. 
- Orange LED : wrinkle reduction. 
- Blue LED : Acne care. 
○ Vibration. 
- Cosmetic enhanced absorption. 

Technical Details

◈ Galvanic Ion Effect. 
Galvanic negative ions soften skin tissues and facilitate the absorption of cosmetic ingredients by stimulating the nerves. Positive ions have skin astringency and suppression effects by secreting sebum and waste out of the skin.
◈ Micro-current. 
Give electrical massage effects by generating micro-current in the skin. When used after a bath or in skin tension relaxation, you can improve your skin elasticity.
◈ LED Skin Therapy. 
By using Orange LED wavelength, it helps regenerate the ageing skin caused by ultraviolet rays and infection and improve the skin condition. Acne germs make substances called porphyrin when exposed to Blue LED wavelength of IONMI. This porphyrin restrains the bacteria that cause acne and helps with acne care.
◈ Vibration. 
The vibration of the IONMI head weakly stimulates skin muscles and help active components of cosmetics to be absorbed into deep parts of the skin, making your skin smooth and transparent.


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